How to remove Restoro

Restoro Windows Repair is an application for Windows OS, that falls under the category of utility programs. Even though it does not provide real-time virus protection, Restoro is capable of not just fixing damaged files but removing malware too, unlike many other rogue applications, that just pretend to do so. This useful and trustworthy software is liked and possessed by many users, not just for the system optimization features, but for virus detection as well.

Restoro system optimizer could have come with your PC by the default or maybe you installed it yourself, yet now feel like it’s not something you need any more? If you want to remove Restoro Windows Repair utility program and are not sure where to start, experts made this step-by-step guide which should help to completely get rid of this Windows application without any issues. If you happen to be subscribed to Restoro service after the removal, don’t forget to cancel it as well, so you would not continue paying for the program you won’t be using.

How to remove Restoro from Windows

How can you uninstall Restoro from Windows

Uninstalling Restoro is as easy as eliminating any other program. You can either use the provided ‘Uninstall’ button which you can find below the programs name in the programs menu or follow these instructions below.

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ button and on the right side select ‘Control Panel’.restoro uninstall step 1 enter control panel
  2. In the opened Control Panel window find ‘Programs’ section and click on ‘Uninstall a program’.restoro uninstall step 2 enter programs
  3. Then in the list of all applications find Restoro, select it and press ‘Uninstall/Change’.restoro uninstall step 3 click uninstall
  4. In the Restoro Uninstall pop-up window click ‘Yes’ to proceed with the removal.restoro uninstall step 4 confirm yes
  5. Wait for the installer to finish the removal.restoro uninstall step 5 uninstall process
  6. Restoro is no longer in your PC. Click ‘Ok’.
    restoro uninstall step 6 complete

Removal process slightly differs in each Windows version, but the principle is the same. All you need to do is to find all installed applications, select the wanted program (which is Restoro Windows Repair in this case) and choose to eliminate it. Although this utility program is not crucial for your system to run properly, you should not experience any issues, yet you might want to read an article about how to manually remove junk files because that was one of the features that Restoro performed automatically for you. If after the termination you feel like that utility tool is something that you cannot work without, but don’t want to use Restoro anymore, we advise to take a look at our reviews of other system optimizers, where you might find the one for you.

17 responses to “How to remove Restoro

  1. I remove REstore because after installing such program my computer crashed and it was very difficult for me to restart it. I should be
    refunded. Greetings. Stefano

  2. I have removed the RESTORO programme for my pc but am still getting pop ups even though I have restricted pop ups.

  3. We purchased “Restoro” thru Ccleaner company, who later said restoro was not under them. – Tried for weeks to completely remove Restoro Crap, but still got pop-ups for a scan. Now Not listed in apps to remove, but still problems. So aggravating, – and Restoro & Ccleaner Piriform will not help remove restoro. – Restoro should be outlawed on the internet – period.

  4. After installing and running restore it deleted multiple .exe that were never restored. My computer became unstable and when attempting to undo or uninstall the app each time is said the system was updating and required a restart. After restarting multiple times I was still unable to use the uninstall feature. I had to use a 3rd party app to remove the program from my computer. Since this infection it has also disabled my system recovery as well as ability to install/uninstall any programs as my windows installer service has been corrupted. Reading forums and seeing soo many virus detection programs flagging this software as malware I’m convinced this program is a VIRUS.

  5. This software ‘Restoro’ is dangerous!
    I loaded for some driver work – ran the program lots found ‘apparently’ but not the thing i needed fixing.
    I am still trying to rid my computer of this software (3hrs so far) as my virus software indicated trojan 11 times, PUP 26 times – it was totally unmanageable.
    I’m running another full scan now (which this morning was clear) & so far it has found 7 malware issues – I am strict about malware protection and I’m unlucky if i suffer any malware infections in any given 6 month period. Today i’m up to 18 infections (excl. PUPs) – all since loading Restoro!
    I strongly recommend that this software be avoided at all costs.

  6. I have to agree with the comments above. Your description of how to uninstall Restoro is completely wrong. The app leaves behind all sorts of files that need to be removed manually. A clear sign that all is not above board.

  7. Go to your task manager and click details. Press control+f and search for Restoro. Click “open file location”. When you try to delete these, it will say that it is open in another program. Simply go back to details and end all Restoro related tasks. You will then be able to delete the Restoro files and you will no longer receive pop ups.

  8. I would really love to remove restoro from my computer unfortunately i CANNOT TURN THE COMPUTER ON because of the virus so what do i do now?

  9. I uninstalledRestoro as you instructed. It was gone from add/remove programs, but was all through my pc, and is BIG TROUBLE Do NOT install Restoro. If you do, you will be sorry.. Malwarebytes quarintined it, then the quarintined files have to be deleted

  10. Well, It is not completely true.
    The issue here is that if Malwarebytes detects and quarantines program, parts of it CAN NOT be uninstalled by their own uninstaller. So you either make exception in Malwarebytes ( and then run uninstaller), which is in fact advisable way for program, that is removed normally, or just delete it from Malwarebytes and (possibly) delete remaining traces with other programs.

    The problem with Malwarebytes is that it focuses on Potentially Unwanted Programs ( that have legitimate uses) rather than real malware, so it performs very poorly compared to other antiviruses against real parasites, thus lots of common programs are included to boost their sales. I no longer trust their detections, especially if VirusTotal lists them & similar applications alone as detecting particular “parasite”.

    Uninstaller programs leave “traces” that are easy to detect but in most cases are harmless (non-executable). That might be cookies, some sort of temporary files, etc. It is not common for executable files to be left after uninstall.

  11. Absolutely agree with the later comments….DO NOT INSTALL THIS PROGRAM. I can’t delete it. My PC which ran relatively ok before now continually crashes and forces restarts. I have uninstalled but files still on C drive which it won’t let me delete. Very suspect…. I know this is recommended by reputable sites but how it has behaved on my (and obviously many other’s) PCs, something is not right…..

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