FakeHDD are very similar to Rogue Antiviruses. However, FakeHDD do not show that your PC is infected by default. These parasites claim that your PC hardware is failing and that can be fixed by purchasing a specific software. The malware will hide your files, move them to other places, randomly prevent software execution, show various alerts that your disk drive is failing due to bad sectors or that your GPU is overheating. You should not trust any of these claims.

There are 2 main issues why this Rogue family is dangerous. First one, it is very convincing. A common PC user might believe that hardware is failing for real and purchase this scam. Second reason is that this malware rarely comes alone. It is accompanied with rootkits usually, that block many security – related functions and applications.

The Fake Defragger can be removed with relative ease. Many of the anti-malware programs detect them, and it is usually single file only. However, it is much trickier to restore hidden files and remove other parasites accompanying these rogues

FakeHDD is also known as UltraDefragFraud or UltraDefraggerFraud (Symantec), FakeSysDef (Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef) and couple other names. This rogue has more than single generation as well that have different designs and somewhat different aggressiveness levels.

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