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Security Shield

Security Shield is a renewed version of a dangerous malware Security Tool which has been actively infecting computers and has infiltrated tons of them. The new version of it can be found as Security Shield 2012. Classified as rogue anti-spyware, this application poses a huge risk for infected machine because of its fraudulent expectations to steal unaware users’ money. GUI of Security Shield appears to be just like  the one of Security Tool, so this program can be predicted to use the same misleading tactics as the previous malware did. To the date (2012.05) Security Shield is one of the longest -lasting rogue threats. Security Shield got small design change during 2011 and added line “Security Shield 2011″ in the bottom of its design. Later on the line was replaced by “Security Shield 2012″.

After the research of Security Shield we found out that this scam installs onto one’s PC through other malware and fake online scanners. It sometimes uses annoying browser hijackers for its distribution that offer installing its unregistered version for free. The fake scanner pages are promoted through Twitter or other social media spam. In some cases, Security Shield might get installed through drive-by downloads or other trojans.

Having infiltrated computer’s system without letting you know, Security Shield makes some useful modifications that will allow it to launch just after computer’s reboot. Besides, it starts blocking you from using other legitimate programs you need, for example:

Security Shield
“cmd.exe” is infected with “Worm.Win32.Autorun.bnb”. Do you want to register your copy and remove all threats now?

As it was mentioned above, Security Shield starts its malicious strategy as soon as computer becomes active and does that through fake alerts and scanners. However, all these cyber threats reported by malware shouldn’t make you scared – just after getting on board it drops a number of harmless files which later detects as viruses. Do not delete these files, announced by this scam as malicious ones – some of them may be completely harmless and very important files of your system! You should ignore alerts of Security Shield and remove this program as soon as possible. Here are the alerts displayed by Security Shield:

Security Shield
Security Shield Firewall Alert
Security Shield has prevented a program from accessing the internet.
“iexplore.exe” is infected “Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent”. This worm has to tried to use “iexplore.exe” to connect to remove host and send your credit card information

Security Shield Warning
Spyware.IEMonster activity detected. This form of spyware attempts to steal passwords from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook and other commonly used programs. Click here to immediately remove it with Security Shield.

Security Shield Warning
Intercepting malicious software that may violate your privacy and harm your computer has been detected. Click here to remove now with Security Shield.

Security Shield Warning
Some of the important system files on your PC were modified by malicious software. It may cause system crashes and data losses.
Click here to prevent non-authorized changes and remove threats (Recommended)

Consequently, victims of Security Shield are recommended to register its paid full version which is a huge mistake. As you should have already understood, Security Shield and its alerts are fabricated and must not be trusted. Please, do not follow the tips prompted by this scam because you will make your computer infected even more. The shortest known way to save your machine is to use a reputable anti-spyware and remove Security Shield. Please, do this as soon as possible!

Note: In most cases you CAN download executables, like on your PC directly by entering their url in address bar, for example, or Spyhunter installer has malware killing capabilities that work with Security Shield.

If malware remover download is blocked, use following video to overcome Security Shield :

Note!! When removing Security Shield, you can try using this code of registration. It worked with its predecessors Security Tool and System Tool in the past, and malware researcher Siri uncovered that it works with current version of this malware.

64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2. The code might not work with all versions of Security Shield. The virus should be disabled, so you will be able to run a full system scan with Spyhunter or malwarebytes anti-spywares. You would have much less chances to be infected if you had decent internet security program ( made by Symantec, AVG, ESET, Kaspersky, PCTools), or firewall and decent anti-malware program with real time protection like Spyhunter or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Security Shield 2011 – a fresh version of the rogue

A new version of Security Shield rogue was released that displays 2011 or 2012 in its name aka Security Shield 2011 or Security Shield 2012. It works the same: the rogue application is installed by trojans from video files, shareware or updates. Once Security Shield is installed, you will start seeing lots of alerts that try to scare you. These alerts will claim that your PC is heavily infected and requires a scan, or that a hacking attempt is disabled by Security Shield. Your regular antivirus will be disabled and in many cases it can not be reactivated, thus many users might fall for this scareware trick and do a system scan with Security Shield 2012. The scan will detect various infections, however all detections are fake. First, you will note that the Type and Name of detection will not match: an adware or rogue is detected as a virus. Also, the file location is not displayed in full. If you search for the files detected by Security Shield, you will see that there are no such files on the disk.

Security Shield 2012 is generally the same parasite as Security Shield and belongs to the same malware makers so the code above should work. Do not forget to scan your PC with anti-malware tools afterwards!. We recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, spyhunter and Spyhunter for that.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

Note: Spyhunter trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions,

Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

Note: Combo Cleaner trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. limited trial available, Terms of use, Privacy Policy, Uninstall Instructions, Refund Policy ,

Manual removal

Removal guides in other languages

332 responses to “Security Shield

  1. um it does not work Security Shield has blocked every file in my documents so i cant open a anti-spywhere package? can u help? pls

  2. angus: Try safe mode with networking. you might want to download and run process explorer, if you can’t launch anyhting by then.

  3. My PC is infected with this security sheild and now i can only log on and then the screen turns black. Can someone help me?

  4. Thank god.. the registration key worked.. i was able to do stuff and delete the malware from the source!

  5. Easiest way is to restart the PC in Safe mode. Then do system restore to a date prior to the installation date.

  6. I did the system restore as well and it seems to have gotten rid of the Security Shield pop ups and other issues it created. But, should I still do something else as well? I ran my Norton in safe mode and it didn’t find anything last night before doing the restore. What other program should I use? Thanks for the help!

  7. I am freaking out! My mom doesn’t know yet I need help NOW, I CAN’T ACTIVATE ANYTHING NOW!! HELP PLEASE! PLEASE!

  8. Jamie : Try killing processes manualy. Security Shield, like all malware changes over time, and maybe your version uses different code. The alternate way (with killing its processes) should work. One more option, try rebooting in safe mode with networking.

  9. hey, i accedently downloaded this security shield or whatever, and it kept poppin upo when i was watching videos playing games etc, so it wont let you uninstall it.64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2 i used that code and it said it was installed correctly or whatever, and i checked for it and it was gone!!! thank you whoever made this website!!!

  10. Connor: Do not forget followup scan: the trojan behind security shield is not deleted and it might re-download different parasite.

  11. IT’S GONE!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! All I did was do that doctor thing and wll It wasn’t really me my bro was feeling bad for me cuz I was really freaking out,
    So I left my laptop to pac up some stuff and I came back and he was smiling saying I downloaded that doctor thing and i wan’t ta help u out of trouble,so me helping out we finally restart my laptop and It was GONE!!! xD xD xD TY PPL U WERE AWESOME HELP!!

