Profile Peekers scam tricks Facebook users

Profile Peekers scam tricks Facebook users

New, actively spreading scam called ‘Profile Peekers’ is noticed on Facebook. This time scam offers an opportunity to see who’s watching your Profile and spying you. However, don’t fall into this tempting offer – spy and stalker applications are all bogus in reality and violate Facebook’s rules. Profile Peekers is used to make you complete meaningless Internet surveys and generate some money for scammers in this way.

This scam says:

WOW I cant believe that you can see who is viewing your profile!I just saw my top 10 profile peekers and I am SHOCKED from who is viewing my profile!You can also see WHO VIEWED YOUR PROFILE here: (link).

After clicking on the link given in the end of the text, victims are redirected to a website having JavaScript code on it which is used for distribution of this app. With a reason to make you spread Profile Peekers to your friends, you will be asked to copy and paste it to your Internet browser address bar. Keep in mind, installing such application you give full access of your basic information to scammers.

To get rid of Profile Peekers app do the following:

1. Login to Facebook.
2. Click ‘Account Settings’ on your personal page.
3. Select ‘Privacy Settings’ from menu.
4. On ‘Apps and Websites’ section click ‘Edit Settings’.
5. Search for ‘Profile Peekers’ app.
6. Click “X” button next to ‘Profile Peekers’ app.
7. Confirm by clicking “Remove” button.

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  1. i could not find the profile peeker app in the app list but it is posting on my behalf. how can i locate it??

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