Malwares - Browser Hijacker

Browser Hijackers are various programs that interfere with browser programs. This kind of malware either forces browser to show one particular webpage, inserts advertisements in other web pages, messes up search results or shows various popups in the browser. In the end, user might not be able to use browser at all.
Browser Hijackers are used for 2 malicious purposes. The first one is making money from your browser usage. This is done by redirecting your searches like google redirect virus does or showing popups with advertisements. Each click on resulting webpage will (potentially) make some money to malware makers. The second malicious purpose is prevent one from visiting some websites like makers of malware removal software, security websites and other legitimate sites that would provide help. In the second case, Browser Hijackers are a sign of serious malware problem and the PC should be carefully cleaned from the infection.
Browser Hijackers can be categorized by the way they are implemented, technology used for infection and their symptoms. The redirection symptoms are shared by wide family of malware, thus it is hard to write a guide that covers all the possible redirection viruses. For general assistance with Browser Hijackers we recommend this guide how to remove search redirects. It covers both malware-based hijackers like TDSS, malicious browser addons and malicious browser or PC settings that lead to browser redirections.
If you have more specific problem, we recommend browsing our Browser Hijacker database for symptoms and looking for specific cure or asking a question bellow related hijacker guide. Virus

25 August , 2016 06:13
search-yourmediatabsearch-com-2-viruses is one of the most recent browser hijackers by the leading company of hijackware – Imali Media (associated with StepItApp). This company has already delivered the following hijackers:,,,,,, etc. They all resemble one another with all those shortcuts, looking like some colorful pebbles at the bottom of the […] virus

25 August , 2016 03:42

ClientConnect Ltd., is introducing another search engine to the Internet society. This time, it is called and is a dead ringer of other products by this company. We are no longer surprised about the amount of browser hijackers that are discovered everyday. The only sensible decision is to make sure that every new addition […] virus

25 August , 2016 01:04

Inspiring people had a vision and were creative enough to bring their ideas to life. Shady programmers also have their own castles in the air that they want to build. virus is one of them, constructed by Imali Media. This company has aimed to release identically-looking search engines with only one factor, separating each […] virus

24 August , 2016 08:12
myprovatesearch-com-virus virus is an annoying program that is classified as a browser hijacker as it can alter your browser settings without your consent. Despite the program is advertised as a search tool, in fact it is not a reliable application, so you should never opt for it. Not only it will replace your homepage and […] virus

24 August , 2016 02:53

“Web Homepage is an online search experience enjoyed by users all over the world.” This overflowing confidence might suggest that the creators of the search engine (Bontio Media) have proven themselves to be efficient and reliable. However, we are not convinced that this is the case and that users voluntarily experience all of the […] virus

24 August , 2016 01:44

Creators of take pride in their product and advertise this facility as a equal match to other search engines. The main goal of this service is to help Internet users navigate more successfully and easily reach top social networks, shopping sites, entertainment channels nad other unique webpages. Search results are said to be generated from […] virus

23 August , 2016 00:52
smartinf-ru-2-viruses is a Russian domain, constructed as a news portal, offering a fresh scoop of latest news and helpful articles. Wondering if a jacket is a necessary part of your outfit today? Find out if the weather is forecasted to get a bit chilly, or a jacket will be just a piece of cloth you […] Virus

22 August , 2016 06:06
mystartpage1-ru-2-viruses is a twin brother of, both being developed by MGID company of rogueware. These two programs belong to the hijackware family of rogue software. This dysfunctional family of software, in turn, pertains to PUPs or PUAs – potentially unwanted programs or potentially unwanted applications. About Browser Hijacker browser hijacker replaces your default […] virus

22 August , 2016 04:26

Imali Media: does this company sound familiar? We surely recognize these two words and are here to introduce another product by this company. TopSafeTab is a very original name for a browser extension, designed to change browsers’ preferences. The functionality of this browsing product is not described very specifically as it is only identified that […] virus

22 August , 2016 01:41
search-searchcs-com-2-viruses is a searching network, constructed for Internet users to search and retrieve information. It might seem like a reliable service, however, it is a product by SaferBrowser: a company, responsible for many browser hijackers. We have reason to believe that this search engine is as fake as a three dollar bill. This conclusion can […] Virus

19 August , 2016 07:12
wzscnet-com-2-viruses is a browser hijacker developed by MGID. It seems to target male users as its promoted content is related with dating sites, where one can meet girls of Russian, Ukrainian and Oriental origin. This browser extension does also promote questionable sites regarding the topic of how to become rich. About Browser Hijacker When starts […] Virus

19 August , 2016 05:30
searchz-online-2-viruses is a newly detected deceptive search engine. It keeps its developer under nine locks. However, it cannot keep its true nature under cloak forever. It would hardly be possible to hide the name of the game for a while, since it is revealed the moment a search on has been performed. About […] virus

19 August , 2016 04:31
mountainbrowse-com-2-viruses was built as a searching system. Just like virus, this one is also alluring people with breath-taking pictures of nature. Beauty is said to be able to conquer the world: it is possible that people are pleased to see this search engine as their home pages, new tab pages and default search providers. […] virus

19 August , 2016 01:25
browserhunt-com-2-viruses is a domain with a divine background photo and a search box, making you wish you can climb inside your computer screen. However, the picturesque scenery is not something to get easily tempted with. This webpage is a browser hijacker, created by Linkury. It is not a search system that is even remotely comparable […] Virus

18 August , 2016 07:18
search-cubokit-com-2-viruses can be nominated for the most reserved browser hijacker which has ever been released. This rouge app was developed by Safe Finder. Its main search page contains only the search bar and the “Search’’ button in blue right below it. No additional toolbars, no shortcuts. The web page is completely desolate. It induces images […]