How to Clean and Protect Your Computer using Reimage anti-malware

Reimage is a powerful anti-malware tool that can both protect and clean your computer. You can read a full review of the program here:

Lets take a look what can be done using Reimage anti-malware tool. Here’s our step-by-step Reimage scan and system analysis functions overview:

  1. Identification of your system. We have a video tutorial how to download and install Reimage anti-malware tool (take a look: Once you have the application on your system, you can use it. When you open Reimage, your system overview will begin automatically. This way the program tries to examine and better understand specifics of the system that you are using.

    As you can see in the picture above, the program indicates the hardware and system specifications. This way it can work better and faster as well as indicate more possible problems.
  2. Performance of your system. Once the identification is done, Reimage will display metrics of your systems’ performance. It looks like this:
    In case some components of your computer is running slowly, Reimage will provide you with tips how to solve this problem and improve your computer.
  3. Temperature of your CPU. In addition to that, Reimage also displays the temperature of your CPU so you can monitor if it is not overheating.
  4. Registry scan. Reimage will scan your registry enters. It’s important to scan your registry and delete files that no longer exist. It will clean your computer and fix various problems.
  5. Temporary folders scan. Reimage will scan your temporary folders and clean them if you choose to.
  6. Fixing your problems. After the scan is complete, Reimage will offer you to clean and fix your computer.
    If Reimage have detected some problems on your system, you should click “Start Repair” button and allow the application to fix your computer.
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