Apple’s USB Restricted Mode vs law enforcement

The new rumors are spreading around that after skipping the iOS 11.3 and 11.4 releases Apple is actually going to include the USB Restriction Mode feature into the final iOS 12 version in September. The company has tried this anti-data-theft mode in iOS 11.3 Beta version, but it never ended up as a default thing … Continued

Ticketfly temporarily goes offline after being hacked

Yesterday on May 31st, 2018, a popular Eventbrite’s ticket distribution online service Ticketfly was hacked into by IsHaKdZ. According to the the hacker asked for 1BTC ($7549) but still has not received an answer from the company. What a horrible surprise for the service that is planning to celebrate its 10th birthday this year.  This Thursday … Continued

Taylor app loses $1.35 million dollars in Ethers and TAY tokens

Cryptocurrency related cyber crimes have spiked significantly this past year, causing several serious robberies like , Coinhive’s DNS Hack, Enigma’s attack and etc. At the end of May 2018, another major virtual currency theft was reported – hackers wiped out more than $1.35 million dollars (2,578.98 ETH) in Ethers from , the cryptocurrency trading app. that … Continued

Pornhub introduces its own VPN service

Giant of adult content industry PornHub made a huge leap forward and announced a brand new feature – VPNHub. That’s right, from now on everyone concerned about their privacy and possible data leaks will be able to use this special VPN service to go completely anonymous. Even though none of your relatives or coworkers will … Continued

Samsung pays $539 million dollars to Apple

The never ending fight between marks another milestone in the trial, but surely not the final one. Apple collects $539 million dollars from Samsung creators for the copied design. The between the enemies began in April 2011 and has not stopped since causing the world  to split into two groups: Android vs Apple. With over … Continued

Last goodbyes for Chrome’s HTTPS security indicators

For years loyal Chrome user’s have been automatically assured with the green padlock when the visited webpage would be using protected and (from 2017) warned about the unsafe HTTP sites with the red warning triangle next to the URL address bar saying ‘Not Secure’. Even though, this seems like a minor thing but has prevented … Continued

DropBox officially reimburses its auto-renew victims

On May 16th Alameda County attorney announced the Consumer Protection Settlement with . The file-sharing company got in trouble for violating California’s state Automatic Renewal Law by extending the paid service to users without asking for the permission and now has to pay the price. If you ever have gotten yourself a DropBox services read … Continued

Loopholes in Signal’s security

One of the most secure messaging app considered Signal recently discovered a dangerous XSS (cross-site scripting) framework vulnerability in their desktop versions, by the accident. The vulnerability was found when , , and were chatting about the other XSS vulnerability via Signal. Two men were using the desktop version while the third – Signal’s extension for … Continued

Google’s new .App Domain craze

When in 2015 Google spent $25 million dollars on ICANN’s auctioned .app top-level domain (TDL), it raised quite a few eyebrows, wondering whether this deal will actually pay off for Google, when other major companies spent no more than $7 million dollars on their TDLs.  But after almost 3 years on May 1st, 2018 when … Continued

Latest IC3 report: Cyber crime victims lost more than $1.4 Billion in 2017

Yesterday, on May 7th, 2018, Internet Crime Complaint Centre, or simply IC3, released it’s newest annual publication – 2017 Internet Crime Report. There FBI cyber crime specialists compiled data about virtual criminal activity, which internet users reported on IC3 website throughout 2017. Shocking numbers were disclosed – over $1.4 billion loss and 301,580 complaints on … Continued

Malicious Chrome extension FacexWorm crypto-hijacking via Facebook

On April 30th, 2018  cyber intelligence specialists reported a discovery of a malicious Google Chrome extension called FacexWorm using Facebook’s Messenger to target cryptocurrency trading platforms. So far only one successfully hijacked FacexWorm Bitcoin transaction has been identified, however the amount is still unknown. FacexWorm extension has been know for cyber researchers since last August, 2017, … Continued

Trustlook finds almost 26k malicious apps using Facebook API’s

After all the recent personal, medical and call data collecting scandals it seems like Facebook is not planning to leave the headlines. In the end of April, 2018 Trustlook has discovered 25,936 malicious apps that have been and still are using Facebook API’s. Malicious app developers abuse the APIs to access information beyond user’s permission … Continued

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