How to Reboot Windows into Safe Mode

In order to do Windows reboot in the Safe Mode you need to perform several step-by-step actions that are not that difficult as it could look like. Just follow our tutorial. It can vary depending on the version of Windows that you use.

There are two ways to do it – you can reboot your PC from fully loaded and working Windows or do it during computer boot.

How to reboot Windows XP into Safe Mode from boot menu

  1. Restart or start your PC and jump to a Safe mode. When your computer starts you will need to repeatedly press F8 key. Timing to perform this action can be tricky so just press it multiple times until Safe Mode screen appears.F8 key
  2. Select reboot option on a Safe mode screen. When the Safe Mode screen appears you should see these options:
    Safe mode
    Safe Mode with Networking
    Safe Mode with Command Prompt
    Enable Boot Logging
    Enable VGA mode
    Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)
    Directory Services Restore Mode (Windows domain controllers only)
    Debugging Mode
    Disable automatic restart on system failure
    Start Windows Normally
    RebootSafe mode

Use your arrow keys on the keybord to navigate to ‘Safe mode’ option and hit ‘Enter’. Now your computer will reboot into Safe mode.

How to reboot Windows XP into Safe Mode from running Windows

  1. Click Start and select Run. Simply just click start icon and then run or press WindowsKey+R. Safe
  2. Type ‘msconfig’ . When Run window is open just type in ‘msconfig’ into its dialog box.
  3. Select BOOT.INI tab. When System Configuration Utility Window is open look for the tab called ‘BOOT.INI’ and select it.
  4. Check ‘SAFEBOOT’. You will see several check boxes. Find the option that says ‘SAFEBOOT’ and check it. Click ‘Apply’ and ‘Close’ System configuration utility
  5. Approve it. When all these actions are done, just click ‘Restart’. Now your Windows will reboot into Safe Mode.

How to reboot Windows Vista into Safe Mode from boot menu

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Jump into Advanced Boot Options. When a computer is booting press F8 key multiple times until you see Windows Vista Advanced Boot Options.
  3. Select ‘Safe mode’. Use arrow keys to navigate to Safe mode and hit enter. Vista safe mode
  4. Logon to your computer. At that time Vista should enter Safe mode. Do not forget to login as an administrator.

How to reboot Windows Vista/Windows 7 into Safe Mode from running Windows

  1. You should close all running apps first.
  2. Click start and in the search box type in ‘msconfig’. Press enter afterwards.
  3. On the system configuration window look for a tab called ‘Boot’ and click on it.
  4. Select the Safe boot option and then click ‘Apply’ button. Click ‘OK’ afterwards. System Configuration
  5. Give permission to reboot computer and select the option ‘Restart’. Your computer will now restart directly into Safe Mode. Restart

How to reboot Windows 7 in Safe Mode from boot menu

  1. It is recommended to remove all compact or DVD discs from your PC as well as to close all running applications.
  2. Click start and then select to restart your computer.
  3. When computer boots press and hold or repeatedly press F8 key until ‘Advanced Boot Option’ screen appears.
  4. Using your arrow keys on the keyboard navigate to ‘Safe Mode’ option and hit enter. Vista safe mode
  5. In case if you need to do a troubleshooting using the Internet – select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ option. If you are an experienced user and will run troubleshooting through command line select ‘Safe Mode with Command Prompt’ option and hit enter.
  6. When login screen appears log in to system with administrator privileges.

How to reboot Windows 8/Windows 10 in Safe mode from running Windows

  1. Press start and type in ‘System Configuration’ in the search box. When this window appears look for a tab called ‘Boot’.
  2. Select ‘Safe Boot’ option by checking a check box near to it. Then click ‘OK’. System configuration
  3. Now you will be asked to restart your computer – select either to do it now or later. Restart
  4. When a computer restarts it will operate in the Safe Mode.

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