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Type: Browser Hijacker

InboxAce Toolbar is a browser hijacker that is installed to random systems bundled with freeware. The program was developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. It installs a toolbar to your browser without your permission and makes your browsing experience completely different. The program can be added to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

At first you will notice that your homepage and default search engine are changed to You will also receive many ads with sponsored links when you try to make some search. This is very normal to happen if a program like InboxAce Toolbar is on your system. The purpose of such applications is to increase traffic to specific websites. Additionally, they collect information about users browsing habits. This information is very useful for various marketing purposes as it reveals which websites the users are interested in the most and so on.

InboxAce Toolbar is installed bundled with free programs from the Internet. It is one of the most convenient ways to advertise new applications. Despite the fact that it’s unfair to promote programs this way, InboxAce Toolabr is not considered to be a malware. It is a potentially unwanted program that can actually be avoided. All you need to do it be patient and careful with your installations. Instead of making the installation quick, you should go for Custom installation and see if any additional programs, like InboxAce Toolbar is added.

Update of 1st of March, 2017: MindSpark Interactive Network is a well-established company, mainly recognized for its tendency to produce a lot of entertaining applications. However, it appears to be actively promoting various questionable toolbars and applications as well. InboxAce is one of the hundreds of offered programs that you should not be agreeing to install. MindSpark, even though it is not an unreliable company, security researchers are still expressing concerns whether everything about their products is safe and sound. At the moment, users might be introduced with promotional web browser windows that urge them to tryout this product of MindSpark. As we have already explained, InboxAce belongs to the category of malware and should not be downloaded. Resist offers that might currently be circulating on the Word Wide Web as MindSpark persistently attempts to promote its product.

Remove this unwanted program as soon as you detect it on your system, to avoid any problems related to it. Below we provide removal instructions of InboxAce Toolbar:

  1. Scan your computer using antimalware program that removes adware and browser hijackers. We recommend using Spyhunter.
  2. Go to Control Panel -> Add and Remove Programs -> Check if there are any unfamiliar applications related to InboxAce Toolbar. If you see any, remove them. It is also recommended to remove any other applications installed on the same day.
  3. Remove the toolbar from all of Internet browsers:
    • For Internet Explorer: Go to “Tools” (or gear icon in Internet Explorer 9), -> “Manage Add-ons”. Look for InboxAce Toolbar and disable it.
    • For Google Chrome: Click on the wrench or bars icon on the top right of the screen; go to “Tools”-> “Extensions”. If you see any extensions related to InboxAce Toolbar, click on a trash can icon next to them.
    • For Mozilla Firefox: Go to “Tools” -> “Add-ons” -> “Extensions”. If you see any extensions related to InboxAce Toolbar, disable them.
  4. Check if your home page and default search engine are changed to the one you always used. If you see any unfamiliar address, replace it with your own, e.g.

    On behalf of developers of InboxAce Toolbar we were asked to remove this article due to false information on it. However, we feel like this post is correct and helpful to our readers. InboxAce Toolbar and other software developed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. can be detected and recognised as viruses or potentially unwanted software by various anti-malware tools. Toolbars developed by Mindspark share same EULA (End User License Agreement) that is mislieding. It claims that this software is not an adware or malware, while there are statements that toolbars might display advertisements from 3rd parties or monetise toolbars in other ways. By definition such software is considered as an adware. All articles posted on regarding products of Mindspark are correct.

    Please notice that we are affiliated with several trustworthy anti-malware tools and information about our affiliates can be found in disclosure (see the link at the bottom of this page). Some of those tools are paid while other ones can be used for free. We provide free manual removal guides as well.

Automatic InboxAce Toolbar removal tools

Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.  We might be affiliated with some of these programs. Full information is available in disclosure 

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