AdLoad on Macs Going Undetected

targeting macOS devices was described by Sentinel Labs – malware that Apple’s security software XProtect fails to detect. Apple protects its users from malware Malware (malicious software) on macOS is real and Apple has done a lot to protect Mac users against it (). But the creators of dangerous programs continue to adapt and innovate. AdLoad is … Continued

Do You Need to Worry About Pegasus Spyware?

  You might have heard about Pegasus spyware – a malicious app that infects phones, then accesses and leaks the victim’s data: it can record video and audio by using the hacked phone’s camera and microphone, it can see what web pages the victim visits and read the content of those pages, including passwords and … Continued

Emails Carrying Archive Attachments Spread BazarBackdoor

Emails with archive attachments could be carrying ransomware. in which BazarBackdoor, a dangerous trojan, spreads in nested archives and a malicious image file. In short: if you get an email (such as one that looks like it’s from your work) with an archive attachment, download the archive and open it, then open one of the … Continued

How to Recover Files Encrypted By Ransomware

The best way to protect your data from ransomware is to have good backup solutions. is built into Windows and there are various other backup solutions. Data stored on disconnected drives and non-synced cloud storage is safe from ransomware attacks on your computer. But if you don’t have a backup and ransomware attacks your PC, … Continued

How to Recognize Fake Download Buttons and Links

Some advertisements are designed to look like download links, buttons, and pages. They are designed so intentionally, to get people to trust them and to click on them. Many websites still show such ads. Ads that are disguised as download buttons often lead to harmful content, so it’s best to avoid them. What do fake download … Continued

RotaJakiro, a Mysterious Linux Backdoor, Emerges From Obscurity

RotaJakiro remained secret for years Linux malware is an uncommon sight (although not new). From time to time, malicious actors focus on this operating system and remind us that Linux users must be careful of malware, too. RotaJakiro is a backdoor that infects Linux systems. It has been infecting machines since 2018, but only became known … Continued

How Ransomware Spreads

Ransomware is very dangerous. It encrypts data in such a way that it is often impossible to restore it. As a result, the harm caused by ransomware can be immeasurable. There are a few different ways in which criminals spread their ransomware infections: phishing emails, open RDP access, and various security flaws. It’s important to be aware … Continued

Silver Sparrow – MacOS Malware in Development

A new and widespread infection Silver Sparrow is malicious software that infects Mac devices. For now, it does not install any malware. But it’s a threat nevertheless. . The report says that Silver Sparrow can be traced back to at least August 2020. In February of 2021, it was discovered to have infected thirty thousand computers … Continued

How to Fix the Potential Windows Update Database Error

Potential Windows Update Database error is detected by the Windows Update Troubleshooter in some cases where your Windows Update fails to install. You might also experience slow internet connection and bad computer performance – while the Potential Windows Update Database error is unresolved, your computer might repeatedly try to download and install the update, which consumes … Continued

Sphinx banking trojan spreads in fake COVID-19 payment emails

Sphinx, a banking trojan that’s heavily based on Zeus/Terdot, was noticed spreading in COVID-19 themed phishing emails. Malicious emails Emails that promise COVID-19 payments are being sent to people in English-speaking countries. The emails claim to carry a form to fill out – a form that’s needed to receive a large sum of money, such … Continued

Android Banking Trojan Gets an Upgrade

What is Cerberus Here, we’re not talking about the antitheft app for Android that is also named “Cerberus”. We’re talking about a banking trojan developed for Android back in June of 2019. ThreatFabric has found that this Android malware has recently been enhanced with new tricks of a Remote Access Trojan (RAT). It can give cyber … Continued

PureLocker – what is it

PureLocker is a rare cross-OS ransomware infection and it’s evaded antivirus detection for months before being described this week, on the 12th of November, together with IMB X-Force. It’s interesting because it could be converted to work on MacOS. Portable PureLocker Like most of the ransomware viruses that we hear about, PureLocker’s operators target businesses and extort … Continued

Emotet spreads again

Emotet has started actively spreading again. Big business companies, government facilities, individuals — anyone can become a victim to this info-stealing, malware-downloading trojan. , USA, UK, Germany, Poland, and Italy have been seen targeted by this latest malicious email spam campaign that marks Emotet’s wakeup from its months-long slumber. Innocent-looking emails carry an infection Though … Continued

Microsoft improves Remote Desktop Services security

Microsoft improves Windows security by releasing a patch — — for Remote Desktop Services. The vulnerability allowed people to run code on computers or servers without having logged in. Flawed Remote Desktop Services security has been responsible for many cyber attacks and hacked computers and networks. Microsoft’s patch addresses just one vulnerability which used to … Continued

Three antivirus companies hacked

Some very valuable information about the internal workings of certain antivirus companies could be for sale right now, available to cybercriminals all over the world. A Russian hacker group called Fxmsp hacked three American antivirus companies and are selling each company’s products’ source code for $150.000. Fxmsp say that they have 30 Terabytes of data … Continued

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