Ignore Metropolitan Police alert on your computer

Ignore Metropolitan Police alert on your computer

If you get an ‘official’ alert from Metropolitan Police, there is a huge possibility that you are included into international affair based on misleading message which is used by scammers to rip users off. To convince its victim sthat they will be fined for some illegal acitvities, like watching videos with adult content or banned scenes against people, this scam message simply locks the computer and disables its victim from using it. The message will be displaying your real IP address and asks 100 pounds to unlock your computer:

Metropolitan Police! Attention!!!
Under the laws of the United Kingdom and investigation of Metropolitan Police service and Strathclyde Police Your computer is locked to prevent illegal activity in the network. Your IP-address “XXXX”. From this IP-address it was visited sites containing banned scenes of violence against people, as well as viewing banned in United Kingdom child pornographic materials. We discouverd video files that contain elements of violence were found on your computer. Unsolicited Bulk Messages was send from your computer’s IP address and it was recorder by SpamHaus this month. The computer has been locked to prevent your illegal activities on the Internet.

To unlock the computer you are obliged, within 48 hours of receiving notice, to pay a fine of 100 pounds.

From the first sight, this message looks like a real and official notification of United Kingdom police reporting about a wide range of illegal activities that have been detected on the machine. However, all this material is made up and you should never go and pay ‘the fine’. The only issue you will have to solve is unlocking your computer.

Of course, we highly recommend you to ignore all the requirements to pay ‘the fine’ and remove  Metropolitan Police misleading pop-up, sometimes called as ‘Ukash virus’. Note, that this message has been noticed not only in United Kingdom, but in France, Germany, Spain and other countries as well. The best way to get rid of this scam is using alternate scanners if you can’t boot your PC on Safe Mode or Safe Mode with networking.

12 responses to “Ignore Metropolitan Police alert on your computer

  1. I have receiver thuis message on my computer about viewing schild porn and zoophilia but i havent. Now my pc i locked and the message looks real. It days i need to play gothic 24hours or my laptop will be confiscated and i will be taken to court over it. Shouldi pay the 100 quid to simlock my laptop or Should i try to get in touch with the policy to see of the message and block is real

  2. hello my name is tom and im 14 and i use my dads coputer for homework and social networking and earl on i clicked on a texas holdem add and a metropolitan blocker poped up saing im sending terrorist emails and watching child pornography and ino i havent it says i need to pay 100 pounds can sum1 help me as im scared because i dont want to pay the fine

  3. Just start your system in safe mode and do a system restore, ask someone who is good with computers to help you out

  4. I’ve tried locating the file, but when I find the ‘Shell’ file, it comes up as “explorer.exe” in the description and won’t allow me to change it. I haven’t recieved a strange message from the metropolitan police and I’m confused on what’s happening.

  5. Page came up flashing police alert, police alert. Illegal activity, access of child pornography, Interpol and police alert. What do i do. PC works fine, no notice of a fine was given, i just shut PC down immediately. Is this a scam attempt or do i see police

  6. I had one pop up saying i was looking up child porn/ zoophilia ( im sure the rozzers call it bestiality ) it gave me my ip address and a town about 10 miles from me but it freaked me out so badly i immediately hit the close window and a a list came up the middle of the screen i don’t remember what it said ( i was too busy forcing my laptop off ) ive scanned with avg no virus as of yet gonna scan again with comodo or avast which ever i get hold of first. my only real question/ statement is would the police really send a pop-up? i think theyd rather just turn up and catch you by surprise tbh but any help, info or advice would be welcome my nerves are shot to bits

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