Malwares - Rogue Anti-Spyware

Windows Web Shield

14 May , 2014 02:32

Windows Web Shield is a fake antispyware program that infects computer systems with a help of Trojan viruses. It’s a rogue that comes from FakeVimes, a huge family of malware that attacks computers from all over the world. These infections are known to be very intrusive and hard to remove. Windows Web Shield uses Trojan viruses to […]

Windows Internet Guard

8 April , 2014 01:42

Windows Internet Guard is a rogue antivirus program that is distributed on computer systems through Trojan viruses. Trojans have the ability to infiltrate without users’ authorization and knowledge.
 The program belongs to Fake Vimes family of rogues, which has becomes extremely active for the last months and which regularly releases new fake antivirus programs. This […]

Windows Internet Watchdog

1 April , 2014 07:05

Windows Internet Watchdog is another rogue antispyware program from FakeVimes family, which breaks into computers through system vulnerabilities with a help of Trojan viruses. Once inside, the program makes some changes in the Windows Registry and it is configured to start automatically with every computer restart. The application imitates features of antivirus programs and tries […]

Windows Web Watchdog

31 March , 2014 01:05

Windows Web Watchdog is a rogue antivirus program from FakeVimes family of computer threats. It is an application that imitates actions of a legitimate antivirus and tries to persuade computer users to purchase it. Windows Web Watchdog can infect anyone using Windows operating systems. The program employs Trojan viruses for its distribution and it doesn’t […]

Windows AntiBreach Patrol

24 March , 2014 06:45

Windows AntiBreach Patrol is a rogue antivirus program that was designed by cyber criminals in order to steal money from random users. The application usually uses Trojan viruses to get access to random computer systems and it belongs to FakeVimes family of rogues which has recently released Windows Antivirus Patrol, Windows Pro Defence Kit, Windows […]

Windows Antivirus Patrol

21 March , 2014 02:48

Windows Antivirus Patrol is another rogue antispyware program created by the owners of FakeVimes family. The program is downloaded and installed to the system by Trojan viruses to ensure that users would not detect it straight away. At the infiltration stage the program is enabled to be run after each computer reboot. Windows Antivirus Patrol […]

Windows Pro Defence Kit

19 March , 2014 04:49

Windows Pro Defence Kit is a rogue antivirus program and another member of FakeVimes family, just like it recent releases, like Windows Defence Unit or Windows Security Master. The goal of this fake application is to gain money of computer users by selling them a useless program. Windows Pro Defence Kit infiltrates into random computers with […]

Windows Defence Master

17 March , 2014 02:09

Windows Defence Master is Fake Vimes rogue antivirus. FakeVimes is a known for relatively poor code and fast changing names. They are re-released couple times per week under new alias but we haven’t seen any bigger change it their behaviour since second half of the 2013. They switched to more effective legitimate program execution block, […]

Windows Security Master

11 March , 2014 15:28

Windows Security Master is a fakeVimes rogue antivirus. This family of PC parasites infiltrates computers with Trojans like fake email attachments, scanners from fake antivirus pages or some free offers. If installed, the latter rogue antivirus blocks normal PC behaviour by claiming that it is heavily infected, prevents its own removal and asks for payment. […]

Windows Security Booster

10 March , 2014 04:12

If your system is blocked by Windows Security Booster, which claims that it is infected, you are attacked by scammers. Windows Security Booster is a rogue antivirus scam, which convinces you to pay money in order to fix non-existent threats on your PC. This program has no official website or company behind it and it […]

Windows Defence Unit

10 March , 2014 03:34

Windows Defence Unit is a rogue antivirus that belongs to FakeVimes family. The rogue is a clone of its predecessors and does not change much except its name. You get infected with this parasite by downloading and running various Trojans like fake email attachments, movie downloaders or other malicious applications. The first symptom of Windows […]

Windows Protection Booster

5 March , 2014 07:54

Windows Protection Booster is a rogue antivirus program that only imitates the functions of security tool instead of performing them in real. It is one more release by FakeVimes whose main goal is to get money from computer users by selling them a fake program. The application infiltrates into random computers by Trojan viruses which […]

Futurro Antivirus Software

4 March , 2014 04:39

Futurro Antivirus Software is a rogue antivirus program that has no useful functions and only pretends to be a security tool in order to earn some money. It replaces previously released Dream Scan Soft fake antivirus. The program is installed with a help of Trojan viruses and it doesn’t require authorization by a user to […]

Windows AntiVirus Booster

3 March , 2014 02:09

Windows AntiVirus Booster is a rogue antivirus program designed by cyber criminals. It belongs to FakeVimes family. The application imitates functions of a security tool but in reality it is not able to detect or remove any infections. However, many computer users fall for this trick as Windows AntiVirus Booster is designed quite professionally. It […]

Windows AntiVirus Helper

27 February , 2014 08:48

Windows AntiVirus Helper is another rogue antispyware program which breaks into computers through system vulnerabilities with a help of Trojan viruses. It belongs to infamous FakeVimes family. Once inside, the program makes some changes in Windows Registry and configures to start automatically after computer is restarted. Windows AntiVirus Helper runs its scanner right when you […]