Fake Black Friday’s Apps Scamming Customers

Black Friday is not only a good chance to save some money and get great deals for customers but also a perfect opportunity for cyber criminals to take advantage of this madness and make some money by scamming Black Friday’s shoppers. Actually, the money that can be made this weekend by developers of malicious or … Continued

New cryptomining virus obfuscation technique using Windows Installer

The rise of the crypto mining malware and it slowly replacing other types of computer viruses like ransomware is not that surprising after all. By using various obfuscation techniques these cryptocurrency-mining viruses manage to stay undetected by security programs, which makes them very appealing to hackers who don’t have to worry about their developed threat … Continued

Facebook allowed political data firm to collect personal data

Over the weekend, many people sharpened their pitchforks and aimed them at Facebook. The initial disturbing reports suggested that a political data firm was able to collect personal information from more than 50 million Facebook profiles. The cherry on top of this story is sour: the data-collecting firm has links to President Trump’s 2016 campaign. … Continued

Panic Detection Mode – New Android Function

Most of newest Android applications have no ‘Exit’ or ‘Close’ button and in order to shut it, you have to continuously tap on ‘back’ or ‘home’ buttons on your smartphone or tablet. While some applications close right away, others just reverts some actions that you have done before and it can be really frustrating. Even … Continued

Microsoft Developed Windows 10 For Chinese Government

As you might already know, modern Internet technologies such as Facebook or Google are prohibited in China. The country has very strict rules against various western trends all thanks to communist government. What you might not know that Microsoft has actually developed a Windows 10 version dedicated to China. Windows operating system was banned in … Continued

World Backup Day 2017

Today, on March 31st, the world of the Internet is celebrating international backup day. Backup is a cornerstone of preventing data loss and everyone should make sure that their data is backed up on external storage, such as external hard drive or the Internet. 30% of people have never backed up, 113 phones are lost … Continued

“New” Email Scam Targeting Users of GitHub

GitHub is well-known code-haring site that is mostly used by open source developers. Phishing email campaign targeting those developers was discovered recently. Cyber criminals attempted to infect computers with an advanced trojan. This trojan goes by the name “Dimnie” and is very dangerous and advanced. It literally can do it all – collect credentials, take … Continued

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