Malwarefox review

MalwareFox is anti-malware tool that offers you a whole pallet of malware removal options and even solutions for ransomware decryption. It can solve problems related to pop-up advertisements (adware), changes browser settings (browser hijackers), encrypted files (ransomware) and other types of malware. Application has a free trial, however it is useful only for malware detection, since you have to purchase a premium license in order to actually remove trash.

This anti-malware tool is well-operating and can provide you with a decent anti-malware protection, yet you should be aware of some thing that are not so joyful. First of all, MalwareFox anti-malware is a clone of Zemana anti-malware tool. Same product, different name. That’s because the company behind MalwareFox bought a licence from Zemana to brand and distribute their product. The paradox is that Zemana is actually cheaper than MalwareFox – 1 year Zemana licence costs $14.95 while analogical license of MalwareFox starts at $24.95. So if throwing money away is not your thing, think twice before purchasing MalwareFox instead of Zemana. They have no power neither resources to make better product, yet the price is bigger.

Another thing to mention – distribution methods. MalwareFox is constantly promoted in spam comments all around the Internet. It’s not something a respectable company would do to promote their product. Speaking of which – it’s not clear who is standing behind MalwareFox since they fail to specify it on their ‘About’ page. There is no company name or specific information who would take the credit for MalwareFox as they identify themselves as “Virtual Company”. However, after spending a decent amount of time researching this case, we were able to detect that the company is registered in Mumbai, India and has the name of “Wolf Of Webstreet”. Is a one man company which is hiding its’ identity reliable? Probably no.

Positive Sides of MalwareFox

Fast operating

Protection against ransomware

Large virus database

Negative Sides of MalwareFox

Reproachful distribution


Might display fake scan results

Limited scanning abilities


3 responses to “MalwareFox

  1. hate to blow your bubble but its same price and you get less with Zemana just looked it up.

  2. It was not so at the point we checked it. You get nothing more with malwarefox than with zemana in my opinion even now. So. I see no technical benefits of choosing Malwarefox over Zemana and see enough legal and ethical reasons not to choose Malwarefox at all.

  3. You are correct. I had tried contacting the company MalwareFox, there was no response. The problem here is support. In my understanding, the business model is to rebrand and market. Hence, from a technical support point of view, the direct company will be a lot preferable.

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