  12. Re: Admin note on 20DEC10 to Connor…How do I locate the “the trojan”? Thank you in advance.

  13. G ALAN: Simplest way is to do a scan with decent tool. If not, go to the folders security shield uses (check in the file box here). Make sure you see system and hidden files. Try to find similar files to listed ones and rename them. Reboot.

  14. This softwear was downloaded in my PC and I what to remove it please yell me what can I do to removoe it from my PC.

  15. Admin:Thank you for responding…what I meant was, I was able to remove security shield, but I am concerned about the trojan…what name would it use…if I do a scan what would stick out as a trojan. Also, is there a way to find everything downloaded on a particular date on my computer…I may be able to locate it that way…thank you very much for your help.

  16. G Alan: they use random names usually. only decent scan will tell if you got something or not. Also, you can download process explorer from microsoft, launch it, and check if there are processes launched neither from C:\Windows or C:\Program files . Especially randomly named ones.

  17. Hey just to let everyone know that there is a link, that will pop up on your facebook that says something about a christmas tre,e and when you click on it security shield will automaticly download and pop up!

  18. Hey I just tried to load the doctor thing and that stupid security shield blocked it now what?????????????

  19. Spy Doctor won’t open in safe mode! The security shield won’t let it open in the regular mode! What do I do?

  20. Use Security Shield registration code to disable it. Then try Spyware Doctor. Alternatively, use task manager disable its processes or msconfig+reboot to to disable its startup entries.

  21. i need hilp please is automatikly come on my computer and i click by mestake i dont want and i cant removed or delet it its make my computer slow and i cant use it because allways on screen its so bad to me so i want hilp to delet in my computer please how i delet it ????

  22. try to perform system restore.
    Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore

    Note: You have to select the date where in the computer is working fine.

  23. I got the same “Security Shield” crap. Please advise exactly what to log on to in order to put in the registration code” these posts are referring to. Where and what? I’ve been trying with PCDoctor and it just won’t let me complete the process to remove the junk. Thank youj.

  24. Damn! Security Shield gave me a hard time today. I was happinly watching my soap and from somewhere I got an alert that my system is infected, it starts scanning, shows many viruses and worms and asks me to run a .exe file with numbers it to remove viruses. That’s how I got this damned Security Shield into my system. Once installed it started throwing alerts for every minute. I didn’t realise it was virus, but I tried to search about it to get rid of its pop-ups and thankfully, I found out what an evil it is.

    btw SYSTEM RESTORE WORKED GREAT FOR ME! no more of the Security Shield and its pop-ups.

    I have a strong feeling I got security shield into my system when I tried installind Xvid from Pinball corporation for watching a video. Beware of this Xvid thing!

  25. Nafs: newer download codecs from unofficial sites 🙂
    Btw, do a scan with with good anti-malware, as system restore does not full cleanup.

  26. oh my god !! thank you .. the activation code worked. It stopped from popping up. But ? i can’t still delete it on my local disk c .. what should i do?

  27. if i haven’t deleted it on my local disk c, would it still be harmful on my computer? it stopped from popping up and claiming scary things such as “50 Infections found” ..

    how could i delete it on my local disk?

  28. So, I accidentally downloaded security shield. Then straight away I did a system restore. It seemed to remove security shield because I had no pop-ups or anything, but my regular internet protection still isn’t working. Any help would be appreciated.

  29. Bob: Scan with TDSS killer and Hitman Pro first. Then try to restore to an even older date.
    If this does not work, try scanning with Spyware Doctor and Malwarebytes (full scans) or reinstalling the protection software.

  30. Ok,I’ve tried all that but my protection still isn’t working. Is there anything else I could do?

  31. Okay, That thingy is disgusing its self as Spy ware docter & Changing its icons..To try & confusee mee..ahh. HELP.

  32. hi, works immediately!
    executable name was “rpofxb.exe”
    the incredible thing is that Kaspersky did not detect it.

  33. Its a very bad anti-virus… never to use such kind of anti virus softwares… it has corrupted my files… after couple of minutes my computer restarts automatically and i loose all my data if i have’nt saved… also the window blinks after every few minutes for removing viruses… and the virus only can be removed if and only if i register this product… m really unhappy with this software.

  34. Stopzilla is not too good tool – it might mess with other programs. It has too many false possitives to be safe for use.

  35. I want this deleted i haven’t paid for it and it keeps poping up..annoying!!!! it won’t let me do things i’ve done before i just want this removed…i’ve deleted it from my application but the damn thing is still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOW DO I DELETE IT!!!

  36. HELP! I realized something was wrong ASAP. I downloaded the spyware doc, but it tells me I have to buy the program in order to delete security shield. I don’t have that kind of money! What can I do now!?

  37. Hey, I don’t really understand
    I got this after going to a…….undersirable website and I can’t seem to remove it
    Can you tell me how to please? In a basic and understandable way? xD
    I don’t really get the post

  38. Also, would a reset to factory settings remove the virus? I’ve been thinking so doing that lately but would it work?

  39. If you dont want to restore or reset your computer follow these steps.

    First: you need to know that the way windows works allows this to happen.

    Second: download a free program called AML Registry Cleaner and install it to the desktop.

    Third: start your computer in “safe mode” and run the AML Registry Cleaner program. Restart windows.

    Fourth: revell in the fact virus removing software producing assholes cant mess with your pc any more!

    Fifth: Dump windows and start using Ubuntu – Linux (its free)

  40. linux = no viruses: it is misconception that there are no viruses for linux, though most of them are worms rather than trojans (aka actively infect PC through know vulnerabilities rather than pretend being useful software). Or there would be no market for linux antiviruses and such programs like rootkit hunter (rkhunter ).

  41. Alright so I’m getting frustrated. I have already ran my anti-virus software and it does not pick up Security Shield. I ended up buying SpyDoctor and it found Security Shield and I ran my computer in safe mode and removed it. When I boot my computer back up in normal mode, the freakin’ Security Shield is back. It’s really annoying and I don’t have a clue how to manually remove anything. Can someone please help me get this crap off my computer?

  42. McK: Probably there is another trojan downloader. Do a full system scan in regular mode, or try some other tools from recommended list : Mbam, etc.
    Also, if you run scans in safe mode, I recommend using FULL system scan.

  43. I have finally removed Security Shield as of January 12, 2011. I ran Malwarebytes, Spybot, Avira and none of them detected a single thing. They are usually really good programs but this was a sneaky virus I guess.I couldn’t find any of the file names that the forums were mentioning ,i.e. ms345d_2129.exe. The problem is, this is a brand new version of Security Shield so the file name is different now. The new file name is gfqezcx.exe (maybe there are more, but that was the bad guy on my pc). I ran iexplore.exe in safe mode with networking, checked the box for HKCU:RunOnce[gfqezcx]…I don’t remember every word of it but if you see gfqezcx anywhere in the log, check it and remove it. I then installed Microsoft Security Essentials (following the installation instructions precisely). The installation was completed just a few minutes ago and it has already detected Security Shield (it should say “Rogue:Win32/Winwebsec” Alert Level: Severe.) I’m running a full scan with MSE now just to clean up any leftover files. Hope this helps!!

