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MacClean360 is a Mac cleaner app that’s flagged as a potentially unwanted program by some antivirus scanners. Though MacClean360 is not dangerous on its own, neither is it helpful: its functions are redundant to the ones provided by Apple for free. Moreover, MacClean360 is associated with some browser hijackers and adware infections. It is advisable to avoid MacClean360 and use a Mac cleaner with a better reputation, or no cleaner at all.

Details on MacClean360:

Classification PUP (potentially unwanted program).
Why MacClean360 is potentially unwanted Redundant paid features,

overpromising about the results of those features.

Alternatives Free tools available on macOS,

manual review.

Removing MacClean360 Manually delete the MacClean360 app,

use an anti-malware app (Combo Cleaner, Malwarebytes, others) to check for other suspicious apps and browser extensions.

Problems with MacClean360

Potentially unwanted program

I mentioned MacClean360 in an earlier post about malicious browser-hijacking apps that cause browser redirects and pop-up ads. MacClean360’s trial version appeared to be spread together with some of those browser hijackers. It was not from MacClean360’s official website, though, so it looks like some versions of MacClean360 might have been misused by cybercriminals. is the official site that houses MacClean360 and a few other utility apps. Most of the downloads there are safe, but some are always flagged. For example, MacClean360 is a potentially unwanted Mac cleaner. It is detected as AweCleaner by some antivirus scanners (VirusTotal link) and a PUP (potentially unwanted program). The reasons for programs being labeled PUPs include:

  • deceptive installation tactics,
  • dishonest presentation of features (promising to speed up your Mac by freeing up space),
  • manipulative and dishonest behavior (for example, labeling harmless items as dangerous).

MacClean360 has a bit of some of those problems, such as overpromising about its features, but it is not nearly as dangerous as some other Mac optimizers, like Smart Mac Booster or Advanced Mac Cleaner. Still, MacClean360 is very unnecessary and, mostly, a waste of time.

MacClean360 is detected by 7 anti-malware apps on VirusTotal as a PUP.

Alternatives to MacClean360

Mac cleaners are, in general, unnecessary. They offer functions that are already available for free, and then they expect you to pay for them. On, MacClean360 is presented as a cleaner and manager that will help you optimize your Mac and make it run faster. But will it really?

For the speed, well, MacClean360 starts running every time you turn on your Mac. Its scans cost hardware resources and slow down your Mac. When MacClean360 flags files as suitable for removal, the space freed up is often just a few dozen Megabytes, which is not enough to make any sort of difference. And when MacClean360 removes cookies and caches, it removes data used by your other apps to work faster. The same goes for memory management:  MacClean360 can help you quit processes and free up some memory, but macOS already knows how to manage it. This means that carelessly using MacClean360 to remove unnecessary files can easily result in your Mac working slower.

Besides, the features that MacClean360 offers – the uninstaller, startup manager, memory manager are fine, but they’re already available for free for macOS users. So it is not very inspiring that MacClean360, a paid program, is also offering them. Indeed, MacClean360 is very minimal and most of its features are redundant to Apple’s free tools that are described on

In general, Macs don’t really benefit from cleaners and certainly not from regular scans. It is generally more productive to just occasionally manually review your Mac and delete unwanted files and apps. Macs can benefit from security programs, various anti-malware apps, and those apps do often bring a few utility features. But pure Mac cleaners are quite useless when Apple already does a good job already.

How to remove MacClean360

It’s advisable to stay away from Mac cleaners like MacClean360. It’s not without reason that antivirus programs flag MacClean360 as a PUP.

You can uninstall MacClean360 by finding it in Finder and dragging it to Trash.

After this, you might want to scan your Mac with an anti-malware app (such as Combo Cleaner, Malwarebytes, etc.) and see if it detects any more suspicious items. Because MacClean360 appears to be associated with various browser hijackers, it’s important to check that it didn’t bring any with.

MacClean360 does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if that applies to you and you did decide to remove MacClean360, you can take advantage of it. MacClean360 costs around $30 for the lifetime license.

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