Malwares - Browser Hijacker - Page 2 virus

19 August , 2016 01:25
browserhunt-com-2-viruses is a domain with a divine background photo and a search box, making you wish you can climb inside your computer screen. However, the picturesque scenery is not something to get easily tempted with. This webpage is a browser hijacker, created by Linkury. It is not a search system that is even remotely comparable […] Virus

18 August , 2016 07:18
search-cubokit-com-2-viruses can be nominated for the most reserved browser hijacker which has ever been released. This rouge app was developed by Safe Finder. Its main search page contains only the search bar and the “Search’’ button in blue right below it. No additional toolbars, no shortcuts. The web page is completely desolate. It induces images […] Virus

18 August , 2016 05:17
search-searchffr-com-2-viruses lines up with,,,, etc. browser hijackers, all being developed by the same developer known under the name of Safer Browser. All these rogue search engines share the identical interface, which is primarily recognizable by the Olympic themed logo right above the main search bar of the main search page. If […] virus

18 August , 2016 04:42
startmain-ru-2-viruses is a Russian domain that provides a news feed with various articles, discussing matters from nature to sports events. However, this is a webpage to avoid, especially if you are an average Internet user, trying to ensure your security. A secured device should always be a priority. If something threatens that peace, do not […] virus

18 August , 2016 02:48

Security researchers are continuing to deal with users, complaining that their browsers became corrupted and they were constantly exposed to inappropriate material. Internet is a magnificent place for entertainment, but it can also be a root of users’ problems. A lot of the submitted and transmitted content is not justly checked. For this reason, SaferBrowser […] virus

18 August , 2016 01:26

If you are a cautious Internet surfer, you should absorb all of the available information, explaining the shifting of advised security measures. Fill yourself with knowledge and constantly visit webpages, notifying about the latest news in the world of Internet. is a part of the category called “hijackware”: these pests seize browsers and remodel […] Virus

17 August , 2016 07:56
search.searchtp-com-2-viruses is a borwser hijacker of a series of browser hijackers by Safer Browser, dedicated to Olympic Games. The list of hijackware designed for the latter occasion includes,,,,,, . It is expected to detect more clones till the end of 2016 Rio Olympics. So users are advised to keep […] virus

17 August , 2016 06:56

SaferBrowser is keeping itself focused on a goal and motivated to break all the walls to achieve it. It touches various aspects of online browsing with its browser extensions. This time, Classifieds List is an add-on, helping users find best local deals, coupons and services. It proceeds according to the users’ whereabouts. It provides shortcuts […] Virus

17 August , 2016 05:48
funnysiting-com-2-viruses conveys the impression of being created by the same developer as the other browser hijacker by the name of Both the hijackers have identical interface except for the logos, which are quite distinct from one another. But despite this nuance, both the programs act in synchrony like some athletes of synchronized swimming. About […] Virus

17 August , 2016 03:18
mylucky123-com-2-viruses is not an alternative search engine to Google Search. It is rather a fake search provider which tries to echo the appearance of the latter legitimate search provider so that the user would be fooled into thinking that it is completely safe browsing via Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. About Browser […] virus

17 August , 2016 01:27
need4search-com-2-viruses looks exactly like browser hijacker that we had analyzed before. These two seemingly separate domains feature identical elements and are categorized to belong to the same pile of parasites. Both of them are credited to ClientConnect Ltd., a company, already notorious for producing a number of browser hijackers. The main feature of these […] Virus

16 August , 2016 06:34
dnssignal-com-2-viruses is a fake search engine aka a browser hijacker detected just recently. Its developer remains unidentified yet. It seems that hijackware infections are the curse of this particular stage of cyber age. They are constantly protruding like some polyps out of a mucous membrane. About Browser Hijacker greets you one day out […] Virus

16 August , 2016 05:01
Search-theweathercenter-co-2-viruses is a clone of browser hijacker, and a brother of,,, hijackers. It follows, then, that it is a browser hijacker himself. If you clicked the links to these hijackers, you will instantly notice that they all share the same interface. There is a simple reason for that – they […] virus

16 August , 2016 04:29
asearch-online-2-viruses is not a genuine search engine: it is recognized to promote third-party content. The site makes to representations or warranties as to the accuracy, security of any information provided. virus attempts to attract and sustain a steady amount of visitors because they are an integral part of its goal. Please always make an […] Virus

16 August , 2016 02:50
Search-fullsearch-com-2-viruses is another virtual parasite delivered by Imali Media, known under the term of a browser hijacker.,,, etc. – they all have been bred by the shady Imali Media. To get more details about this parciluar program, that is, read the following. About Browser Hijacker The upper toolbar of the […]