  44. help!! i have no idea where to put that code!! I tried to put it in the registraton thing, but it didn’t let me. And I tried to install that doctor software and it doesn’t work!!

  45. Hi there… I just know about this Security sheild. My laptop really infected by this application! and seems like it is trying to block my two others antiviruses… and my internet connection also ran slowly than snails… OMG~ what must I do with this Security Sheild?! How to remove it safely so that I didnt lose my important files?!

  46. I figured it out: don’t download anything from these sites trying to sell you stuff. Reboot in safe mode – F8 during startup or (Dell) start/all programs/run: type in msconfig then boot tab – run in safe mode.Then go to System Restore; choose a date before the SS problem and run it. All fixed!

  47. Security Shield is on my pc. I don’t want it. I have already an anti-virus program on my pc. Please remove security shield from my pc. Or at least tell me how to deactivate it from my pc.

  48. michael:
    System restore (especially on XP ) does not fix problems in every case. I recommend scanning and seeing if it fixed all. Most scanners are free, so there is nothing to loose.

  49. I entered the code you mentioned to register it hoping to block it, but it says it was successfully registered. I have McAfee antivirus and talked to them. They ran a scan of my computer and it doesn’t show any infections. The icon is still on bottom right corner of task bar, and it still shows up in my Start menu. How do I make sure it is all gone and not going to hurt my computer?

  50. I put the code in and it seemed to work. Do I need to do anything else to make sure that the Security Shield is off my computer?

  51. What can you do if your computer won’t open anything. Just a blank screen after turning on..

  52. EXP, Jessi: You should scan your PC with couple anti-malware removers to detect and delete trojan downloaders, responsible for the infection.

  53. Anyway just be careful with the sites you visit, I have an ESET NOD 32 installed and it was able to sneak in to my system. I say sneak in because theres no promopt or message at all, all i see is a java sun logo and there it started popping up with virus alert. Good thing I am aware of this kind of hoax, just ignore the messages and get malwarebytes or spyware doctor. I used malwarebytes because this is the one recommended to me by ESET when i have a problem with one of our PC. Just thought i share this one.

  54. I have security shield on my computer but i can’t get in my register or in my files and i can’t download anything
    Please help

  55. I have been infected by Security Shield. I currently have McAfee, do you think this will help get rid of it??? currently I am doing a scan, do you think it will catch it, quarantine it, and I’ll be able to get rid of it???

  56. just check the VGA cable from your screen to computer case,if it is well connected check power cable of screen to power source if it is good then there some missing files,or corruption of window booting files.
    solution is to repair the window with valid Microsoft window installation CD.

  57. i removed the security shield from the computer but it is not allowing me to access inter explorer. then i tried replacing the Hosts file, still it is not letting me use the internet. Plz help me. Thanks

  58. thank you so much admin. i disabled my proxy server and now it is connecting to internet. should i leave it like that. i don’t know what proxy server means.

  59. not sure how to proceed with spy doctor. its asking for a name and license. will this remove security shield?

  60. Use the scan. If spyware doctor detects your version of security shield, it will remove it or fix the problem with custom fix provided by support.

  61. somone help i have that virus what do i do help fast i am full freaking out i had this on my old computer and we had to sell it away now i have on new laptop ( only 2 days old ) somone help me plz tis laptop cost me $3000 my dad will me how do i remove this virus thing for that doctor thing do u need buy it or anything ??

  62. and is that doctor thing just anotehr rouge antivirus i want to comforin this before dowload it ???

  63. alright i took my have that doctor thing it asked me for a name and lisince what do i do ???? help fast plz

  64. woot i got that virus thing removed finally i somone out find out a restraiiton key for 1 day and got it removed i love syware doctor and ur this webpage ty all

  65. Thank you so much,for the code. I didn’t know what to do and thanks to you the problem is solved.

  66. I just want to thank you for the code. It worked on my cousins’ computer. That security shield thing doesn’t pop up anymore and when I ran the malware bytes it didn’t show the virus anymore either. So thank you again.

  67. If you want to know where to put the code, the next time the Security Shield thing pops up, say yes or agree to whatever it says and then when your on the big Security shield page just on the bottem right hand corner it should say ‘Click here if you already have a serial key’. Click it, and you will then need to enter the code. And my mum thought I actually was downloading innaproapriate stuff, but I can now show her in the morning all the websites i’ve been to on this removal and she’ll be so glad I haven’t been naughty!!!!

  68. My ‘Security Shield’ just popped up with a message saying ‘Your computer is clean! Would you like to reboot now?’ is that a good or bad thing?

  69. I started getting pop – ups of “Security Shield” and getting messages like those ones admin put up there. The next time I got security shield messages, I clicked yes and went to enter the code. As soon as I got the thing on, I didn’t type anything at all and it said that I succsesfully registerd and thanks for choosing their product.

    I am stuck, what do I do?
    And the people that own Security Shield are just a bunch of retards that don’t know what the word ‘JOB’ means.

  70. @mahavir
    The spyware doctor thing is not a rouge antivirus software, it is a very safe software. It does take awhile to download, but either way it is very safe.

  71. Admin, please give me full info on how to fix this please, i’m really confused and i’m only 10 trying to get rid of this before my mum pays some money for no reason on security shield to fix this!!!

    (Trust me, she will just say all you guys are just lying and your part of SS)

  72. On the last day of Janruary, I was just playing one of my games, and then I just started to get security shield messages, ‘Your computer is at high risk. Download security shield to get rid of it’ (etc) and after a few times that it did it, I got really frustrated and got my mum. She said that I was playing games she doesn’t like because she thought the inffections were the game downloads that she doesn’t trust.
    So today I have just been trying to find good Security Shield removers and remove security shield. I’ve tryed the code, and all it said was thank you the registration was succesfully registerd. Thanks for choosing our product and it hasn’t stopped. Any ideas before my mum is gonna install security shield and watse all our money???
    I’m only 10 trying to prove to my mum I can use the computer!!!
    My pc is getting really infected and SS is really annoying. Can’t play any games because of that stupid message that keeps coming up.
    SS is just runned by a couple of retarded idiots that don’t know what the word ‘JOB’ means.

  73. Lollypops: do scan with reputable anti-malware tools. The trojan is not gone, it is just inactive till they choose to promote another fake antivirus program,.

  74. I also tryed to do the registration code but as soon as it came up it said to me something like I registered succesfully and thankyou for choosing their products.

