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30 December , 2009 12:43
GreatDefender rogue anti-spyware

GreatDefender is a rogue anti-spyware application, fake spyware remove tool that has only one goal – to rip people off. If you have seen at least couple of  rogue programs from the WiniSoft family then you will easily recognize that this one is just a rename of the previous programs from that family: SysDefence, TheDefend, […]

Antivirus PC 2009

30 December , 2009 12:10
antivirus pc 2009 rogue anti-spyware

Antivirus PC 2009 is a rogue anti-virus program that is promoted and installed through the use of Trojans or other malicious software. It’s classified as a rogue application because it uses misleading methods to trick the user of the compromised computer into believing that his computer has many serious security problems/threats. The rogue program also […]


30 December , 2009 10:16
systemcleanerpro rogue anti-spyware

SystemCleanerPRO is a rogue antivirus application, a clone of WinSpywareProtect malware. It deliberately displays false scan results to make you think that your computer has many security threats. This fake application is configured to start automatically when Windows starts, so it will show up every time you log on into Windows. SystemCleanerPRO will then display […]

Antispyware Shield Pro

29 December , 2009 11:19
antispyware shield pro rogue anti-spyware

Antispyware Shield Pro is a fake spyware removal tool that usually enters a computer with the help of Trojans or other malicious software. Once installed and active, this bogus program displays fake security warnings and false scan results to make you think that your computer is infected with malware. Antispyware Shield Pro detects legitimate files […]

Total PC Defender

28 December , 2009 15:45
total pc defender rogue anti-spyware

Total PC Defender is a rogue anti-spyware application that uses various misleading methods to trick you into believing that your computer is infected with malware. This fake security software supposedly performs a system scan and displays premeditated infections. In order to make this scam more effective, Total PC Defender 2010 shows many fake security alerts […]

Personal Protector

17 November , 2009 16:40
personal protector rogue anti-spyware

Personal Protector is a rogue anti-spyware application and obvious clone of Personal Guard 2009 rogueware. Usually, this application must be manually installed, but it may also come bundled with other malware. Once installed, the rogue program runs several fake system scans and reports many false system infections or security threats. Then it displays fake security […]


26 September , 2009 16:00
securitysoldier rogue anti-spyware

SecuritySoldier is a rogue program that pretends to be legitimate anti-virus software but in reality it has only one goal – to take money from you. This program is basically just a copy or a rename of SecurityFighter malware. Security Soldier uses false scan results and fake security warnings/notifications to convince you that your PC […]


19 September , 2009 16:36
savedefender rogue anti-spyware

SaveDefender is a rogue anti-spyware application released by the same group of malware creators who have developed SafetyKeeper, SaveDefense, WiniBlueSoft and other rogue programs from the WiniSoft family. The misleading program will create many files with random names on your computer and later detect these files as serious infections or system security threats. SaveDefender will […]

Advanced Antivirus Remover

9 August , 2009 15:44

Advanced Antivirus Remover is a typical rogue anti-spyware application that uses scare tactics to make you think that your computer is infected. The rogue application will take over your system and display false scan results or fake security alerts from Windows task bar. This extremely annoying program, will slow down your computer and hijack Internet […]

30 July , 2009 18:05 a browser hijacker is a browser hijacker that promotes rogue registry cleaner called Repair Registry 2008. It’s just another fake online anti-malware scanner that finds non-existing infections and displays fake computer threats. After the scan,  displays fake security alert with the following text: WARNING!!! Harmful and malicious software detected Online scanner detected programs that may compromise […]

Warning! Running trial version! popup

27 July , 2009 15:37
Warning running trial version fake pop-up

“Warning! Running trial version!” is a misleading system warning from the rogue security application called Privacy Center. This fake notification comes from the Task bar and looks legitimately, but in reality it’s just another misleading methods used by the rogue program. “Warning! Running trial version!” warning reads: Warning! Running trial version! The security of your […]

svchost.exe has encountered a problem

24 July , 2009 14:35

“svchost.exe has encountered a problem” is a fake error notice generated by the rogue anti-spyware program called Windows Antivirus Pro. Full warning reads: svchost.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you are in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost. […]

Internet attack attempt detected

24 July , 2009 14:16
Internet attack attempt detected pop-up

“Internet attack attempt detected” is a misleading security alert from Windows Antivirus Pro rogue security program. You will see more similar security warnings from Windows Task Bar, if your computer is infected with this program. The fake alert states that your PC is under attack and claims that you have to purchase Windows Antivirus Pro […]


10 July , 2009 11:08
MalwareBot rogue anti-spyware

MalwareBot is a potentially unwanted program that uses malicious methods to trick the user of the infected computer into buying the program. Most of the time, this rogue application falsely identifies legitimate network applications as threats on the computer. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on its statements. It is a way better idea to remove […]

Antivirus Protection

9 July , 2009 12:29
Antivirus Protection rogue anti-spyware

Antivirus Protection is a rogue antivirus software which enters the system mostly with the help of trojans and other malware. This program uses malicious methods such as false scan results and browser/desktop hijacking to trick you into purchasing it. Usually, the program displays fake system warnings and errors to make you think that your computer […]