How to uninstall Combo Cleaner

Generally, Mac computers are Known for their safety and resistance to malware, however, sometimes even the best ones need help dealing with viruses and system errors. There is not a big variety of utility and antivirus products for Macs, that is why Combo Cleaner multi-tool is probably one of the most popular software that is used for such cases. This legitimate security product has some useful free-of-charge functions, but to fully benefit from it, the premium version is required which stands for around $44.95 per year.

how to uninstall combo cleaner

No matter how great Combo Cleaner can be, you might decide that you want to try something new. Although, uninstalling programs from Mac computers is presented to be easy, but at times users run into issues removing one application or another. In this article, we’ll show you how to fully get rid of Combo Cleaner without any additional software. Please, follow the instructions carefully in order to achieve the best results and check our Reviews page to try an alternate anti-malware tool.

Step 1. Stop the Combo Cleaner process

In order to remove any program from Mac, you first need to stop its current process, or else the system will show you an error like – The app ‘Combo Cleaner’ cannot be removed because it’s open/in use. To stop the Combo Cleaner process:

  1. On your keyboard press Cmd + Spacebar and open Spotlight Search.
  2. Type ‘Activity monitor’ and open it.
  3. Then find in the Process Name list Combo Cleaner and click on it.
  4. In the opened window click Quit, then select Quit again on the other pop-up asking if you really want to quit “Combo Cleaner”.

Stop combo cleaner process in the Activity Monitor

Step 2. Go to Applications

After closing the Combo Cleaner program, you can begin the removal process. For that enter the Finder folder, which is at the very bottom left, pinned onto your Dock.

open the Finder on the Dock

Step 3. Remove Combo Cleaner from Applications

Once you enter the Finder, on your left you should spot an Applications folder. Press on it and you should see all the installed programs, Combo Cleaner included. Then click on its icon and without releasing drag it to the Trash and release.

drag combo cleaner to trash for removal

Step 4. Empty the Trash

To finalize Combo Cleaner removal empty Trash, where you dropped the application.

empty trash with combo cleaner


That is all. After doing all these steps you can be sure that Combo Cleaner will no longer be in your Mac. There might be some residual folders left in the ~/Library sections: Application Support, Caches, Containers, Frameworks, Logs, Preferences,  Saved, Application State, however, it is risky to delete them because if you used Combo Cleaner as a full functioning antivirus, some malicious, yet important to the system files can be quarantined there. There are some other programs that help you uninstall the software, however, if this method works there is no reason to get them. 

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