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“Hitman Pro” is an appropriate name for SurfRight’s malware removal tool – the program is barely noticeable, quick, and, most importantly, capable of removing your problems in a straightforward way. The only analogy that does not quite work here is the price for which all of this potential is available – merely $19.95 a year, which is almost half the amount you would pay for some of the bigger names in the business. In addition to this, you can use Hitman Pro to scan your computer without ever paying a cent, and you get 30 days during which you can remove malware (the 30 days starts whenever you first remove malware from your system).
Hitman Pro 3.5 is cloud-based, hence the miniscule size of 6MB, as well as the ridiculous speeds at which it operates. This tool is great for less-than-computer-savvy people, because it is very user-friendly, but it will also appeal to the more experienced user due to its significant customizability.
In short, Hitman Pro 3.5 is a great cheap little program, which will remove malware from your system just as well as the best of them.
Now, down to specifics…
The Scan
Even though the scan is quick, this should not be mistaken for shallowness. In fact, the process behind the scan is pretty complex. First, Hitman uses a behavioral technique to sift through files, marking those that fail the test of several factors, such as the publisher, whether the file is packed or encrypted, whether any rootkit techniques are in use, whether there is communication with dangerous sites and whether there are no alarming comments about the file on security websites. These are only a few examples of the factors executable files have to meet in order to avoid suspicion.
The files deemed suspicious by Hitman Pro 3.5 are then brought to the judgement of the cloud, which includes ESET Nod databases, as well as those of Avira, a-squared, and PrevX. Any files that are still suspicious, but it is not quite clear what infection in particular they can be considered, are then uploaded to a team of experts, who analyze them directly.
The Stats
We tested Hitman Pro 3.5 on several computers, some of which were clean, and some of which were infected. The stats are as follows:
Hitman found an average of 90% of the malware samples on our systems, which is a high percentage. Speaking of rootkits, which is an increasingly important aspect given the growing popularity of rootkit technology, Hitman finds almost everything, and scores higher than any other security program we’ve tested. Another important aspect of any security program nowadays is how well the program deals with rogue security programs. According to the tests, Hitman’s score in this section is well above average.
Overall, the stats are great, except for one fact – Hitman leaves a lot of traces – brain matter on the walls of your Windows registry.
Hitman Pro 3.5 is cheap, in fact, it’s cheaper than most security programs (even some of those that fail to score even remotely as well). It is fast and light, which makes it perfect for low-end systems. It is highly effective at detecting a diverse range of infections. All of this sounds more than great, but of course, there are setbacks.
By far the biggest of these is the fact that Hitman does not offer real time protection, meaning that you will have to constantly scan your system in order to stay on the safe side. Granted, with a scan that takes around 2 minutes, this is not such a big problem, but it is still an inconvenience, which can in some cases prove problematic. This is why Hitman should be used together with some other security program.
This would also solve another problem – the traces Hitman’s assassination jobs leave.
We can safely recommend Hitman Pro 3.5 to anyone, who has malware problems, and needs a quick solution.

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5 responses to “Hitman Pro

  1. hope i’m doing the right thing. if it will stop the annoying pop-ups, it’s gotta be ok

  2. The confounded Hadopi virus has returned on my main PC, but this time with different characteristics 🙁

    Unlike the previous time, when the keyboard seemed blocked, I can now use F8 and enter Safe Mode (with networking). However, the virus screen/block now appears on the Safe Mode screen after selecting the user name to log in. Also, when Safe Mode displays the option to continue or use System Restore, if the latter is selected, the virus screen appears before I have time to select a restore date.

    If I allow Windows (XP) to boot normally, I can log on as ‘Guest’, and the virus screen does not appear. However, I am unable to run removal tools (HitMan, etc) as these will only run with administrator privileges. I have tried searching the local disk (including system/hidden files) for “Random.exe” with no success. I can also open Regedit but can’t find e.g. %AppData%\Randowm.exe. I’ve tried running the Hadopi Viurs Removal Tool ( ); this throws up an error saying it can’t create a file, then appears to run but doesn’t update progress (display of file being scanned – hangs on 1st file).

    Whilst I can open Regedit, I don’t know enough about it to locate then delete the naughty files so, once again, help will be very much appreciated!

  3. AlexF: you will not be able to fix using regedit from Guest account.
    You can run Spyhunter or Hitman pro by right-clicking on their executables and choosing run as different user. Choose administrator user.
    It will not launch Hadopi, but will allow scan to run.
    Or use Hitman pro kickstarter USB.

  4. The simplest answer I found myself! I found the following folder on my C: drive = C:/ProgramData/BrowsetoSave. The spelling of the folder name my not be exact (mine started with BBrowsse). I deleted the folder and the files in it. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Hope this helps……

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