    Any help please?
    And admin please can you tell me in a more understandable way because I am really confused with all that you wrote up on the top page.
    My mum can’t understand it either, so please write it in a more understandable way. Thanks!

  75. I’ve just been reading most of the comments and I am downloading Malwarebytes right this minute. Once I do a scan with it, do I have to pay for it to delete the infections and ss?

  76. I finally removed the awful hijack because of Dee on the comments feed, just follow my instructions and you’ll be where I am right now! :

    Restart your PC and while it’s rebooting just press F8 and keep holding it until a black page comes up.

    Then go onto ‘Safe mode with networking’ and once it’s highlighted, press ‘ENTER’ instead of waiting.

    Once your on, go to ‘System Restore’ and do it.

    Once it’s done, go onto normal mode and the ‘Security Shield’ should be gone, no more pop – ups or messages.

    If the ‘Security Shield’ is still there, do the steps over again.

    I hope that helped.
    Just so you know, the ‘Security Shield’ is still in your system, it’s not a bad thing but their wont be anymore pop – ups even though the ‘SS’ is still in your system.

  77. The solution I found that finally worked was to reboot in Safe mode and run Superantispyware, a very effective program. It detected the Security Shield and reported it as a “rogue” program. Then rebooting back to normal mode my other anti-virus program Anti Vir ran a scan, pick up a few things but they may not have even been related to the Security Shield.

  78. Golden – Griffin: If you entered code correctly, simplest way is doing scans and removing it from safe mode with networking. If the programs are still blocked, use process explorer to kill the malware processes.

  79. Mark: as an Windows 7 user, I do not like superantispyware. Reason being that its versions integrate poorly with UAC, so user should re-launch its free version as administrator manually to get updates and so on. It has nice detection base, but not too exceptional.

  80. Coworker has Security shield on his computer. I found the following file in search: crweluvgju.exe

    Will be trying removal methods suggested above.

    Let you know.

  81. pls help..I am reading this thread and Admin instructions are confusing me. I have Security Shield in my bottom rt idea how it got there..this problem didn’t exist last night. keep getting popups..have not downloaded the ‘software’ they are suggesting.
    Questions: 1) the product code is to be used ONLY if I downloaded their software right? or do I need to download it now to delete this garbage?
    2) tried to ‘uninstall’ in my control isn’t showing up there.
    3) if I run my toshiba laptop in SAFEMODE do I lose all documents, photos when I do this? I don’t think boyfriend had helped me but is not here..and I need to get back to work at home and cannot til I fix this virus…
    4) can u please just list step by step in ‘laymens’ terminology..I am not techy like Admin is…PLEASE HELP ME…TK YOU THESE POPUPS ARE REDICULOUS…
    tk you..Mary 2/4/2011 812amEST

  82. ALSO…while running Malware my laptop was shut down to black screen and restarted…saw message about it to be shut down with this on it:
    SPCMD.COM.SYS..but would not give me time to read rest of black screen before shutdown..thx MaryW

  83. and it now has grabbed my task manager function and won’t let me get to task mgr screen! Help!

  84. 2nd request from another laptop…
    reading threads above very confusing…please help me asap…Security shield is on my laptop just since overnight on taskbar.popups can’t task manager is unable to be viewed due to the popups. I have not said ‘yes’ to the Sec Shield download requests. 1) I am not a techy so pls explain from ADMIN how to use product code…do I need to say YES to Sec Shield first now?
    tried to run Malware processes and laptop was shut down and restarted…at shutdown screen went black with this message SPCMD.COM.SYS but couldn’t see entire screen due to shutdown.
    2) nothing to ‘uninstall’ in control panel as Sec Shield appears at taskbar not control panel

    3) if i run safemode as u state above what will I lose doing this procedure?
    4) please send step by step here in easy laymen terms I am not techy minded…
    THIS REQ SENT 857AM 2/4/2011

  85. Mary: Try rebooting into safe mode with networking or using the key we have provided.
    In safe mode you will not loose any documents.

  86. Used F8 key while booting up. Selected “Safe Mode with networking”. Computer booted and loaded windows in safe mode. Performed System Restore. This eliminated the Security Shield pop-ups, etc., no files were lost.

  87. MR: Scan your files after system restore. Even if Security Shield symptoms stopped, the original trojan might still be here 🙂

  88. I used combofix which I had on my laptop already and I had not heard back from Admin here…..seems to be ok

  89. Just finally managed to do a system restore in norm mode directly after a forced shutdown during a full scan!!! Fingers are crossed. My daughter clicked on a smiley icon on You Tube.

  90. Yes a success will now run a complete scan and save the web pages suggested for future reference. Thanks to all on this site for the many different ways to get rid of it.

  91. After entering the number key, will scanning with Microsoft Security Essentials remove the Security Shield?
    Thanks in advance.

  92. That code worked great! But the blue shield is still in the taskbar at bottom right of screen?

  93. Doug : Update before scan. Typically, tough luck: Antivirus makers are slower at removing malware compared to anti-malware makers, because these are more specialized.

  94. Michelle: This disables most of alerts only. You need to kill the Security Shield processes and delete the files, or scan with decent anti-malware.

  95. i clicked on the regerstration button and typed in the code and clicked activate.and then it didnt do what do i do????
    can you please help me?

  96. its very distractive when these pop-ups keep showing when im on other pages..please jhelp me remove a.s.a.p..its frustrating already..

  97. We need to know how to stop the pop’ups My Mom was useing the labtop and it pop up saying that we had virus and She thought is was Webroot so she click remove ever since then we have been BOMBARDED with Pop ups. How do we stop this ?

    We are paying money for Webroot and it did not stop this. What do we do ?

  98. Justin: try entering the code for security shield when it asks to pay.
    Then scan with other removers. Webroot is kinda going downhill these days.


  100. Chris Forrest:
    Reboot, press F8. Choose safe mode with networking. Disable proxy server. Enter the code from this page if security shield tries to bug you in safe mode with networking, it should be disabled. Also, in safe mode with networking you should be able to kill its processes using task manager.
    Then scan with removal tools

  101. sooooooo frusterated!! Security sheild is on my computer popping up with everything. Tried to delete it from my programs but nothing is working. HELP!

  102. i tried to do system restore, but the security shield will not let me. I have tried to uninstall it, but there are no programs listed that even resemble the stuff spoken of on your thread. I do not understand about the “code” that has been referred to, nor do I understand how to put the computer in “safemode.” I have downloaded spyware doctor twice and it shows on the bottom bar that it has 90% downloaded and nothing more goes away. I do not know how to do anything more. help!

  103. After i wote you a message, i tried again to do a system restore and it worked. now there are no icons or messages having to do with security shield. how can I make sure its all gone and prevent it from happening again?

