How to Download And Install Malwarebytes

This is a step-by-step tutorial how to download, install and scan your computer with Malwarebytes anti-malware application. Find the download link. On our website at select “Reviews” section and scroll down till you find Malwarebytes application. Click on the “Download” button near the Malwarebytes section. Download will start automatically. A message will pop-up, asking what you … Continued

How to Access Safe Mode on Android OS

In case you are experiencing problems on Android smartphone or tablet due to malware infections, you should completely remove all viruses and potentially unwanted applications in order to make it work smoothly again. There are several common methods how to fix Android operating system in an event of malware – you can connect the device … Continued

How to Remove Advertisements from iPad/iPhone Device

Annoying advertisements a.k.a. adware applications work slightly different on your iPad or iPhone device compared to a regular computer. Since all applications installed on your device is strictly checked by Apple (you can only get applications from the App Store and the App Story only allows valid applications), disturbing advertisements displayed on your web browser … Continued

How To Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode

It’s very simple to boot Windows 10 in safe mode. Yet, you need to know exactly how to do it. To assist you through this process, we have developed a special step-by-step guide and it goes like this: 1. Press Windows + R keys. This way you will open the Run window. 2. Type ‘msconfig’. … Continued

Windows 10 Recovery Drive

It is wise to protect your computer from various cyber security threats not only by installing trustworthy anti-malware and anti-virus applications, but by creating a recovery drive as well. In case your Windows 10 system experience fatal error and you are not able to boot it anymore, external recovery drive will come extremely handy. To … Continued

How to fix locked browser issues?

Have you seen an extremely alarming warning on your screen about your computer being infected with dozens of viruses? Maybe law enforcement demanding that you pay a fine? Or a random webpage demanding that you type in your username and password? Cybercriminals use these and similar webpages to scam people. They use the powerful interactivity and … Continued

CTB Locker ransomware or how to decrypt encrypted files

CTB Locker CTB Locker ransomware (that sometimes goes under the name of Critoni or CBT Locker as well) was first noticed in July of 2014.This virus aims to encrypt various files and asks for a ransom in order to decrypt them. Almost all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows … Continued

How to Restore Mac to a Previous Date

If you have experienced any problems with your Mac or noticed a significant slowdown of your system, there is one effective way to resolve this problem without making any further mistakes – Mac OS restore. As you know, a system restore option is very popular and widely used on Windows. You can do the same … Continued

How to Reboot Windows into Safe Mode

In order to do Windows reboot in the Safe Mode you need to perform several step-by-step actions that are not that difficult as it could look like. Just follow our tutorial. It can vary depending on the version of Windows that you use. There are two ways to do it – you can reboot your … Continued

How to do a System Restore

System Restore is a valuable feature that helps Windows OS users retrieve their lost files and settings after a major system breakdown. It is mostly used to restore essential Windows files and settings – system files, drivers, registry keys and installed programs. You can also return previous versions and settings. It is very much like … Continued

DNS Changer Uninstall Guide

DNS Changer is a Trojan horse, which is commonly disguised as a video codec and is distributed in many other various forms. When it’s downloaded and installed, it starts changing the computers DNS addresses to Rove Digital domain name server and redirects all user traffic to malicious websites, alters user searches, replaces ads. Nonetheless, it’s … Continued

Alternate OS scanners – introduction

What is Alternate OS Scanners Alternate OS scanners are packages, distributed by antivirus software makers that can be either burned on CDs or placed on USB drives and a PC can be booted from this media. The main goal of Alternate OS scanners is providing a malware-unaffected environment for Antivirus process launch. The OS on … Continued

How to view hidden files?

Hidden files are system files protected from being accidentally modified or deleted by a user. However, many types of viruses, spyware and hijackers have also been noticed to hide the files to make users think that all of their files have been deleted and trick them into purchasing the program in order to recover these … Continued

Removing malicious startup entries

Stopping malicious processes is the first step at malware removal, however it is never sufficient. After reboot malware will come back, so one has to stop the processes from starting on system startup. The best way to do so is scanning with automated anti-malware tools like and removing malware completely. However, one can do so … Continued

How to kill malicious processes

Typically, antivirus and antimalware applications kill malicious processes automatically once detected. That is a preferred way, as these tools know how to precisely recognize bad processes. However, under certain circumstances processes need killing before running a scan: You want to delete malware manually; Malware processes block removers from execution or updating their database; You can … Continued

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