Google plans to prevent in-browser miners of cryptocurrencies

It is astonishing how quickly Miners of cryptocurrencies are showing off their edge towards older hackers’ plans to profit. In the past month, we have been detecting 1-2 miners a week, and this frequency appears to be increasing. One of the earliest miners can be considered BCMiner which, obviously, mined Bitcoins. Currently, we have noticed … Continued

Flaw of the year permits KRACK Wi-Fi attacks

Mathy Vanhoef of imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven might be no Columbus, but his discovery of a flaw in Android, Apple, Windows and Linux is being referred to as the “vulnerability of the year”. Of course, no celebration is necessary as people are severely jeopardized by this security issue as their Wi-fi networks are determined to be … Continued

ATM malware Cutlet Maker is available on the dark web

Walking up to an ATM and suddenly being showered with dollar bills sounds like a brief dream before you have to return to reality. While such a scenario remains to be treated as impossible, a pink dream with no marrow to come true, by some users, others are using their skills to program their way … Continued

jRat malware spreads via rogue VAT return forms

A campaign of fraudulent email messages is delivering jRat malware. The infection is also known as Adwind, Jackbot and several other names. Rogue letters claim to originate from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and include value added tax (VAT) return papers. The service jRat (more commonly referred to as Adwind) is considered to be … Continued

Google takes down a malicious Chrome extension AdBlock Plus

Google has finally taken action against a rogue version of AdBlock Plus. The plugin was open for business ever since 22nd of September and managed to obtain an impressive number of clients: close to 38,000 thousand. The issue for some people is that Google allowed a clone of the real AdBlock Plus to be accepted … Continued

Trains postponed after Sweden hit by DDoS attacks

Sweden has reported two DDoS attacks over the past couple of days and this obviously looks suspicious no matter how you decide to look at it. On Thursday, an official domain of Sweden’s Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) was influenced by a DDoS attack which left the website unavailable for usage. These attacks are done by over-utilizing … Continued

What you need to know about the Disqus data breach of 2012

In the official blog of Disqus service, 6th of October became the day when the company disclosed information about a security breach that occurred in 2012. Sounds like a student of Yahoo (since Yahoo waited several years to reveal information about a breach as well)? Not exactly. Disqus reports that it had no knowledge of … Continued

IoT smart camera can spy on its owners and talk

Ever felt the uncontrollable urge to cover up your camera like Mark Zuckerberg? While some might think that placing some tape on your laptop camera or disconnecting separate cameras (while they are not in use) from your computer is a silly action for paranoid people, you might guess again. A woman from Netherlands shared her … Continued

Kovter uses fake browser updates for distribution: be careful!

We have already encountered Kovter ad-fraud infection in February of 2017 when we spoke about it as a companion of Locky. At that time, both malware infections were being transmitted via one email letter. Now, in October of 2017, Kovter became relevant again. A website of PornHub has been determined to be involved in the … Continued

Emergency update for macOS High Sierra 10.13

Apple has taken action to patch up security vulnerability, discovered by a researcher named Metheus Mariano. The discoverer of the flaw in the brand-new High Siera system contacted Apple representatives privately. This secretive communication between two parties is perfectly understandable as issues with password protection are a delicate subject. Also, this is not the first … Continued

Flusihoc botnet involved in thousands of DDoS attacks

Flusihoc DDoS botnet first started creeping around back in 2015 and it stood out of the sea of malware parasites as a professionally designed threat. It is a versatile C++ infection and its capabilities extend to a variety of DDoS attacks. It is considered to be capable of pursueing SYN, ICMP, TCP, CON and other … Continued

Profitable schemes: ESET detects Monero-mining malware

People tend to expect hackers to be straight-forward and initiate schemes that immediately receive attention and news about them are scattered all over the world. However, this does not always the situation that falls on our laps. Some crooks design their plans very carefully and to the last detail, avoiding potential flaws. In this case, … Continued

R6DB database hacked and wiped clean: hackers demanded a ransom

If you are a loyal fan of Ubisoft’s FPS Rainbow Six Siege online game, you might have noticed that R6DP database was unavailable for the last weekend. An intrusive bot managed to hack into the database and remove all of the files. Then, controllers of the database found a note with demands. In it, hackers … Continued

Europol highlighted the increased threat of ransomware viruses

Security researchers are aware of the blooming industry of ransomware infections: we detect new encryptors daily and have to speculate their possible success rates. However, it is one thing when we are going on and on about cybersecurity, and barely any people decide to take the time to back up their files or download anti-malware … Continued

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