WebmailWorld advertises itself as a useful and practical web browser extension that can improve your online experience. But, unfortunately, WebmailWorld is just another clone browser hijacker that only serves as a marketing platform, your ad clicks making money to WebmailWorld creators. WebmailWorld can be considered to be a — potentially unwanted program. This means that, though it is not a virus, it can … Continued

CryptoPriceSearch Virus

CryptoPriceSearch is a web browser extension designed to operate on Google Chrome browser only. Various extensions should give additional attributes to your browser and enhance it, however, in this case, you can’t expect this of CryptoPriceSearch. It is unwanted, even malicious browser extension categorized as a browser hijacker. Why browser hijacker? Well, because it will … Continued

FreeLocalWeather Extension

FreeLocalWeather is the name of the browser extension that was developed to fit the Google Chrome web browser. Unfortunately, it is not quite reliable nor useful – cyber security experts categorize it as a browser hijacker. What does that mean? Well, your personal settings will be alternated and you will be forced to use the … Continued

GiffySocial Hijacker

GiffySocial is a free extension for Google Chrome web browser. Even though it is supposed to deliver uplifting and useful features, it is nothing more than a typical browser hijacker that will cost you a headache. Unwanted features are not even the worst thing about GiffySocial – it can pose a real threat to your cyber … Continued

Free.everydaylookup.com virus

Free.everydaylookup.com is a browser hijacker, that will end up as your main homepage and search engine if you install the malicious extension. This virus is one of many variants released by, probably the most known, malware developer Mindspark. This Indian company builds its revenue from online marketing, therefore it becomes clear why EverydayLookup virus is programmed to … Continued

Sports Addict Hijacker

Sports Addict is a free web browser extension – it can be installed on most web browsers, including but not limited to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Unfortunately, it is not a tool that you would want to have on your computer – it can pose a real threat to your and … Continued

Internet Speed Radar Virus

Internet Speed Radar can be a really unwanted tool that disrupts your casual web browsing. Even though it is supposed to serve as a useful and free tool to enhance your experience, it is exactly the opposite. If that’s not enough, it is also considered to be a browser hijacker and the presence of this … Continued


Free.flightsearchapp.com browser extension has over 40,000 active installs on the Google Chrome web browser alone, so you might think that this tool is legitimate and reliable. Unfortunately, that’s not true – it is categorized as a browser hijacker and it might cause severe damage to your computer. Whether you have installed it yourself or it … Continued

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