How to start the browser which was blocked by virus?


If your PC has been infected with virus once, you should have noticed that some of these scams disable all shortcuts to the browser. Being unavailable to reach their browser either in the Start menu or desktop, users find it difficult to get online and download remover they need.

However, in reality the browser is on the PC, only links have been removed. To find the browser especially needed for downloading a reputable anti-spyware and removing a virus try following these steps (Windows 7 and Vista):

Click Start -> enter your browser’s name (iexplorer, firefox, chrome, safari, or opera) in the “Search programs and files” box in Windows 7 or the “Start Search” box in Windows Vista. Additionally, press Enter and find the browser you are looking for in the search results. Click the result you want and your browser should start.

In order to remove the virus completely, rely only on reputable applications, like spyhunter. Click Run after downloading the program. Note that if you find problems with running it, you should save it on your infected PC’s desktop and rename its executable.


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