Bd Anti Ransomware Vaccine review

BitDefender Anti-Ranomware Vaccine is a program protecting from crypto-ransomware. It monitors file system for activities similar to parasites that encrypt the files and then extort the money for the decryption. While this functionality is included in Bitdefender’s antivirus, this program should work with other anti-virus and anti-malware programs that do not protect from crypto ransomwares yet.

Crypto-Ransomwares are very costly infections as they demand large sums of money for decryption. Luckily, they can’t encrypt all the files very fast, thus it is possible to detect such activity and stop in time with minimal losses. That is why BitDefenders Anti-Ransomware Vaccine might be useful.

It is a relatively small program with little options that are more related to the look of the program rather than its functionality. Note, that this program won’t help much if you are already infected. BitDefenders-Anti-Ransomware-vaccine

Positive Sides of BD Anti-Ransomware Vaccine

Protects from Locky, Tesla Crypt, CryptoLocker

Negative Sides of BD Anti-Ransomware Vaccine

Might not protect from full-disk encryption ransomwares. 

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