Ignore Bank of America “General Account update” emails

Ignore Bank of America “General Account update” emails

We must warn all Bank of America customers about the fake warning emails that are currently spreading around asking to update the accounts and verify logon details. Please, don’t fall for them and share this information with other people who are also using Bank of America services.

The subject of the letter says “Bank of America Warning: Error Statement”. That could easily fool Those people who use the services of this bank. In addition, the body of the letter claims that your bank account showed unusual activities:

Subject: Bank of America Warning : Error Statement
General Account Update from Bank of America

Sign in now
Your Bank of America account showed unusual activities this morning.

What to do next?
Sign in now to verify your logon details.
If you feel this message has been sent to you in error.

Go to your online account and check your current balance(s) for your account(s)

We appreciate your business. It’s truly our pleasure to serve you. Bank of America Message Center.
Forgot your Online ID and/or Passcode?

Just like in any other phishing scheme, this one includes links that redirect victims to trustworthy-looking but fake Bank of America website. There, users are trickily fooled into sharing their bank login details by asking them to sign in and verify their accounts.

Security experts note that this phishing scheme may trick more PC users than others because of the care and attention to details that were used when creating the email. So, be sure to ignore such letters like this one. In addition, make sure you are on official website when entering your personal information, such as login details and passwords.

Source: net-security.org

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