DeepLocker – the new Artificial Intelligence powered malware

For the past few decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has been increasingly taking over more and more tasks not only in the science/cyber world but our everyday lives as well. Logistics, medical diagnostics, statistics, economy, mathematics are now unimaginable without this machine intelligence, which at times acts like a sort of form of entertainment seeing computer trying to … Continued

Bitfi hacked? McAfee in denial?

As you may have heard last week, John McAfee a statement that his new Bitfi wallet is the world’s first impossible to hack device. He was so sure that offered $100,000 bounty reward for someone who will actually manage to hack the Bitfi, ending with a rotund expression “Money talks, bulls**t walks”. Of course, this … Continued

Rakhni – the new crypto mining ransomware

Cybersecurity specialists recently started noticing a lot of old malware like SmokeLoader, Zacinlo coming back to life with updated variants, most adding crypto miners to their other functions. The good old Rakhni (from 2013) was caught by the doing the same. Rakhi’s developers fell for the crypto trend and enhanced the ransomware with a crypto … Continued

Malware attacks decrease 20% during FIFA World Cup matches

Yesterday, anti-spyware software SpyHunter creator  that malware infections during the FIFA World Cup 2018 dropped around 20% worldwide, except for Russia (the host country) where they increased 5.98%.   EnigmaSoft analysis of the global SpyHunter reports showed that the virus infections during the last month decrease 19.88% on average whenever there’s a World soccer championship … Continued

Syscoin’s hacked GitHub account spreads virus

On June 14th, 2018 Syscoin reported on their that all users who have downloaded Windows Syscoin installer should immediately read the . The message revealed that Syscoin’s Github account has been broken into and the Windows client was replaced with a malicious Arkei Stealer which logs wallet private keys and passwords. But the problem … Continued

FBI arrests 74 BEC scammers worldwide

Dark times have finally come to the virtual world criminals: FBI officially arrested 74 online scammers involved in the Business Email Compromising (BEC) crimes globally during the 6 months long ‘Operation Wire Wire’. The most lawbreakers were from the US (42) and Nigeria (29) and less in Mauritius (3), Canada (3) and Poland (3). Moreover, … Continued

Avast Secure Browser: is it worth the trust?

On June 6th, 2018 Czech cybersecurity software company Avast released a new type of product called . This extremely safe browser is expected to be a game-changer for all online shoppers and bankers, but cyber specialists and are not convinced, and in this article, you will learn why. Scott Curtiss, the director of new product … Continued

Apple’s USB Restricted Mode vs law enforcement

The new rumors are spreading around that after skipping the iOS 11.3 and 11.4 releases Apple is actually going to include the USB Restriction Mode feature into the final iOS 12 version in September. The company has tried this anti-data-theft mode in iOS 11.3 Beta version, but it never ended up as a default thing … Continued

Ticketfly temporarily goes offline after being hacked

Yesterday on May 31st, 2018, a popular Eventbrite’s ticket distribution online service Ticketfly was hacked into by IsHaKdZ. According to the the hacker asked for 1BTC ($7549) but still has not received an answer from the company. What a horrible surprise for the service that is planning to celebrate its 10th birthday this year.  This Thursday … Continued

Taylor app loses $1.35 million dollars in Ethers and TAY tokens

Cryptocurrency related cyber crimes have spiked significantly this past year, causing several serious robberies like , Coinhive’s DNS Hack, Enigma’s attack and etc. At the end of May 2018, another major virtual currency theft was reported – hackers wiped out more than $1.35 million dollars (2,578.98 ETH) in Ethers from , the cryptocurrency trading app. that … Continued

Samsung pays $539 million dollars to Apple

The never ending fight between marks another milestone in the trial, but surely not the final one. Apple collects $539 million dollars from Samsung creators for the copied design. The between the enemies began in April 2011 and has not stopped since causing the world  to split into two groups: Android vs Apple. With over … Continued

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