‘Your computer has been locked’ ransomware

‘Your computer has been locked’ is a ransomware that results in total computer’s lock down and annoying alert posing to be official notice from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or FBI. Don’t be scared by this alert! Similarly to Police Central e-crime Unit ransomware, this one also claims that there are several violations that have … Continued

Ignore Bank of America “General Account update” emails

We must warn all Bank of America customers about the fake warning emails that are currently spreading around asking to update the accounts and verify logon details. Please, don’t fall for them and share this information with other people who are also using Bank of America services. The subject of the letter says “Bank of … Continued

Attention! All your files are encrypted!

Attention! All your files are encrypted! message means the scareware that is another tool designed by scammers to swindle the money. Identified as Trojan.Ransom.HM, this malware is aimed at people who like to use file-sharing services, like download movies, music and other stuff. The program is found to encrypt the files on victim’s computer and … Continued

Ignore Metropolitan Police alert on your computer

If you get an ‘official’ alert from Metropolitan Police, there is a huge possibility that you are included into international affair based on misleading message which is used by scammers to rip users off. To convince its victim sthat they will be fined for some illegal acitvities, like watching videos with adult content or banned … Continued

Avoid £250 Tesco gift voucher scam of Facebook

Facebook has always been filled with scams trying to steal users’ identity or money and this becomes especially obvious on the Christmas period. One of such scams spreading on the social network has ‘borrowed’ the name of Tesco supermarket chain. It foolishly says that first 100.000 followers who attend the special event have a possibility … Continued

Battery Upgrade/Battery Doctor scareware attacks Android users

If you get a warning notifying that ‘your battery is running out of juice’ and offering to download a patch that will help you to save it, make sure you ignore such alert because new scareware acting exactly like that has been found. Created for the smartphones running Google’s Android, ‘Battery Upgrade’ or ‘Battery Doctor’ … Continued

Profile Peekers scam tricks Facebook users

New, actively spreading scam called ‘Profile Peekers’ is noticed on Facebook. This time scam offers an opportunity to see who’s watching your Profile and spying you. However, don’t fall into this tempting offer – spy and stalker applications are all bogus in reality and violate Facebook’s rules. Profile Peekers is used to make you complete … Continued

How to view hidden files?

Hidden files are system files protected from being accidentally modified or deleted by a user. However, many types of viruses, spyware and hijackers have also been noticed to hide the files to make users think that all of their files have been deleted and trick them into purchasing the program in order to recover these … Continued

How to start the browser which was blocked by virus?

If your PC has been infected with virus once, you should have noticed that some of these scams disable all shortcuts to the browser. Being unavailable to reach their browser either in the Start menu or desktop, users find it difficult to get online and download remover they need. However, in reality the browser is … Continued

How to eliminate annoying “Open with…” dialog box

Many computer users have told us about this annoying “Open with…” dialog box which starts appearing on the desktop when users try to open hard disk drive on their PCs. “Open with…” notification is usually displayed after the removal of some kind of rogueware and it can be easily explained as a result of messed … Continued

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