Malwares - Browser Hijacker

Browser Hijackers are various programs that interfere with browser programs. This kind of malware either forces browser to show one particular webpage, inserts advertisements in other web pages, messes up search results or shows various popups in the browser. In the end, user might not be able to use browser at all.
Browser Hijackers are used for 2 malicious purposes. The first one is making money from your browser usage. This is done by redirecting your searches like google redirect virus does or showing popups with advertisements. Each click on resulting webpage will (potentially) make some money to malware makers. The second malicious purpose is prevent one from visiting some websites like makers of malware removal software, security websites and other legitimate sites that would provide help. In the second case, Browser Hijackers are a sign of serious malware problem and the PC should be carefully cleaned from the infection.
Browser Hijackers can be categorized by the way they are implemented, technology used for infection and their symptoms. The redirection symptoms are shared by wide family of malware, thus it is hard to write a guide that covers all the possible redirection viruses. For general assistance with Browser Hijackers we recommend this guide how to remove search redirects. It covers both malware-based hijackers like TDSS, malicious browser addons and malicious browser or PC settings that lead to browser redirections.
If you have more specific problem, we recommend browsing our Browser Hijacker database for symptoms and looking for specific cure or asking a question bellow related hijacker guide. Virus

27 July , 2016 05:45
buuble-net-virus application is primarily aimed at Brazilian users. But, as the Portuguese language is the 8th most spoken language in the world, the circle of the users who can easily get affected reaches immeasurable breadth. Why do we cast a negative shade on this program? Read the article to find out the reason for that. […] virus

27 July , 2016 02:37

No wonder security researchers cannot recommend to utilize search engine: it has so many things in common with other browser hijackers around. Once your browsers’ settings are rearranged so that virus would be the center of your attention, you can immediately tell there is an infection. SaferBrowser is responsible for this product and […] virus

27 July , 2016 01:58

It is no secret that browser hijackers have terribly intrusive natures. They are like wannabe singers, using too much autotune, but still pretending that their voices are flawless. cannot change the fact that the thirst for power is in its blood. Everything about this parasite is done by the book: SaferBrowser company followed the […] Virus

26 July , 2016 08:05
search-yourweatherhub-com-virus is a browser hijacker by Safer Browser, a hijackware-producing machine which has given birth to such hijackers as,, and many more. As its clones, is distributed by the other extension which is said to provide the weather forecasting service. Namely, it is Your Weather Hub browser extension. About Browser […] virus

26 July , 2016 05:52

When it comes to being honest and user-friendly, is a dead loss. Popollo Media LLC is responsible for constructing a fake search engine, found in the already indicated domain. This browser hijacker is distributed around together with Cold or Hot Today application. It is an interactive virtual tool which serves news about the current […] Virus

26 July , 2016 03:39
search-funsafetabsearch-com-virus is another rogue browser extension by Imali Media. It joins the group of browser hijackers under the names of:,,, etc. The followers of the cyber security news came to know that the software by this company cannot be trusted long ago. Imali Media is not concerned with the development of sophisticated […] virus

26 July , 2016 02:44

Fraud is common when it comes to the Internet. We would guess that every single user has, at least once, noticed something bizarre. Crooks sometimes focus on more mellow attacks than using powerful algorithms to encrypt people’s files. Potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) are not aggressive infections and they do not create such problems that would […] virus

25 July , 2016 10:15

Upside Innovations Inc. is getting an A for effort to produce as many browser hijackers as possible in a rather short period of time. We have discussed a couple of its products heretofore but our guess is that the manufacturing of such pests will not come to an end anytime soon. virus is yet […] virus

25 July , 2016 09:59

The creators of browser hijackers do not lack motivation: their efforts grow stronger and stronger everyday. There is a clear line between a safe search engine and a fake one. It is not that difficult to separate one from another as long as you have some basic knowledge. Most popular element is that unreliable search […] virus

25 July , 2016 09:57
thesearch-net-virus is deemed to be a browser hijacker. When you are infected with such pests, it never rains but it pours as many dilemmas can be foreseen. First of all, your browsers follows not selfsame settings, active windows might shift from one domain to another, obtrusive and unrehearsed promotions can appear whenever and tracking of your […] Virus

25 July , 2016 09:37 is an advanced browser hijacker which has hit the grounds of cyber community just recently. The reason for which this browser hijacker stands out among a score of hijackware is the manner it conceals itself. browser hijacker instantly redirects to, leaving no trace of the source URL, which is This kind […] virus

25 July , 2016 02:58

Just because users assume that they are not being threatened by hazardous objects and do not notice any very noticeable inconveniences, does not mean they can rest on their laurels. Browser extensions like Find Directions Fast can seem practical; but before downloading such add-ons, people should pay attention to the Terms of Service and Privacy […] virus

23 July , 2016 08:01

MyTVTab program enables the function to turn your PC/laptop into a TV streaming device. Users are lured with the idea that they will never have to miss an episode of their adored TV shows or series. Furthermore, MyTVTab allows people to switch from one streaming channel to another without putting much effort. One minute you […] virus

22 July , 2016 07:12
555-in-th-virus is an entertainment network for people from Thailand or those who understand this language. It has various sections, filled with elements from Asian culture and popular trends. The notorious dramas and movies, television channels, weather forecasts, maps, shortcuts to popular domains, horoscopes, even a form to book a flight and so much more facilities […] virus

22 July , 2016 06:12

Wolfnknite downloader is a platform that helps users improve their installations. It focuses on advancing Mac software communities and promises them to reach a more satisfying process. However, this application is completely the same as other products: Springhan or Romeatonce. The only difference is the background image for the official page. In Wolfnknite network’s case, […]