  104. Laurel: Do a full system scan with couple anti-malware tools. If 2-3 tools detect that your PC is clean (well, ignore messages about cookies), then you (likely) are.

  105. @admin
    you said to enter the registration number in a particular window… When and where does this registration come up for me to enter the code? I don’t click on this Security Guard to start installing it first, do I?

  106. Bulldog: it is already in your PC. Everything else is a disguise to convince you that you “have” a choice. If you can, kill its processes by other ways, though.

  107. My roomie recently got this virus. I used the registration code mentioned in this article. That stopped the virus from blocking all his programs. Then I ran stopzilla, in safe mode… Cleared it right up…

  108. Mike : I would not recommend stopzilla: sometimes, it deletes required files of legitimate programs. That is my experience with it.
    Good to hear that we could help you.

  109. This problem was brought to me by a classmate that had contracted it by opening an e-mail. I tried to use my anti-virus that i keep on my flash drive but the virus would not allow it to run , I tried to use windows defender as well(hahaha) but to no avail it would not run either. The virus said that both of these were Trojans and would not allow them to run . So what i did was shut down the machine and started it again in safe mode with networking . I downloaded Malwarebytes’ anti-malware and ran a full scan, then i saved a log of what mbam said it had found and reviewed this log and went to the files it found and deleted the individual files. problem solved. Thank you for the advice it helped me to identify this solution .

  110. You’re a superstar…….thnx for posting your 4 point step solution. I was utterly shattered and bamboozled with trying to get rid of the Security Shield
    virus and it was also chewing up my precious usage!!!! thnx a million.
    Fran @Golden Griffin

  111. I tried the safe mode first, but did not work for me. Then I tried the code in registration. At first did not work. I was using the letter O. Tried again with the number zero, then it worked.

  112. I cant believe I believed that stupid thing, is there any way i can remove it without downloading anything?

  113. So just to be clear, I have to go through the registration process and key the mentioned key above. Then I should be able to open programs. As of right now this thing won’t let me run anything other then the internet. I can’t uninstall, download or run anything at all, not even task manager. Any advice to allow me to get a anti malware program on and opened would be great.

  114. I went to safe mode, restored my laptop to a previous date and when i restart my computer it keeps restarting in safe mode? now what?

  115. I want to remove this soft ware of my computer. it keeps me from working on my computer.

  116. Starting in safe mode and restoring worked for me. Thanks for the helpful posts!

  117. The code worked for my xp, thank God, please would the spydoctor protect me from future infection?

  118. thx God.i finally can remove it!!it’s such a relief for me.thanks u guys for sharing .;)

  119. @george
    This worked for me. go into the control pannel with all windows closed and click on network and internet, change your home page, connections, LAN settings, and make sure those 3 checkboxes are not checked, then click ok and ok again. This disabled the virus from stopping me from downloading antivirus software like avg. You can download it here: hope this helps because it helped me.

  120. @george
    Oh btw use a web browser like google chrome or firefox because if you were using them before this may have never happened.

  121. tedbeck7:
    Firefox has quite some vulnerabilities nowdays. If you use firefox, I would recommend some sandboxing utility like sandboxie, or link scanner (like AVG’s). Or both.

  122. EXCELLENT ! God bless the author and contributors of your site. Thanks for helping in coming out of the clutches of these cyber rogues.

  123. ok, security shield got installed..tried to get rid of it..
    this is what i did.

    -didnt try system restore.
    -got spy doctor n malwarebytes’ anti malware
    -installed both, got updated.
    -scanned using malware, deleted the deteted files n simultaneously, was abled to shred the security shield file from C:/….
    -now doing a full system scan using anti malware…

    —–Is this enough????? or was it a terrible mistake not to do system restore?

  124. n what’s this about iexplorer.exe …?? should i be worried n do something extra?

  125. n if i do system restore to an earlier date, will i have to get malewarebytes n spy doctor again?? or will they remain installed?

  126. am irritating with this software
    some useless sites are opening can any one help me to overcome this i do watch some commets but i didnt understand clearly

  127. I have a laptop that I installed security sheild on because I was dumb enough to fall for it and I cant even log into my laptop because it put a password on it. I need to know if there is a way to be able to bypass this password to be able to get security sheild off of my laptop. Can anyone help me with this?

  128. I was trying to disinfect a computer I connected to by remote desktop, so I did not have the option to boot in safe mode. I wasn’t able to run anything, the malware stopped them all, even when renamed as “iexplore.exe” The computer got infected even though it had Kaspersky Antivirus on it (with updated definition files) And the user was not a local admin on the PC, just a regular user without administrator rights. In the end, I clicked “I have the registration key” (or something like that) Strange, it did not ask me the key, it just disabled itself. Then I was able to scan the computer with antivirus software. Thanks for the help.

  129. WOW! Thanks so very much. After realizing a link downloaded it onto my comp I came here. Glad I did. My AVG cleaned it right up. 🙂

  130. i had dell laptop,it was affected by security shield ,i cant able to openbrowsing sites, iwant to remove it,suggest me how to do it.

  131. Thank god the code worked my comp was crippled as soon as i registered it with the code my antivirus picked it up and destroyed it

  132. Used the code, rebooted my computer and my antivirus took care of the rest. Thanks to whoever came up with that solution.

  133. Re: Security Shield…. How can a company *legally* run this software on a pc? I have read page upon page of ‘remedies’ for this program and the only thing that worked was to restore to a previous point in time. This type of program should be taken off the market and the company should be fined!! It has taken me hours upon hours trying to fix my computer and I resent that this company can so easily get away with this type of thing. From reading all the sites this has affected MANY people. Can’t this company be legally stopped from distributing this software? I got it as a link in my email from a trusted friend and the link was to world.html….NOT to Security Shield website asking my permission to install this insidious software on my computer. When I clicked on the link it automatically installed it and my computer was helpless after that. Everything I clicked it told me I had an infection, wouldn’t let me run anything. I finally rebooted in safe mode and could actually use my computer to a degree without Security Shield popups. Fortunately I have two pcs so I could find answers, however, I tried spydoctor, I tried manually deleting the offensive files I found listed on sites on the net. You cannot just use the uninstall feature in windows, as it doesn’t show up on your software list. Its a very sneaky, horrible program and should be BANNED from the internet.

  134. Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! that code thing worked thank u! thank u! thank u! unbelievably it is gone. awwwwwww, that anoying thing.

  135. Please provide me with the code to get rid of this crazy Security Shield virus.

  136. hello there, i dont know anything about computer stuffs but when i downloaded spyware doctor, i did full scan it but after that it says that i need to regiter to fix the problem. is this the right move to do? tnx

  137. This was a life saver…we did the safe mode w/networking and then the system restore…worked like a charm!! Thank you!!

