Ad fraud by apps ‚Äčinstalled by millions

Six apps were found to be committing fraud against advertising networks by faking clicks on ads. Google Play store removed the apps following an investigation by and , which has uncovered the fraudulent activity that was being caried out. Each of these apps had millions or tens of millions of users, a nice interface, positive … Continued

Millions of Facebook and Instagram passwords were exposed

In January of 2019 Facebook that they were storing many of their users’ passwords improperly. Facebook found that the passwords were not leaked or accessed improperly, despite the fact that thousands of Facebook employees had the ability to see the logs. Facebook said they will be notifying the people whose passwords were exposed. Millions of … Continued

Nasty List — Another Instagram phishing attack

Instagram is a social media network full of people just like us — eager to connect, share news, and experience things together. And it has a jaw-dropping 1 billion users worldwide, all connected by this giant network through which trends, news, and hoaxes flow and either fizzle out, or spark into a fire. When someone … Continued

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