WinWebSec is the name for rogue antivirus family that includes Security Tool, Smart Fortress and Security Shield. Typically, these parasites are extremely aggressive in killing other program processes to prevent removal. Majority of these rogues have static registration code which changes once in a while. This rogue family keeps returning every time infecting a great amount of PC‘s but not every parasite is equally popular. Some parasites of WinWebSec family were active for almost a year or even longer. This is very long for Rogue antiviruses. Win Web Sec Rogues makers use several ways to infect PCs . Some of these Rogues are pushed using fake scanner pages. Various exploit kits can be used too, thus it is very important to keep both Windows and Java up to date. WinWebSec Rogue Installers are relatively small, 300-500kb in size only, thus they might be distributed with help of trojans easily. The removal methods for Win Web Sec parasites vary depending on the version. Some of them do not disable task manager and can be killed easily. Others are very aggressive and protect the file against renaming and deletion. Consult each rogues guide for removal instructions.

Antivirus Security Pro

Antivirus Security Pro is a rogue antivirus program that seeks to to get money from users who have no experience  with such scams. The program is a member of one of the largest rogue families – WinWebSec. It imitates being a legitimate security application while actually it has no useful functions at all.  As it … Continued

System Care Antivirus

System Care Antivirus is a rogue antivirus, which looks like a common antivirus but detects non-existing infections only and asks people to pay for a full version of the scam. This scareware is distributed using either exploits or social engineering tactics. Exploits target outdated PC software like old Flash players or Java installations that allow … Continued

Disk Antivirus Professional

Disk Antivirus Professional is a rogue antivirus program from WinWebSec family. It replaces System Progressive Protection and closely resembles other similar parasites. The program uses a fake scanner and imitates looking for infections on your computer while in fact it cannot detect anything. The rogue seeks to make you believe that your system contains a … Continued

System Progressive Protection

System Progressive Protection is another incarnation of WinWebSec rogue antiviruses – an application that scares people actively into thinking that their PC is heavily infected and need specific program to cure dozens of various unrelated PC parasites.This fake antivirus is distributed using exploit packs mostly, aka infected websites that either display advertisements for antiviruses, or … Continued

Live Security Platinum

Live Security Platinum is a new rogue antivirus program that belongs to the same family of rogues as Security Shield and Security Tool, which are known for their nasty activities for a long time now. This family is called WinWebSec. The program has the same goal as the latter programs – it wants to steal … Continued

Smart Fortress 2012

Smart Fortress 2012 is a fake antivirus program that should never be trusted. It seeks only to get users’ money by pushing them to buy its licensed version as soon as it gets inside the system. Numerous people have already fallen for this scam hailing from the dangerous Rogue.SecurityTool or WinWebSec family of malwares that … Continued

Security Scanner

Security Scanner is a rogue anti-spyware that comes from the same family as Security Shield, Security Tool and other extremely dangerous applications that all have been initiating serious problems for PC users. This real-looking but fake application is presented as powerful security program that protects PC on new level. However, Security Scanner is closely connected … Continued

Smart Protection 2012

Smart Protection 2012 is a rogue anti-spyware that applies misleading strategy in order to make its victims believe that they must purchase its licensed version. In reality, such version doesn’t even exist and malware should be removed from the system as soon as it manages to get there. To convice its victims that they should … Continued

Home Security Solutions

Home Security Solutions is a fake antivirus that impersonates legitimate Microsoft Software. It belongs to VirusDoctor family of Rogue parasites. Similar to other kinds of fake antiviruses, it enters computers though infected emails or through browser vulnerabilities while visiting infected websites. Sometimes one can’t tell the exact place infection took place, but in many cases Home … Continued

Security Sphere 2012

Security Sphere 2012 is a fake antivirus, a new version of Personal Shield Pro, sharing not only the same GUI but misleading tactics as well. Being designed to swindle users’ money, it can’t be trusted and left on your computer, so remove Security Sphere 2012 rogue anti-spyware once you notice a sign of its existence … Continued

Personal Shield Pro

Personal Shield Pro is the latest member of an old malwares’ family where other its members are Antivirus Scan, Antivirus .NET, Antivirus Action and many other that have done numerous troubles for computer users. Seems like creators of Personal Shield Pro are still capable to infect targeted computers with a help of Trojans, that get … Continued

MS Removal Tool

MS Removal Tool is a fake antivirus that impersonates name of legitimate anti-malware tool. The real program is distributed by Microsoft and included in modern Windows OS by default. This is not the first version of malware that uses this name: couple month ago there was another, non related, rogue using Microsoft Malicious software removal … Continued


FakeVimes is a family of parasites that has first started its activity in 2009 and started gaining its popularity in 2012. It designs rogue anti-malware programs that imitate security tools and try to make computer users purchase their full versions after convincing them that their computers are infected. The programs, use the same methods to … Continued

Security Shield

Security Shield is a renewed version of a dangerous malware Security Tool which has been actively infecting computers and has infiltrated tons of them. The new version of it can be found as Security Shield 2012. Classified as rogue anti-spyware, this application poses a huge risk for infected machine because of its fraudulent expectations to … Continued

System Tool

System tool (also you can find it named System tool 2011, System Tool 2.20) is the fake antivirus which should be known for you if interested in fake anti-spywares because it hails from the same family as the “famous” Security Tool. Both programs are useless in the detection and removal of any cyber threat because … Continued

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