Scandisk or Scandisk Defragger is another version of rogue system defragmenters. Though it uses a name of a well-known utility that cheks and repairs file systems or bad clusters on the hard drive, this fake system defragmenter has nothing in common with a legitimate program. Distributed by trojans in infected websites, it attacks infected PCs … Continued

Quick Defragmenter

Quick Defragmenter is a fake computer optimization program from malicious family of malwares known to be connecting Smart Defragmenter, HDD Defragmenter and another threats. Quick Defragmenter infection is propagated throughout the Internet – phony online virus scanners and exaggerated popup ads offer to install its unregistered version or even simply let Trojans inside the unprotected … Continued

HDD Defragmenter

HDD Defragmenter is another Rogue system optimizer following trend of fake Hardware and Disk scanners like Smart Defragmenter and System Defragmenter. This type of software is similar to fake antiviruses and rogue registry cleaners in behavior, but claim to fix hardware problems instead of claiming to fix software problems or remove malware. Differently from legitimate … Continued

System Defragmenter

System Defragmenter is a noxious program that imitates a computer optimization tool that scans computer system and detects disc problems. This rogue application is installed to random computers through malware infections and uses typical methods in order to trick computer users and rip them off by selling a fake program. Right when System Defragmenter is … Continued

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