Panda Antivirus Pro review

In the official website of Panda Antivirus Pro, the tool is described as “the best antivirus software for home users. Protect your PC against viruses, hackers, spam and other online threats”. All owners of security products exploit the same strategies of exaggerated flattery.

Therefore, an illusion of perfection and sufficiency covers the real facts about a security software. Let’s investigate Panda Antivirus Pro and reveal whether this tool provides reasonable security measures. On the other hand, it could be that Panda Security software company, based in Spain, is only overstating its position.

Testimonials from former and current users of Panda Antivirus Pro appear to be either positive or average. Most the people indicated the product to perform excellently, without any glitches or disappointments. It is evident that some users did not express the nicest commentary about the tool, but this more negative feedback is like a drop in the ocean.

Panda Antivirus Pro is described as a tool, protecting computers, Android, smartphones or tablets from any type of threat or malware infection. The tool also explains to protect wireless networks against vicious intruders: this will be done by building a firewall to protect Wi-Fi from unwanted connections. A package comes together with protection against online fraud, fixes for vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks.

Signing up for a free day trial was relatively uncomplicated. A clean registration process followed a proper installation. We were able to launch the security tool very quickly without even have to restart operating system. The program does not over-utilize CPU resources which means that performances of operating systems will not be diminished.

The tool detects malware like a real pro and this feature is the strongest advantage that you get after purchasing Panda Antivirus Pro. Panda exploits viral signature matching and heuristic behavior monitoring for the purpose of finding viruses in operating systems. Latter program gets constantly updated as there are new viruses coming out every single day. Users are also offered to customize the interface according to their preferences. Panda Antivirus Pro promises to initiate URL filtering which means that certain websites will be be blocked. This feature would come in handy.

However, there are some concerning features that drag Panda Antivirus Pro down. It appears that this tool will plan to assign an original search platform and hope that people will exploit it as legitimate. Furthermore, the scans that are ran with this program often show a lot of false positives. This means that the program indicates content which is safe as potentially dangerous. If this is done during the free trial, this means the mere attempts to promote the premium version which currently costs 24.49 euros instead of 34.99 euros. However, we found some sources that offered this tool for lower prices, like 19.99 USD or 21.99 USD.

We also found other disadvantages as well: limited URL blocking and issues during restoration of files after quarantine. Also, people have complained about the support service that the company provides and criticized its poor pre-sales support. Even though it is proclaimed that people will be offered 24/7 opportunities to engage in a consultation, this does not appear to be implemented.

Overall, the tool has its positive features and if you are not bothered by the negatives features, you may purchase it. However, before purchasing the full version of Panda Antivirus Pro, we would recommend signing up for the free trial.

Comparison with other products

Even though Panda Antivirus Pro could be selected for protection and should do a relatively decent job, there are more efficient tools in the market to consider before it. Full price of Reimage is $37.95 which is only a few dollars more than the official fee for Panda Security’s product. Even though Panda might offer a more sufficient detection of malware, Reimage will do a very similar job while also fixing the necessary issues. Furthermore, a tool like Spyhunter won’t attempt to modify your browsers’ preferences and will cost $39.99 which is better than buying a tool that will show false positives.

Positive Sides of Panda Antivirus Pro

Great in finding malware

Constant updates

URL filtering

Does not over-utilize CPU resources

Negative Sides of Panda Antivirus Pro

Shows false positives

Can modify browsers’ settings

Limited URL blocking

Poor support service

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