  138. My netbook that I just got yesterday just got infected with this this morning. It’s blocking me to run ever process. If I try to run an installer or try to go to MSConfig or Regedit, it will not stay open. What do I do? If I have to go into safemode, then I’ll have ot wait for help because I’m totally blind. Is there anything i can do without using safe mode?

  139. Daniel : try fake-registering security shield with code : 64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2 first. If this helps, many of antivirus products will run.

  140. I lost my computer completely last Dec when a hugh virus hit my harddrive–I was going in on map quest when it said I would have to do nothing but i would have a new home page. When I tried to get out it spread. So I turned off the computer and it would not come back up. I lost almost everything all my pictures etc.
    The bad part is they are now charged me the yearly fee. We were gone when I got home noticed charge called and they
    refunded it and gave me a confirmation #. this month when I got the CC bill had charge on for our 2nd computer. Called and they said it had already been refunded and the Jun charge was over the 60 days so they would not refund that!!!
    This company is a mess –to get hold of and work with. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!!

  141. OMG……….I have been affected as well….i used the # code above and it has now seemed to work…..what a scare and a pain i tell you!

  142. Golden Griffin:I started getting pop – ups of “Security Shield” and getting messages like those ones admin put up there. The next time I got security shield messages, I clicked yes and went to enter the code. As soon as I got the thing on, I didn’t type anything at all and it said that I succsesfully registerd and thanks for choosing their product.
    I am stuck, what do I do?
    And the people that own Security Shield are just a bunch of retards that don’t know what the word ‘JOB’ means.


  143. i am doing it now . it tricked me and i cannot open anything . but this site told me cure and i am doins it .

  144. Thanks! I downloaded malwarebytes and ran it, then cleaned the viruses. I am getting those little pop ups that look like chat bubbles at the right bottom of the screen that say they blocked viruses from opening. I think that’s good, but they keep opening every once in a while.

    Is that all I need to do? Or is there anything else?

  145. Quoux : First, if these popups are from mbam, then you have activated protection trial. You will get infected once the trial expires (as long as you do not purchase full version). In any cases (independent if these popups are from mbam or not), it has not cleaned everything, or you would not get these without doing something. I would recommend scanning with other programs, It is likely you either got a rootkit, or other trojan that re-downloads infections.

  146. Security Shield took up residence on my computer friday night, november 4,2011. I hope you guys are ligitimate, since I’ve already tried ONE direction to remove this piece of junk and was STILL asked for money. I’ve been using MSE for about a year now, MS XP Firewall stays on and I generally don’t click quesionable ads/banners/emails/websites. This came in on a popup that i’ve warned family members to NEVER click…someone did. SO, I say again: I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE LIGITMATE.

  147. omfg, help! i just scanned with spyware doctor and there are loads of threats created by this security shield. btw its the free version. and the security shield doesn’t seem to be popping up. i fear that this is just the calm before the storm, PLEASE HELP!

  148. This thing is amazing. Been a PC tech for over a decade and never seen a virus/malware like this. For some reason Symantec wouldn’t run from safe mode. it disabled task manager, and I couldn’t turn off system restore, cmd was disabled nothing in Programs and Features to uninstall, it shutdown Symantec Endpoint Protection and wouldn’t allow it to run. Thankfully either this thing is profile specific or it takes a while to activate for a new user profile. Logging in under a different user ID allows you to run a real Antivirus scan.

  149. Rik: these trojans target major Antivirus makers and try to kill their processes. Sometimes it is quite hard to launch a program to disable it. In some cases (when all accounts are infected), one would need alternate OS scanner, or anti-malware program with process killer in installer ( e.g. Stopzilla) or rkill + anti-malware of your choice.

  150. I tried the luck…cant get on any sites, i get the shaft! do not know how to get on safe mode. drrr. HELP

  151. please reply asap, I’m on my phone now,trying to find ways of deleting this thing but hardly anything works, I’m only 14 and don’t understand most of this but I’m really scared about this virus. I know some people say to redo the time on the computer but it wont let me access anything! I really really need help trying to get onto Safe mode because I don’t know how, please reply in the next hour? please.

  152. I was infected with security shield, I went to pc tools and downloaded theid security shield software. This allowed me to go to system restore, which cured the problem. I hate those cunts !!!!!!

  153. I have been attacked by Security Shield! I need any help available. I am reading the previous comments and several refer to “the code.” What is it?

  154. Thanks so very much for making the code to “manage/remove” Security Shield from my daughter’s computer. She was very upset when it happened and she’ll be much happier in the morning when she can use it again–just great!!

  155. I was able to delete the rogue anti-spyware Security Shield by booting into safe mode and searching (with “Effective File Search” program) on “*.exe” files. There were a lot of .exe files on my pc (6000+). I sorted by date and quickly found the suspect files (2) (same name, two directories/folders as mentioned above). i deleted the files, and emptied the recycle bin. And rebooted. then loaded/ran Norton 360 to clear out five remaining issues. My windows 7 64 bit machine is back to semi-normal. This virus was a great big hassle. I recommend getting an annual susbscription to anti-virus software to protect all win pc’s. It’s worth the cost to save the aggravation – and lost time (4 hours to figure it all out). Source of virus was likely a free trial registry booster/cleaner program (having some minor win 7 issues). People who perpetuate virus software are LOSERS! Beware, be cautious, have fun. Thanks for the help.

  156. I have security shield, and it has blocked me from using the internet, is there any way that i can remove it admin or anyone else?

  157. So I used the code and it stopped bugging me, and I performed a full scan with Malwarebytes and I removed 2 infected file things, but Im still not sure if Security Shield is still on my PC.. How do I know its removed completely? Thanks for this info!!

  158. All I want is to send an email to a friend and not have to put in the ZX4SA6 or what ever stupid code it wants me to fill out.,……..It is not necessary to have to do this every 5 or 10 times I send a message email,,,,,. STOP kit at your end it is not my responsibility to stop it….its yours NOW!

  159. I just remove the stupid Norton Antivirus and put on the AVG 2012-2018 and it show up and ask me about the code and stuff so stupid mayn try to fix it but i can’t

  160. my comp has attacked by security shield,it keep pops out,and i click in to fill in the details and purchase it.after the purchase,the “threats” that detected by security shield has gone so i can start to open up other application,but then even after reboot,i cant find any security shield application and i did not received any activation code to activate it. So is my comp safe from security shield and will my bank account be hacked or whatever ?
    Please Help!!

  161. If you purchased Security Shield, contact your bank and ask for CC change. They got your credit card details and might sell them further.

  162. I get stuck on the video at the part where we are to delete the processes from process explorer. How Do I know which to delete?

