Malwares - Browser Hijacker - Page 2 virus

18 July , 2016 07:11

Experiencing flashbacks from Indeed, is completely identical to its sibling with another name. Rome at once: are the creators suggesting that users can reach the most hauntingly beautiful places from this search network? Disregarding their implications, is created for the sole purpose of being an annoying browser hijacker. Even the main program, crafted […] virus

18 July , 2016 02:57

Springhan is a downloader, proclaiming to have acquired all of the basic and even advanced knowledge for the most satisfying installation processes. It says to stand as a delivery and installation platform, helping to enhance the setups of software applications. In the document called Terms of Use, Springhan creators indicate that they might modify your […] virus

15 July , 2016 07:58

Knowledge is power and information is liberating. Like, before this article, you might have picked search engine for your search queries, but now, you are more likely to question this option. We detected that a couple of domains with adult-oriented content are associated with this network. That empowers our statement of not being […] virus

15 July , 2016 02:54

Do not let your system tremble before a browser hijacker. Everything that is usually officially proclaimed is not truthful or ambiguous to say at least. Why? Because browser hijackers strive to seem as convincing as possible and trick some users like naive children. Do not choose to willingly participate in such a game of shady […] virus

15 July , 2016 01:05

Less is more: this expression probably has never crossed the minds of the owners of virus. As soon as you enter, a big pile of shortcuts congratulate your visit. It is very hard to enumerate all of the elements of this domain as your eyes start to wander from one to another. The founders […] Virus

14 July , 2016 09:10
search2-searchlson-com-virus is a bogus browser extension promoted by SaferBrowser. There is a number of such rogue extensions developed by the latter company:,,, etc. They all have the same distinct feature, which lies underneath the search bar of the main search page of these fake search engines. There are five round-shaped icons. The […] virus

14 July , 2016 09:07

TappyTop is a browser extension, profoundly concerned about your security online. It makes strong and reasonable allegations and many people might actually be brainwashed into coming to terms with this add-on. It is founded by Linkury enterprise that has become somewhat known to produce not so independent search portals as they are officially claimed to be. […] Virus

14 July , 2016 06:34
topsocialtabsearch-com-virus is a newly detected rogue application. It has already been dubbed a browser hijacker by cyber security researchers. And this is not without a reason. Top Social Tab Search program disguises its true functionality by pretending the legitimate and useful search engine, its actual functionality being PPC (pay-per-click) business. About Browser Hijacker TopSocialTabSearch […] virus

14 July , 2016 06:31
stream-it-online-virus has two functioning search systems: one for assisting in helping users discover radio stations that play specific music genres, like 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Alternative, Classical, Country, Electronic or Chill. Visitors can also type in a certain name of the artist or a song title and hope to be introduced to radio stations currently playing […]

Start4u Virus

14 July , 2016 05:44

Start4u is the name of a rogue search engine found at the address We know, it does sound a bit strange. As a rule, the title of a search engine corresponds with the name of the URL it is found at. However, Start4u is a different one. It seems like the developers of this […] Virus

14 July , 2016 01:03

If your default homepage is replaced with, you can be sure that now you will have to deal with a browser hijacker by the disreputable Imali Media. Imali Media has recently released,, browser hijackers to name just a few among the whole bevy of hijackware. What about browser extension? Maybe […] virus

13 July , 2016 07:51

If we would not know any better, we could assume that is somehow associated with the time-tested Google search system: it just seems like the creators were absent-minded and forgot to add a couple of letters “o”. However, we are not gullible to judge book only by its cover. It is clear that […] virus

13 July , 2016 07:49

SafeFinder application has claimed to enhance and simplify sometimes too wide and unpredictable web. It says to offer such convenient functions like translations of your visited domains, safe entry sharing on most popular social networking sites. SafeFinder also adds safety tools to its package that help to determine if the visited domains are safe. Minor […] Virus

13 July , 2016 07:44
search-funkytvtab-com-virus is another browser hijacker by Imali Media, which has already brought to the world such hijackers as,, and many more. Unfortunately, cannot brag about having any useful features that its previously mentioned clones lack. About Browser Hijacker is the name of the URL which will greet you every […] virus

13 July , 2016 06:28
search-yourrecipesnow-com-virus searching system is powered by mechanism, helping the questionable domain to resemble a well-oiled machine. Our readers might be experiencing the phenomenon of déjà vu: the interface of this search engine looks remarkably familiar. SaferBrowser company takes time and resources to construct identical browser extensions and excepts to assure users that there is […]