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Cyber Sitter

Cyber Sitter (aka CyberSitter version 10.0) is yet another rogue program. CyberSitter employs trojans to infiltrate computers without user’s permission. It reports nonexistent threats in order to gain a purchase. The worst thing about this malware is its fake scanner. Cyber Sitter warns people about malicious files and then urges them to buy a full version of this program. Some people may trust Cyber Sitter enough to delete the infections manually and damage a computer this way because CyberSitter indicates system files being dangerous.

This rogue anti-spyware is an old version. The first time our team of 2-viruses spotted it was in the late 2008. Now, 8 years later, we get back to this infection to see how it is going. We have a strong feeling that this variant is no longer as persistently distributed as it used to. Shady programmers now have a habit of creating new versions of rogue anti-spyware that are initiating scans and showing fabricated results. If you assume that security tools are obliged to be reliable and trustworthy, your naive character is definitely going to bring you trouble. Many of the free trials are tricky even though it seems convenient to try out a program before actually purchasing it. However, a program, running on a free trial, won’t be put in full motion (or so it is claimed). In reality, even the full version of this rogue-spyware program won’t have the features that would make it a valuable addition to users’ system. Cyber Sitter won’t take care of your device like it deservers. The presumable outcome is going to be much different from your expectations of a high-quality product.

Cyber Sitter will run windows with scans that might make your other processes slower. This inconvenience of having to deal with delays is not a feature to be identified as agreeable. Nevertheless, if the security tool would produce reliable results, a small setback during scanning would not be a problem. In this case, the situation is different. Cyber Sitter won’t demonstrate the actual state of your device. In reality, it is going to present an exaggerated version of it. Implying that your device is suffering from numerous viruses and other malware is not a realistic statement. In fact, it is a porky pie. Do not eat this nasty dish that Cyber Sitter is so eager to serve to you.

Since Cyber Sitter should be eliminated from the list of candidates for your selection of security tool, you should try to find a program that you would feel comfortable to freely browse the Internet with. If you pick a reliable software to guide you, then the chances of getting infected are going to be significantly reduced. Please pay attention to feedback from former users that have exploited one security tool or another. However, do not take their word for it and continue to look for more opinions. Security researchers are the people that could provide you truthful statements about tools.

Do not purchase Cyber Sitter! It is not a security suite; CyberSitter is dangerous malware. The full version of this program doesn’t even exist; it’s just a lure to gain money. Remove Cyber Sitter with no hesitation.

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