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August 24, 2010 15:35

8 thoughts on “Malware and PC security resources

  1. Hello,
    I recently used your site to un-install Windows Malware Firewall (i downloaded spyhunter and after i got it removed i purchased McFee AntiVirus but i was just wondering if all my personal information is still at risk? and if McFee will protect my computer completely or do i need further protection?

    • Jessica: good question. If you haven’t entered payment details in firewalls purchase pages, and scan with both programs are clean, then, with very high probability, your data is not at risk. These rogues are “one trick” software mostly, and try to force you enter data in their websites. Any antivirus will protect from most common PC parasites, though I see no reason why you should not keep both SH, Mcafee and decent firewall running.

  2. However, do not completely trust internet security softwares(i.e:Norton, Mcafee)
    I got the browser hijacker QVO6 and Norton internet security did not detect anything wrong.

    • Justin : Antivirus softwares have hard time battling hijackers like QVO6. This is because they do not have focus on single kind of PC parasites and because hijackers are ” grey zone” : they would be legitimate if you installed them on your own consent.

  3. also, the website was certified safe by Norton Internet Security.
    Also, do not go to the website that is the correct one but I know it was something like that)
    It was certified business safe by Norton and they installed a snap-to do browser hijacker.
    I am not criticizing Norton. This kind of browser hijacker, it is not easily detected by internet security softwares. you should just stick to your internet security software AND keep spyhunter.
    better to be safe than sorry.

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