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Ghost Antivirus is a scam application, coming from the FakeXPA family of security rogueware. It is similar to Internet Antivirus Pro, which caused lots of infections back in 2009. We want to make it clear that here we address the fake version of the legitimate antivirus utility of the same name, which is developed by Norton or Symantec. Ghost Antivirus is a fake security application, a rogue anti-virus, that should be removed once the first signs of the infection have been observed. Its popups, blocked sites and lots of security alerts are the signs that your PC needs to be cleaned from Trojans. This rogue antivirus application has no function of scanning and it does not possess any removal mechanism, so, in other words, its scans are completely fake.


Ghost Antivirus uses fake security scan websites as a primary way to infiltrate into the victim’s computer. Most of these websites have interface similar to Windows Explorer and show a number of infections on present on the hard drive. Of couse, these infections are not real. If you try to close these fake websites, a system alert tries to block the exit. However, do not download Ghost antivirus and do not install it on your machine, or you will risk a real infection.


Other popular ways Ghost Antivirus infection spreads are fake applications like video codecs or ads you see on infected websites. You should be very careful, if you are greeted with popups and alerts that promote this rogue anti-spyware software or offer to scan your PC for virtual parasites. Actually, it is a sign that you need to remove Ghost Antivirus. This infection and the popups it causes will not go away by itself.

Ghost Antivirus keeps the most of the former parasites’ skin. It displays messages, which are quite similar to the typical notifications rendered by rogue anti-spyware applications.

For example,

Your PC is still infected with dangerous viruses. It is strongly recommended to activate antivirus protection to prevent data loss and to avoid the theft of your credit card details. Click here to activate protection.

Harmfull and malicious software detected

Online scanner detected programs that might compromise your privacy or damage your computer

The parasites that are supposedly detected are the following: Trojan-IM.Win32.Faker.A, Virus.Win32.Faker.A, Trojan.PSW.Bat.Cunter, Trojan.Spy.Win32.WMPatch, Trojan.Bat.AnitV.a, Trojan-Spy.Html.Bankfraud.ra and others.

The websites related to the infection are: Softwareanti com Softwarejar com Softwarerising com Softwaresecure net Softwarespyware net Softwarethe net Softwarethreats com Softwarethreats net Softwarexp net Softwarespam net Ghost-antivirus com Ghost-pay com Ghostantivirus com Ghostpays com

Ghost antivirus uses a fake payment processor, (or, which should be avoided as well. These phishing sites might misuse your credit card details, if you provide them. You should remove Ghost antivirus and improve your PC security. We want to thank Bharath M Narayan for some of the information, provided in the article.

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  1. My external was just infected by a virus. All folders inside this external hard drive were block and even hidden. I had to use another antivirus software to refresh for the folders to appear, otherwise they will become ghost folders.

    How can I rectify this problem? Is this caused by the Ghost antivirus?

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