IObit Malware Fighter PRO 7

IObit Malware Fighter is a tool dedicated to fighting against various viruses and malware. There are both free and premium versions of this tool, yet the free version is very limited and won’t be able to offer a lot of security features.

IObit Malware Fighter – type of tool
  • Anti-malware
  • Antivirus
  • Web security
Version 7 Pro
Price $19.95 per year (free trial available)
IObit Malware Fighter – features
  • 3 protection engines
  • Webcam protection
  • Real-time protection
  • Anti-ransomware protection
  • Web security
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Low price
IObit Malware Fighter – problems
  • No separate antivirus lab results (the anti-malware engine is tested to 9.8/10)
  • Scanning takes longer than competitors
  • Smaller database than competitors
  • Possible false-positive detections

Even though most anti-malware and anti-virus tools come from companies in Europe or the United States, Iobit Malware Fighter was developed and released in China. However, that shouldn’t bother you – instead of that examine at the actual features of this software and what you will get for the price of $19.95. That’s what you will have to pay for a 1 year subscription for one computer. This software is compatible only with Windows OS. However, if you want to add additional features, such as backup CD or extended download service, you will have to pay additionally.

This price is really low compared to other anti-malware tools currently available on the market, such as SpyHunter or Reimage. Yet we don’t recommend to focus only on the price – functionality and the ability to actually protect your computer from malware and viruses are much more important.

Also, there is a free version available, so you will be able to test Malware Fighter without even spending a dime. Obviously, this free version is very limited and you will be only entitled to Basic anti-malware functions, basic real-time protection, and several other online security features. Regardless of that, you will be able to check if you like user interface and the overall compound of this multipurpose tool.

Speaking of the user interface, it is what makes IObit Malware Fighter so easy and pleasant to use. However, this anti-malware software lacks decent recognition in other fields, that might be much more important and we will talk about that soon. Let’s break it down to the main features of this application and review all of them.

Anti-Malware protection

Malware Fighter

Developers of Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 7claims that this program is capable of performing the following features:

  • Malware and virus protection with Bitdefender anti-virus engine;
  • Separate storage for the most important files;
  • Guarding video camera against unauthorized access;
  • Ransomware prevention;
  • Protection against malware from external drives;
  • Real-time protection.

Main anti-virus engine is provided by BitDefender, so if you trust this program, you can trust Malware Fighter too. One of the most concerning things is the lack of lab results. Antivirus testing labs examine top antivirus tools and there are no reports about Malware Fighter. However, Bitdefender scored 9.8 out of 10 in five different testings, so you can expect something similar from Malware Fighter.

Real-time protection and anti-malware scanning really set IObit Malware fighter PRO 7 behind other competitors. It might take several minutes until Malware Fighter actually detects malicious file trying to enter your system and in some cases, it might be too late. Also, scanning itself can be slower than you would want it to be.

The same goes for the detection rate. Even though Malware fighter is promoted as software with a huge virus database, it can’t compare to other major anti-malware programs and some possibly malicious or unwanted files might be not detected at all. Also, it can detect legitimate files as malicious and confuse users this way.

Overall, anti-malware protection and scanning features provided by Malware fighter could use some improvement, to say the least. Yet again, considered the low price of this tool, it should be sufficient basic protection against most common cyber threats.

Malware Fighter Anti-MalwareMalware Fighter Protection Against Ransomware

Dedicated protection against ransomware is not something you can expect from every anti-malware tool. Usually, anti-malware and anti-virus programs protect computers from ransomware the same way they protect them from other malware – by identifying malicious files and killing malicious processes or removing them.

Malware Fighter features improved security in this case. Ransomware can use advanced technologies and bypass basic security, therefore it’s a much better idea to protect files from unauthorized access, rather than focusing on malicious files only. That means even if the ransomware manages to get inside of your computer, Malware Fighter will be able to secure your files from encryption by stopping unauthorized accesses to open or change them.

In reality, it looks like this: ransomware attempts to gain access to your files and Malware Fighter detects this attempt, automatically blocks it and ask the user if it should be allowed or not. So the power still remains in the hands of the person operating the computer.

This feature is promoted as an effective tool that can protect users from notorious viruses like WannaCry or NotPetya and save a lot of money. Some cyber security researchers actually tested this function with samples of real ransomware viruses and it performed surprisingly well – Malware Fighter managed to successfully spot and stop all malicious behavior.

While anti-malware scanning might be the weakest link of this software, protection against ransomware really makes up for it. It would be hard to find a tool that could do better than Malware Fighter regarding protection against ransomware. Keep in mind that ransomware is really popular and widespread nowadays, so this feature could easily save your day.

Malware Fighter Ransowmare Protection

Overall Performance of IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter clearly has a weakness when it comes to basic protection from malware like browser hijackers or adware. Other tools will work more effectively and be faster to detect possible threats. Another disadvantage – free version of Malware Fighter is very limited so you can’t really tell much about functionality without purchasing pro version.

On the other hand, it isn’t very expensive and outstanding protection against ransomware feature is totally worth it. It is the best solution if you already have anti-malware protection, but want to strengthen it with a dedicated tool that would ensure security against ransomware.

Positive Sides of IObit Malware Fighter PRO 7

One of the cheapest Anti-Malware solutions;

Real-Time protection;

Well designed user interface;

Big variety of features.


Negative Sides of IObit Malware Fighter PRO 7

Slow scanning;

Not a great anti-virus tool;

Can be disabled easily;

Slow to detect viruses.


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