Orbitz suffers a data-breach: details about 880,000 credit cards leaked

Travel-booking service Orbitz has reported a breach, possibly affecting 880,000 of its clients. The owners of Orbitz were informed of the breach at the beginning of March, and discovered that the attack exposed information linked to thousands of credit cards. Therefore, if you have utilized the services of Orbitz and used a credit card to pay for them, you might be one of the victims of the breach.

Orbitz customers should check their credit cards for any unknown transactions

According to controllers of the Orbitz website, the breach affected an older website and the platform and an unnamed business partner. The service warns that hackers might have received users’ names, dates of birth, email addresses, physical addresses and other personal information. However, Orbitz claims to have not found any evidence, suggesting that social security numbers or other customer information was stolen.

Orbitz data breach

Currently, Orbitz is informing all of its clients about the possible breach. Since the hack might have allowed cyber criminals to steal users’ personal information, including baking account details, Orbitz has a couple of recommendations for victims. If you have used the services of Orbitz, then you should review your credit and debit card billings statements and contact banks if some unknown activity is noticed.

It is stated that the Orbitz breach took place between 1 of October and 22 of December, 2017. Specialists are explaining that during this attack, hackers might have stolen data stored on Orbitz.com and its partner platform from 2016. However, the current Orbitz official website is said to not have been involved in breach.

Data breaches are becoming more frequent

Over the years, breaches have become common news for us. Services like TIO Networks, Uber, Forever21 and Equifax have all been victims of unauthorized access. Which company is going to be attacked next? Since this question is impossible to answer, we hope that the next target will be able to detect and handle the breach appropriately. You should know the many ways Equifax screwed up while attempting to help their clients. Therefore, we hope that breached services will manage to put everything in order.

Source: theverge.com.

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