Ads - How to remove is a website that uses notifications to show pop-up ads in web browsers. These ads are problematic as, sometimes, shows ads for potentially unwanted programs, fake giveaways, and other scam-like content. Plus, intentionally tricks people into subscribing to its notifications. Luckily, you can block from showing ads on your screen.


Type of threat Adware.
How to stop ads Block notifications from and other sites,

find and delete malware with anti-malware tools (Spyhunter for PC, Combo Cleaner for Mac, others).

How spreads Advertised on video streaming sites,

tells people to subscribe to its notifications to keep watching videos.

Problems and issues Unwanted pop-up ads,

ads that lead to potentially dangerous sites.

How to stop pop-up ads is a website and it shows advertisements in notifications. This means that to stop ads by you need to change a setting in your web browser.

  1. Find your notification settings:
    • Chrome – type “chrome://settings/content/notifications” in the address box.
    • Safari – in the Safari menu, choose Preferences, Websites, Notifications.
    • Edge (Chromium) – type “edge://settings/content/notifications” in the address box.
    • Firefox – open Settings, Privacy & Security, scroll down to Permissions and click on Settings next to Notifications.
  2. and other sites whose notifications you’re subscribed to are listed here. As are the sites whose notifications you’ve blocked.
  3. Find the sites that you want to unsubscribe from. To the right of their addresses, click the three-dot button and select “Block”. No more pop-ups.

In addition, you may want to scan your computer with an anti-malware program, such as Spyhunter for Windows, Combo Cleaner for macOS, and others. If they detect a suspicious program on your computer, you might want to delete it.

These could be apps that advertised. Some of them are advertised in a very misleading way. says to subscribe to its notifications if you want to keep watching a video.

What is

Not a news site

So, what’s the deal with If you visit it normally, it looks like a somewhat legitimate news site. But if you find yourself on after being redirected by another site, it tells you to subscribe to its notifications.

The news articles on are copy-pasted from other sites, such as MSN and the LA Times. I don’t see any attribution, I doubt that has permission to repost all the articles.’s design is also not very original – it’s the same template as, and a few other sites. If you see another site that looks like, don’t engage with it.

Though has a nice facade, it’s really just a notification spammer. No wonder that security scanners detect it as malicious – By the way, you can use anti-malware tools to block malicious sites like Ad blockers could help, too. gets detected as malicious by 4 scanners on Virustotal.

Notification spammer is advertised on file hosting sites and on video streaming sites (pirating sites and some adult sites). If you like to watch free movies on the internet, then you have a chance to end up on Adware viruses can also promote

Ads for appear as pop-ups. They unexpectedly open in your browser’s main tab. This usually happens when you click on something – not necessarily an ad. You might have just been trying to watch a video.

Then shows a loading bar and tells you to subscribe to its push notifications and continue watching. Implying that you have to allow its notifications to watch the video that you were trying to watch.

You do not have to follow’s instructions. You can ignore it, close it, and continue browsing the web. is just an advertisement designed to look like a warning.

While lies to people to get them to allow its notifications, other sites use the same tactic to get people to install malicious browser extensions (like Search Sherpa).

Dangers of ads by shows misleading ads by MacKeeper, like “Recommended: Cleaning”. These ads are very deceptive, as they almost look like system warnings.

Other ads by may also be misleading:

  • Ads saying that you won something, only sign you up for a shady subscription ($1 phone scam),
  • Browser hijackers and dubious browser extensions (such as ad blockers that hijack your internet searches),
  • Get-rich-quick schemes, including misleading options trading ads,
  • Ads for dubious supplements and medicines.

Some of the ads shown by are not just annoying but could rope you into a scam. Be careful. Don’t reveal personal and payment information to unknown sites, don’t believe promises of making money without effort or risk, and always check for multiple reviews of products before buying them.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

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