Disk Optimizer

Disk Optimizer is a typical bogus defragmenter that tries to convince you about the hard disk errors detected. Don’t dream that DiskOptimizer will solve any of these issues reported even if you pay for the licensed its version. Just like Good Memory, Fast Disk or Disk OK this malware seeks only to get your money … Continued

Good Memory

GoodMemory is yet another defragmenter that has been announced as malicious one. Hailing from notorious fake defragmenters’ family, Good Memory virus follows Fast Disk, Disk OK, HDD OK, My Disk and other scams that seek only to steal your money. They get on the targeted systems undetected and then begin their trickily designed campaign based … Continued

Disk OK

Disk OK is a fake computer optimization program that displays fake information in order frighten computer user and make him purchase Disk OK as a reputable program. The application infiltrates through Trojan viruses and since then is configured to start when computer reboots. Disk OK causes tons of fake security notifications which basically reports about … Continued

Memory Fixer

Memory Fixer is a professionally looking malware which will only try to swindle you out of your money. That is done quite easily by starting to issue invented problems of computer’s hard disk. After creating a need of a reputable defragmenter which will help with the problems reported, Memory Fixer licensed version is offered for … Continued


HDDFix is a scam tool, computer virus which will be presented as a powerful hard disk defragmenter. However, this is not true as this malware is even incapable to detect any error and solve the problems connected with your hard disk. Even more, HDD Fix is dangerous because it will aggressively try to steal your … Continued

Easy Scan

EasyScan is a dangerous security program which may trick you into thinking that it is a legitimate, completely safe and useful defragmenter. This scam was found in the end of December and has infected numerous computer users who were made to believe that their PCs are in danger. In fact, alerts of Easy Scan reporting … Continued

HDD Doctor

HDD Doctor, just like Disk Repair, belongs to a new generation of malwares, fake defragmenters. Differently from other disk defragmenters, HDDoctor is more similar to ThinkPoint that Disk Repair or HDD plus. HDD Doctor differences are the following. It does not show fake warnings non-related to hard disk. Only Hard disk errors are shown. Also, … Continued

HDD Tools

HDD Tools is a new version of fake system defragmenters. It‘s a clone of HDD Defragmenter, Smart HDD, HDD Repair, HDD Recovery and others. The program displays a fake scanner, imitates looking for infections and in the end offers purchasing a full version of HDD Tools. That‘s how its creators are earning money. The program … Continued

Smart HDD

Smart HDD (you can also find it named as S.M.A.R.T. HDD) is another version of fake system optimizers and focusing on simulating hardware failures instead malware attacks or registry issues. A clone of HDD Rescue and Smart Defragmenter, and many other disk defragmenters, this malware was released only a few days after the last one. … Continued

HDD Rescue

HDD rescue is another skin of fake system optimization applications. This family of applications (typically under guise of hard disk defragmenters) detect various non-software related issues and claim to be able to fix these errors. The problem is that the problems HDD Rescue detects are fake and tries to scare you into buying a software … Continued

Hard Drive Diagnostic

Hard Drive Diagnostic is a malicious application that imitates being system optimization tool. It’s another member of fake system defragmenters family that works exactly the same way as its predecessors HDD Scan, Ultra Defragger, Win HDD, HDD Control and others. Hard Drive Diagnostics tells you about detecting some critical errors on your computer and claims … Continued

HDD Scan

HDD scan is another annoying fake system optimization utility that propagates using trojans and network worms. This type of scareware tries to convince user about malfunctioning system hardware and claims that software solution for 60-80 USD can fix all the numerous problems users haven’t noticed before. These problems might be: Hard disk failures Ram failures … Continued

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is a name used by many services, apps, and programs. A few of those are malicious or potentially unwanted. Such as the obscure fake optimizer called Disk Doctor and the Disk Doctor Pro by FIPLAB. In this post, we’ll discuss these apps, what problems they might cause and how to remove them. However, … Continued

HDD Control

HDDControl is a fake PC optimization tool which is going to create numerous problems for you and take over the whole computer’s system while trying to rip you off. It shouldn’t be trusted as it reports about tons of security problems detected and then offers its “full” version for removal. Instead of these promised actions, … Continued

Check Disk

Strictly on schedule a new fake system utility, Check Disk, has been launched on this weekend. Last week it was ScanDisk, and week before we had Ultra Defragger. It shows how fast malware creators create a new skins and names for their parasites. CheckDisk belong to family of rogues that try scaring you into buying … Continued

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