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websearch.searchboxes.info virus

21 July , 2013 15:55

WebSearch.Searchboxes.info virus is a browser hijacker that is distributed using trojans or bundle downloads. Typically, it is hidden in installer for “movies” or utilities and is installed together with other unwanted programs, like rogue registry cleaners and browser settings freezers. This makes the hijacker highly undesirable and annoying. The WebSearch.Searchboxes.info ┬ádomain itself is used as […]


18 July , 2013 05:04

Buildathome.info is an adware program that causes tons of pop ups to be displayed on the infected computer. It is not a virus but it can lead to many infections getting into your system. The program changes settings of your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It changes your homepage and default search provider […]


17 July , 2013 08:33

Websearch.greatresults.info is a browser hijacker that causes tons of redirects and changes in your browser without your permission. At first sight, Websearch.greatresults.info website looks like a regular search engine. It contains a search field and even has similarities to Google search. However, if you try making a search, you will be surprised how many sponsored […]

Anchorfree.net hijacker

16 July , 2013 14:32

search.anchorfree.net is one of the search pages used by HotSpot shield. It claims to provide better search privacy, however it is not true. The search results on the page are powered by third party – ask.com which is one of the older and less used search engines, so HotSpot shield can not ensure how your […]

MediaGet Toolbar

16 July , 2013 03:18

MediaGet Toolbar is a new browser hijacker that belongs to Conduit Ltd products. Just like its predecessors the program infiltrates into computers bundled with other software, for example, free video players. The application can be installed to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. This browser hijacker makes unwanted changes in your browsers which […]

Mysearchresults.com virus

11 July , 2013 04:37

Mysearchresults.com virus is an adware that infiltrates into computers without user’s consent and disturbs your work on the Internet. The program installs its toolbar on your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, changes your homepage and default search provider. These changes are not only annoying but they also bring other problems. Mysearchresults.com virus causes […]

DivX Toolbar

9 July , 2013 03:26

DivX Toolbar is a browser hijacker that can be installed to your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox together with other software. Once inside, you will see the toolbar on your browser, your homepage will be changed to search.conduit.com and the same will be done to your default search provider. It is not the […]

Gadgetbox virus

8 July , 2013 07:33

Gadgetbox virus is one more browser hijacker that is promoted through freeware applications that you can download from the Internet. The program changes your default search provider and your homepage to search.gboxapp.com or searchiy.gboxapp.com. It also installs Gadgetbox toolbar to your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. These are not only annoying changes […]

DigStar Virus

8 July , 2013 04:34

DigStar virus is a browser hijacker that can be installed to random systems together with various free applications from the Internet. Digstar.com website looks like a regular search engine. It is presented as a meta-search engine that provide users the ability of simultaneously search multiple search engines under one interface. However, the program uses unfair […]


5 July , 2013 05:19

Sweetsearch.com is a website that is presented as a search engine for students. It in fact looks like a regular search engine however it contains some other features that users don’t know about. What is also very annoying is that the program infiltrates using bundling methods so basically you will receive it to your system […]

Local Moxie

5 July , 2013 03:22

Local Moxie is a browser hijacker that is promoted using free programs. It is usually installed without users’ consent while she is installing some other programs from the Internet. The purpose of the program is to redirect you to promoted websites and increase their traffic. Local Moxie also collects information about your browsing activity and […]

Anywhere.me Toolbar

4 July , 2013 07:31

Anywhere.me Toolbar is an annoying program that is installed to computers without users’ consent. Usually it infiltrates bundled with free applications form the Internet. The program changes your homepage and default search engine without user’s permission and brings more inconveniences for the user. Anywhere.me Toolbar looks like a regular search engine, but it doesn’t do […]


3 July , 2013 05:05

www1.dlinksearch.com is a browser hijacker that enters into computers through Dlink routers.When a user installs Dlink router, he also agrees to use Dlink Advanced DNS Service. This means that your Internet Service Provided DNS will no longer be used and instead DNS server will be used. Once inside, the program┬áchanges your browser settings which include […]

VacationXplorer Toolbar

3 July , 2013 03:27

VacationXplorer Toolbar is a browser hijacker that can get into random systems bundled with other programs. It is a popular way to promote new and not yet known programs, although it is not very fair method. The purpose of this application is to advertise some websites, so it tries to make you click on sponsored […]

Infoaxe hijacker

2 July , 2013 08:27

Infoaxe hijacker is a new version of Flipora hijacker which appeared on the Internet few months ago. Just like the latter one, the program gets into computers bundled with free software from the Internet or with spam attachments. Both programs also hijack Facebook accounts and even share the same logo. Once inside the computer, Infoaxe […]