How to remove Spyhunter

SpyHunter is a security software which works on Windows operating system and provides malware removal functions. It has been in this anti-spyware business for more than 10 years saving users from all kinds of threats, such as worms, trojans, ransomware, hijackers and etc. Despite the positive evaluation and popularity amongst regular computer owners and cyber professionals, the time comes when we don’t want to use this program any more or decide to try another product and in order to do so we have to remove Spyhunter in the first place.

How to remove Spyhunter

Eliminating SpyHunter anti-malware is not that hard, especially for those who are experienced with computers. But people who are new at using Windows may face some struggles, trying to understand how to delete this program. Fortunately,  2-viruses team prepared a detailed guide on how to remove Spyhunter, which should assist in the tricky and new situation.

How to remove Spyhunter from Windows

SpyHunter is a legitimate program, therefore, its Uninstall button works properly as it supposes to, unlike some other rogue applications, which at times even hide the removal option for the persistence. However, in order to access that uninstall feature, you will have to enter a specific directory. Below you will find all the steps how to.

  1. First, stop Spyhunter processes in the Task Manager by selecting SpyHunter and then clicking ‘End Process’. There are 6 other ways how to do it.
    Spyhunter removal step 1 task manager
  2. Then enter Control Panel entering via ‘Start’ menu.Spyhunter removal step 2 enter control panel
  3. Select ‘Programs’ in the opened window. Spyhunter removal step 3 uninstall a program
  4. Find SpyHunter application, click on it and press ‘Uninstall’.Spyhunter removal step 4 select uninstall spyhunter
  5. When the SpyHunter installer opens up, select your preferred language and click ‘OK’. Spyhunter removal step 5 select language
  6. Continue by selecting ‘Proceed with Uninstall’ button in an opened pop-up.Spyhunter removal step 6 proceed with uninstall
  7. When the uninstall process is over, Reboot your PC.Spyhunter removal step 7 reboot


That is all you need to completely get rid of the SpyHunter anti-malware software. Installer and steps might differ slightly depending on the version of your Windows and SpyHunter itself, but the idea and main principle stay the same.

As you can see, in one of the steps the pop-up offer appears, but it can be easily avoided by selecting to continue with the removal process. Reboot is essential to finalize the elimination so that other new software, that clashes with Spyhunter, could be installed if necessary. Additionally, do not forget to remove junk files, which can stay in the system after Spyhunter is deleted.

Lastly, having a PC with no protection is a risky business, even if it is Windows 10 version, which is believed to be very safe. We recommend taking a look at our other security products, which you could use instead if you do not have anything particular in your mind. And if you feel like you’d like to start using this program again, you can easily install it once more by selecting SpyHunter.

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