Malwares - Browser Hijacker - Page 2 virus

19 September , 2016 01:06
search-searchdsb-com-2-viruses is not offering anything out of the ordinary. Its creators are none other than SaferBrowser, a company, already notorious for its persistent nature while trying to create more and more unreliable search engines. The latter link also transfers visitors to a seemingly simple facility for information retrieval. However, SaferBrowser always indicates that it is […] Virus

16 September , 2016 08:04
footybase-com-2-viruses may look like a search engine, but this program does not have the basic feature of search providers, which is the search rendering. Its logo is Search, painted in the colors of Google. The tiny search bar below it contains the inscription Google Custom Search. But this does not mean that application is […] virus

16 September , 2016 06:27
search-searchwos-com-2-viruses virus can be immediately accepted into the group of browser hijackers. It surely fits the main criteria for making unauthorized changes to users’ browsers. Other requirements include a regular display of promotional content and unrehearsed redirection. search engine is not spotted for being the only product from SaferBrowser to be singled out for […] virus

16 September , 2016 01:15
searchtechstart-com-2-viruses search engine is not qualified for usage. In fact, Internet users should pursue a goal to only exploit search networks that have made evident efforts to produce search results with extra security measures. is not one of those trustworthy domains. The only thing it has been noted for is the fact that this […] Virus

15 September , 2016 04:53
myhome-parallaxsearch-com-2-viruses is a new application, enlarging the family of browser hijackers. Developed by Parallax Inc., this program tries to pass itself off as a legitimate search engine, while, actually, being a fake one. app gets on your computer’s system by stealth, carry out undesirable changes and puts the data and software, you have on […] virus

14 September , 2016 07:18
hihikal-ru-2-viruses is yet another domain that is deemed to be a browser hijacker. Even from the first glance, this domain looks suspicious as it is shaped identically to some other parasites we have analyzed. When our visitation to occurred, we noticed that it also introduced a section with articles about various events. So it […] virus

14 September , 2016 05:15

The company recognized by the name SaferBrowser is not even close to taking the last breath and laying aside its swords. is another one of its products. Majority of the released objects are officially advertised as reputable searching facilities. However, we suggest that users would not be carelessly falling into the rabbit hole, deceptively […] virus

14 September , 2016 03:55
searchiksa-com-2-viruses domain seems like a pretty standard embodiment of the concept of browser hijackers. It is a noted detail that such parasites are not capable of fulfilling the duties that they obligate to accomplish. Actions speak louder than words. If a search engine displays far too much third-party content and feels no committal to guarantee […]

CatHomepage Virus

14 September , 2016 03:18

CatHomepage is a new tool released by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. This new application is aimed at pet lovers, specifically, the fans of cats. CatHomepage is, in fact, a browser extension, which is supposed to serve a user as a search engine. The special promotional feature of this extension is the background of various pictures […] virus

14 September , 2016 02:46

SaferBrowser has introduced a new addition to its pile of fake search engines. The amount of crafted products is surprising and we are genuinely concerned about the upcoming ones. URL leads to a familiarly-looking website with a several main features. Firstly, it has a search box, like any other search engine would. At the […] Virus

13 September , 2016 04:18
search-mystartabsearch-com-2-viruses is a rogue piece of software released by a rogue software developer, Imali Media. This shady company has already issued,,, etc. The latter are among the most recent black sheep in the farm of Imali Media. We advise you not to let anyone of them to nibble at your grass. About […] virus

13 September , 2016 02:55
blankpage3-ru-2-viruses (reachable when you enter into your address bar) is a worthless domain that does not function as a reliable searching facility. Its objectives are sneaky and based on receiving more money from the generation of web traffic and pay-per-click schemes. Stealthy mode is browser hijackers’ best friend. A foundation for a search system […] Virus

12 September , 2016 08:26
searchwebme-com-2-viruses is a name of a browser extension, to be more particular,– a kind of search engine developed by MyAllSearch. It strikes itself as being one of the legitimate search providers, as its main search page is clean from any additional unnecessary links to social media or other similar websites. It does not contain any […] Virus

12 September , 2016 06:37
search-getsports-co-2-viruses looks like an ordinary search engine, except for the abundance of shortcuts it has on its main search page. For an inexperienced user it would not serve as a warning sign alerting that is actually a fake search engine – the same as – also released by Safer Browser. This particular software […] virus

12 September , 2016 04:52
searchgra-com-2-viruses has a bad temper when it comes to competing for the honorable position of users’ preferred domain. Very frequently such rivalry ends in favor of the website, exploiting dirty strategies. In this case, is a search engine that has a nature of a browser hijacker. It does not ask for a direct permission […]