  163. Zac : It is randomly named. For clue, check if there is a shield icon shown close to process name, or check process locations and compare with ones in video.
    Also, installers of some commercial anti-malware programs kill Security Shield process during install automatically., their scan (most of them offer free scan + paid removal) will show which file to delete in later steps. For example, Spyhunter ( ), Stopzilla.

  164. After reading these comments I am confused.can you tell me a good way to fix my computer in steps and it’s windows XP

  165. Thank goodness I found this page. Hopefully I have killed it now. Little tips to share: Look for Security Shield on your program list from the start menu (bottom left corner of your Windows screen). Right click on Security Shield and select properties. It will tell you EXACTLY where the .exe file is. Go there and delete the frigging file. If it doesn’t allow you to do so (mine didn’t), type for_delete_ in front of the .exe filename. (nice trick from the video above). Best of luck. Damn those nasty people who propagate these malware!

  166. A particularly malicious version will prevent you from downloading programs like PC Doctor and even if you already have it loaded on a separate internal drive it will prevent you activating the exec file. Even if you use SAFE MODE NETWORKING it may block anything you try to download or register. What I did was download PC Doctor on my laptop and load it onto a flashdrive then loading that into my desktop I was able to activate the program directly from the flashdrive. Registration may be required on the desktop screen but you will have to load the 40 digits of code while continually moving the Security Shield warning message to the side. Run the full scan at least twice and the Worm should have disappeared. PC Doctor if you don’t have it is $29.95 for a year and well worth it. If you still have a problem then call PC Doctor on Mon-Fri 9a-11p and Sat/Sun 11a-11p EST.

  167. Michael: personally, I had quite good results with Spyhunters installer when testing removers – it kills all malicious processes prior install. Which Anti-malware tool to use later on, depends on your situation. Both Stopzilla and Spyhunter have quite decent malicious process killing capabilities on their installers. Here video : . Your way is good too.

  168. How has security sheild got my card details… IT’S TAKEN MONEY OUT MY ACCOUNT. I had my online banking up and it’s just corrupted my computer completely! HELP ME!

  169. em: scan with good anti-malware program. This is not typical behavior of security shield, as it relies on YOU paying for its “full version”. If you (or someone from your household) haven’t paid, it might be that your PC got infected before with real banking trojans, and you should scan with Anti-Spyware/malware programs.

  170. Josh: This is due malware killing programs once they are launched. As far as I can tell, most of Security shield builds can be killed by Spyhunter installer (and maybe Stopzilla), try ones from the link bellow.

  171. Hi There – Security Shield graced me with its presence today on my Laptop(Unprotected at the time). I did a System Restore and I then installed Kaspersky Internet Security(I had a spare product key lying around) and i’m running a full system scan as I type this. Will this be enough? Or is there other programmes I should be using to ensure the malware has gone. Thanks!

  172. Ive downloaded the spyware doctor free trial and run a scan but cannot remove the security shields virus without purchasing a full version, is there any way of removing the virus for free?? please help!

  173. Tasha : Delete the file SD detects manually (it shows where it is located and how it is named).
    However, I strongly advice to update your antivirus or anti-malware program to prevent such infections in the future.

  174. hi my laptop got infected withthis and soon after before i could run malware bytes in safemode it seems to have messed up the operating system or something after i log in the screen is just black only, in safe mode(with and without networking) and normal mode. i cant figure out anything to do with it

  175. it wont let me system restore ether i go to system tools and i tried restoring to two differnt points well before infection and right as it was about to finish restoring it said there was a problem and it didnt work

  176. I was successful in removing this nasty virus for free and relatively fast so I want to share my experience. My computer could hardly do anything as I could not get into Internet Explorer, Foxfire, or Google Chrome! I could not even launch any program including scanning program from Microsoft Security Essentials on my computer!!! I thought I might have to spend money to get it repaired but I read posts here which said to restore tp a prior point but when I tried that it did not have any prior points. So this is what I did: 1) I first went to another computer and downloaded a free program called msert.exe from Microsoft called Microsoft Safety Scanner available at: and I put in on a thumb drive. 2) I then rebooted my infected computer into Safe Mode by tapping F8 key when it starts to load. 3) I then went to My computer and double clicked the msert.exe program that was on the thumbdrive I transferred from the non-infected computer. That program found and removed this virus. 4) Just to be safe I then rebooted that laptop normally and ran another popular free anti-virus program called Ad-aware
    and it found a lot more threats which I removed. There is now no indication of that nasty virus.

  177. I accidentally installed Security Shield this morning and i ran a full scan just before it popped up in Google Chrome saying to download it, the scan came up with nothing and Security Shield was downloaded shortly after .. It then bombarded my screen with messages before my battery died and i had to reboot. Now the virus is nowhere to be found and neither is the trojan in came through! i know its still on my computer somewhere as i have done nothing to remove it :\
    Please Help!

  178. damn security shield . it was horrific . same as written above . but i came out of it when i restarted my computer in safe mode .
    and made some startup changes and it worked .

  179. please help I was fooled and payed for this rogue program without knowing it was a fake, how can I cancel my payment?
    Can anyone help me please

  180. Shut down my computer, managed to get task manager started without any downloads, ended task. Virus appears to be gone. No registry or program files created. Sound ok to the computer experts?

  181. KM: Some forms of rogue AV start through scheduler. Also, it can not run on PC if it has no program files, and task killing does not removed it. So it is not ok. Scan with more anti-malware programs.

  182. Hiya, How do I know if I have correctly removed the trojan?

    SS loaded onto my computer, I used the key that you provided to deactivate, i deleted all the security shield stuff after it was disabled, and have ran avira and malwarebytes anti malware software and they didnt detect anything. I have restarted my computer, and apart from running slow and taking a while to load up (which it didnt do before), and scanned again and got the all clear, do you think i have removed it? Ive looked into my control panel at hidden files and cant find anything from SS, I just want to remove the trojan now, should I do safe mode with networking and system restore anyway to make sure? Thanks

  183. Ive just downloaded installed and got everything with hitman pro, i really recomend this to everyone – it gave me a free 30day trial ( didnt ask card details), found the trojan ( i know its the right one as it told me the time online it happened last night, where it came from etc) and it deleted it. I turned my computer off, did the scan again and its clear.

    Get Hitman Pro ( or Hitman Pro x64 if you are on windows 7 xp)

  184. can you recommend another programme that will let me know if this trojan is deleted? i do online banking and refuse to go on the site until i am SURE its gone. I have done MBAW and Hitman pro – what else would tell me if its still around? Both of these now come up clear. thanks

  185. BAM : All scanners are free for confirmation, and you can delete the files they detect. Additionally, you can try Microsoft security essentials, Superantispyware, or any regular antivirus.

  186. security shield 2012 has “blessed” me with its presence.
    i cant seem to open any of my internet browsers or use my anti virus programs!!
    im no computer whiz can anybody help please???

