Anti-Malware Reviews

BD Anti-Ransomware Vaccine

6 April , 2016 03:42
BitDefender Anti-Ranomware Vaccine is a program protecting from crypto-ransomware. It monitors file system for activities similar to parasites that encrypt the files and then extort the money for the decryption. While this functionality is included in Bitdefender’s antivirus, this program should work with other anti-virus and anti-malware programs that do not protect from crypto ransomwares […]

Turbo Your PC

29 September , 2015 07:24
Turbo Your PC is controversial utility tool and you should think twice before purchasing it to say the least. It is promoted as useful tool that will allow you to optimise and boost your computer. However, there are several issues that you should take into consideration. First of all, Turbo Your PC is not free as advertised – […]

Adwaremedic for Mac

13 March , 2015 06:05
You can tell it by the name – Adwaremedic for Mac is anti-adware application designed specifically for iOS. With this security application you can scan your Mac fast and easy and check whether it is infected with adware or not. In case the answer is positive, you can eliminate the infection in just a few […]


13 June , 2014 02:07
PCKeeper is a program that promises to optimise your system. However, this is not a useful program in our opinion.This is both because of the way it is distributed and the way it works CKeeper usually comes bundled with other free software that can be found on the Internet and gets installed onto users’ computers […]


17 February , 2014 02:11
TDSSKiller is one of the most popular free anti-rootkit tools used today. It started as Kaspersky utility fighting TDSS / ZeroAccess rootkits, however other parasite families are supported as well. It is a completely free program and quite good at malware removal. It is better than common anti-rootkit software as it detects not suspicious entries […]


10 October , 2013 08:03
Roguekiller is a small utility for Rogue and ransomware removal.  It is developed by small team and thus it is not a full anti-malware program, but it is highly useful once your PC is infected.  This makes it an Emergency scanner. Rogue killer does not target adware and only limited subset of hijacks, thus it […]


28 June , 2013 15:53
Adwcleaner is one of the junkware cleaning utilities that help fighting adware and browser hijackers. It is simple but very useful utility to clean parasites that are not detected by typical antivirus programs. This kind of borderline programs like PUPs, Adware or Hijackers are extremely annoying but not that dangerous to be included in virus […]


27 January , 2012 13:15
Spyhunter is one of the top commercial malware removers available today. Its main distinguishing features are malware removal from already infected systems and integrated helpdesk, allowing solutions for the worst infections. Despite advanced capabilities, Spyhunter is easy to use and quite fast. Additionally, it can be used together with existing antivirus software as on-demand scanner […]


13 October , 2011 16:27
Stopzilla is one of the anti-malware programs that have been around for a while. It is made by USA – based security company IS3. Stopzilla has always had mixed opinions about itself. Stopzilla is a relatively small, fast anti-spyware (there is antivirus version as well). It is a commercial program, and its free trial is […]


29 June , 2011 12:05
Reimage is windows repair tool that we classify as emergency scanner. Like other tools from this category, it is aimed to solve computer problems after they happen and repair computer to peak performance. Reimage does not provide real-time protection. Reimage is different from both registry cleaners, system optimization software and virus cleaners because it has […]

Iobit Toolbox

23 June , 2011 14:00
Iobit Toolbox is a security and computer repair toolkit provided by Iobit. This toolkit consists of many tools that helps in cases of PC malfunction, however it is aimed for more advanced user. The biggest drawback of this toolset is that IOBIT 360, Anti-Malware scanner of Iobit, is no longer maintained or distributed. Thus you […]


24 May , 2011 14:32
Spyzooka is an anti-malware program made by BluePenguin Software, Inc. , which now uses name CyberLab. Spyzooka was released in 2004, and now it is at version 2.5. It is well known older spyware remover, focusing on Spyware and Adware parasites mostly, also several rogues as well. However, we are not fully happy with SpyZooka […]