Three antivirus companies hacked

Some very valuable information about the internal workings of certain antivirus companies could be for sale right now, available to cybercriminals all over the world. A Russian hacker group called Fxmsp hacked three American antivirus companies and are selling each company’s products’ source code for $150.000. Fxmsp say that they have 30 Terabytes of data … Continued

Ad fraud by apps ​installed by millions

Six apps were found to be committing fraud against advertising networks by faking clicks on ads. Google Play store removed the apps following an investigation by and , which has uncovered the fraudulent activity that was being caried out. Each of these apps had millions or tens of millions of users, a nice interface, positive … Continued

Millions of Facebook and Instagram passwords were exposed

In January of 2019 Facebook that they were storing many of their users’ passwords improperly. Facebook found that the passwords were not leaked or accessed improperly, despite the fact that thousands of Facebook employees had the ability to see the logs. Facebook said they will be notifying the people whose passwords were exposed. Millions of … Continued

Nasty List — Another Instagram phishing attack

Instagram is a social media network full of people just like us — eager to connect, share news, and experience things together. And it has a jaw-dropping 1 billion users worldwide, all connected by this giant network through which trends, news, and hoaxes flow and either fizzle out, or spark into a fire. When someone … Continued

CoinHive cryptomining services are closing down

CoinHive, the infamous in-browser crypto mining service is counting its last days, due to the massive drop in the hash rate as well as the decrease of the market value of their targeted cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) within the last year. As it was reported on the official Coinhive’s blog, after a careful consideration the company … Continued

Chrome’s new API brings an end to ad blockers

The most popular web browser Chrome is planning new changes in the near future, which already are causing a huge commotion and discontent amongst users and content creators. Even though Google claims to be making these alterations in their extension platform for security reasons mainly, most ad blockers and antivirus extensions will not be able … Continued

Hacker behind UNNAMED1989/WeChat Ransomware finally arrested

The beginning of December 2018 was a tense time in China, for both online users and cybersecurity specialists because of one really persistent and widespread threat called UNNAMED1989, or also known as WeChat ransomware. This cryptovirus managed to infect over 100k computers within then matter of a few days, demanding for 110 Chinese yuan ($16 … Continued

New complex miner threatens Linux users

Cryptomining is a considerably new malware, which still is being explored by cyber specialists and crooks, unfortunately. These silent crypto viruses make perfect threats because of the sophisticated obfuscation techniques that keep them undetectable, widespread and easy dissemination, and no need for any interaction/initiation from the infected victim. Windows users are used to warnings of new miner … Continued

GandCrab v5 ransomware is back with new features

This fall has not only brought us rain, cold and colorful leaves, but also the notorious GandCrab ransomware back, this time even more improved and vicious. GandCrab v5 just showed up on September 24, 2018, roaming around and encrypting precious personal files all around the globe, but mainly Central Europe. After getting rather upset about … Continued

KODI add-ons spread cryptomining virus, ESET warns

These past years online streaming services almost completely took over the regular cable TVs allowing people to access their favorite shows and movies anywhere on any device, therefore with the increasing demand, various streaming services started to pop out offering comfort and entertainment in their own ways. One of them was Kodi, which today is facing … Continued

IRL app – a fun app for teens or a hidden mobile malware

These past months have brought a lot of attention from and to this, at the first glance innocent-looking, a mobile application called IRL app. IRL, which stands for ‘In Real Life’, was designed to send invitations to friends to hang out in reality with each other with various theme suggestions based on interests, area, holidays … Continued

Advisorsbot malware downloader is spreading rapidly via malspam

Last week Proofpoint researchers presented a malware discovery dubbed , which attacked banks and other finance-related companies via millions of bogus email messages (similar to Locky ransomware). The registered features, of Marap (reversed “param“) virus, were very similar to Trojan activity because after the infection it would download further modules and payloads, but what was interesting, … Continued

DeepLocker – the new Artificial Intelligence powered malware

For the past few decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly taking over more and more tasks not only in the science/cyber world but our everyday lives as well. Logistics, medical diagnostics, statistics, economy, mathematics are now unimaginable without this machine intelligence, which at times acts like a sort of form of entertainment seeing computer trying to … Continued

Bitfi hacked? McAfee in denial?

As you may have heard last week, John McAfee a statement that his new Bitfi wallet is the world’s first impossible to hack device. He was so sure that offered $100,000 bounty reward for someone who will actually manage to hack the Bitfi, ending with a rotund expression “Money talks, bulls**t walks”. Of course, this … Continued

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