Your Windos Has Been Banned Screenlocker - How to remove

Your Windos Has Been Banned is the title of a recently detected screen-locker which blames victims for violations of terms of use. As a consequence, the offender’s device is to be blocked by Your Windos Has Been Banned and he/she won’t be allowed to fully launch the operating system. You can immediately notice a spelling mistake when the word “Windows” is written as “Windos”. This small detail should already suggest that this message is not originating from the respectable corporation. Your Windos Has Been Banned screen-locker is explained to be crucial as harmful processes have to be prevented from continuing. In reality, this message is generated by a Trojan Horse which has influenced your operating system.

Further explanations of Your Windos Has Been Banned Screenlocker

Allegedly, Your Windos Has Been Banned screen-locker temporarily stops the activity of spyware, a botnet or another harmful force that is negatively influencing proceedings of a computer. The message itself looks messy and is written quite poorly. However, it still dares to imply that legitimate Microsoft technicians are the ones that triggered this screen-locker for the well-being of users. Another fact that sounds unbelievably suspicious is that the message explains that a specific fee will be required from users to receive the unlock code. Trustworthy technicians would not request money for technical support.

The nearest Microsoft Technician is explained to be available via “Skupe” (the correct term is Skype and this is another clear spelling error) and trollex159753 is the contact that supposedly belongs to the notorious Microsoft Corporation. Clearly, it does not. This should only indicate that you are getting trolled. Additionally, the message also includes a Facebook user, Microsoft Technician Lewis, which also can consult users. Sadly, both of these contacts will connect you with scammers that will only be interested in receiving money for the unlock code. As it appears, escaping Your Windos Has Been Banned screen-locker is not that difficult.

Even though 16-digit code is required to exit the screen-locker, we know a trick which should work just fine. Simply enter 159753 and click on Submit. This will trick the Trojan that you have contacted the scammers and gave them the money required. Then, an additional screen will appear which will reveal the truth about this Trojan. Scammer explains that this has been a virus all along and Microsoft Corporation has nothing to do with this screen-locker. Additionally, deceiver provides instructions on how the virus is supposed o be removed. Winban.exe is the file that should be eliminated either manually, by finding it in the Startup, or by anti-malware tools.

Some screen-lockers can be eliminated simply by clicking Alt and F4 buttons at the same time. If you become infected with another type of Trojan and it displays another message, this should be the first attempted solution.

Trojan triggered the Your Windos Has Been Banned Screenlocker

Your Windos Has Been Banned Screenlocker is a consequence of an infection with a Trojan. This deceptive malware could have been inserted into your operating system thanks to misleading techniques. For instance, you might have been offered to download a recent game, music video, or a program. Little did you know that actually, a malicious application will be inserted and start running silently in the background. For this purpose, it presumably modified Windows Registry Keys. Among processes in the Task Manager, Winban.exe should have also been seen among the ongoing procedures. Additionally, the malicious executable might have been distributed in malicious spam letters.

However, it might not be enough to remove the executable. Trojans are severe infections and to take care of them properly, users might need an appropriate tool. An anti-malware tool would adequately detect all sources of malicious activity. Spyhunter and Malwarebytes will provide you with professional assistance. They are easy to use and will show only genuine results to scans.

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