  187. Hello, Thank u very much. I was suffering from this virus. Although, the code has worked.

  188. Mate, we had the 2012 version of SS, and your code seems to have worked. Even thou it took a bit of guess work after entering the code and some short cuts deleting an task bar clear out, but in the end it looks like it’s has been removed. Thanks a quick and easy fix

  189. @Flap
    Flap: Deleting short cuts and using the task bar will not delete the virus flap… you will need to use a some sort of malware or virus protection program.

  190. just as the name says, it took me 5 hours using my phone to find a way to remove this @#$% , even my internet connection gets blocked

  191. Thank good this worked to remove Security Shield 2012:
    When turning on computer repeatedly press F8
    -click on start in Safe Mode with Networking
    -go online to

    which is free erasure program from a reputable antivirus company Norton

    -download “Power Eraser”, run, allow program to restart computer in regular mode. The eraser will run while Security Shield does as well, simply drag the Security Shield pop up away from the Norton Pop up and allow it to erase fiile with .exe ending.

    -Viola, ,fixed!

  192. dear admin
    i ve tried to remove the SS.i delet it in recycle bin after entering the code u give. after its ask to reboot yes or no then it disappear and now i am running my spy doc. but its keep download and not stop.what should i do now.did i miss any procedure?thank you.

  193. Run TDSS Killer. Also if one remover does not launch, try SpyHunter too. There might be additional infections.

  194. dear admin
    can u pls tell me wat is TDSS killer? i am not sure wats that. now it become worst.i try tu use spy doc but it must registered. can u pls advice me on this?after i already scan with spyhunter wat should i do with all the viruses?how to remove them?thank u.

  195. I have AVG installed and go the security shield 2012 virus. i entered your license key and the list of threats went away. Now I need to figure out how the delete it. Will avg be able to delete the virus or do i have to remove avg first in order to delete the security shield and get a new antivirus program? if so, should i reload avg after?

  196. Shirley: try anti-malware programs first (they do not conflict with antivirus). If your antivirus let Security Shield 2012 through, then it is not able to remove it, at least not now.

  197. thank you very much for your kind information – it worked simply marvelously and i will come back if i need any help!!

  198. I just figured this out by accident, but for me at least, it worked.

    If you have been infected with Security Shield 2012 and are using Windows 7 or Vista, try the following before you do anything else.

    1. right click on your desktop and choose “personalize”
    2. If you are running an aero theme, choose a basic theme. If you are running a basic theme, choose an aero theme.

    Your computer will probably freeze for a minute or more. Once it becomes responsive again, Security Shield 2012 should stop responding and close. At this point, you are free to navigate your computer and attempt removal of this bug.

    Please let me know if this helps. If it does, it could make a lot of people very happy. 🙂

  199. Just a heads up, for the video, in the processes bit where he deletes the process of the virus, the name is different, in my laptop it was “RWWCB” or something along the lines of that

  200. Boa tarde. eu instalei o spyhunter4 e ele identificou o problema (Security shield) entre outros mas diz que para remover as ameaças tenho de comprar a versão completa… Não existe outra forma??

  201. ines : Delete the files it detects manually if you wish. It shows exact location of the files and during the scan disables the malware. You can also try other tools. like mbam or hitman

  202. I can not erase the security shield .. the scan is now finished .. :/ and i cant find the files…

  203. the key worked n it said installed correctly.wil this spyware f*** up my system ? IM using K7 antivirus..can this detect n rectify ? Plz Help


  205. 64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2, enter this code once it links you to the page where it wants you to buy the software. then click where it says ” licensed code here” them type in 64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2 then press activate and itll download the icon where it lets you uninstall the virus.

  206. I unpluged LAN wire ; Restarted the system, went to ctrl+r msconfig -> remove the selection which was blank in startup item; log off log in; went to ctrl+r regedit searched for “security shield” removed occarence.

    now free from it……

    running spyware doctor for further threats

  207. Thanks for this the useful information… it helps me be aware of such scam…Great Job!!! Your genious!!

  208. This thing was so annoying, so I really hope the SpyHunter I’m now installing works. It’s a pretty bad scare!

  209. I downloaded and installed spyhunter, and it did indeed find the security shield virus. However, it will not remove it until I buy spyhunter. Is there any program like that for free?

  210. Do you have to pay the $40.00 charge that comes up? or is there a way to do this for free?

  211. Hey I have this on my computer and I can’t even turn my computer on in safe mode now. Please please help me. It’s windows xp.

  212. Robin :

    Most of the malware disable safe mode nowadays. You should use regular mode. The ways to kill malware process are described in the guide and in video.

    If you still got problems, call +1-888-334-2444.

  213. Thanks but I can’t even turn it on in normal mode either. Do I need to reinstall windows xp?

  214. Hi i have security shield on my daughters laptop, i have done sytem restore which has stopped the pop ups, but internet explorer wont open up, i can use google chrome browser but not internet explorer , do i still need to download spyware doctor ?

  215. Brennan : contact spyhunter support through their helpdesk if something does not work. SH is commercial program, but from generic anti-malware programs work best against rootkits as far as I have tested. If no rootkits are detected, you might wish to scan with other tools or delete files manually on disk.

  216. mainly spyware or tracking cookies, but got one `downloadware` , thing is i cant register , when i click on register , nothing happens i cant use internet explorer ? so i cant complete the removal process ?

  217. I just did a System Restore and looks like it’s completely removed. I’m just running MBAM to make sure it’s gone for good.

  218. Do I have to purchase the spydoctor or spyhunter to remove this virus!?! I have it, the spyhunter found it but now how do I remove it??? Ugh! help!!!!!

  219. I purchased this bloody security sheild!!!!! I was panicked and thought i was going to loose my computer! HELP PLEASE!! I downloaded spyhunter, and it found it…if I purchase spyhunter will it get rid of this thing?!?!

  220. Ok, so i have successfully detected security shield with SpyHunter and now i wish to fix it. When i click the “Fix Threat” button in SpyHunter,it asks me for a registration. But then even though the threats are not fixed yet, the security shield does not pop up anymore. But i know that it is still in my system since i haven’t deleted it yet. How do i deal with the registration SpyHunter asks?

  221. My computer is infected nd idk wat to do about it i went on f8 nd put recover computer and it hasnt been poppin up b i knw its still on wat do i do too get rid of t

  222. I never had this happen and this computer has Preciuos pictures and files does Security Shield delete them? I hope not. My mom will LITERATLY kill me!

  223. I got this infection on my computer and it keeps on telling me to install security shield but i dont want to pay and it wont let me run files like antivirus what do i do pls help

  224. it works but when i need to fix it, it says that i need to register what will i do about it? thanks

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