Zooqle.com Pop-Up Ads - How to remove

Zooqle.com is a filesharing site that allows users to find and share files with each other in a decentralized way. Mostly, it’s used to download movies, TV shows, and games without having to pay for them.

While Zooqle.com itself is not malicious, there are some things you should be aware of before using it: to watch out for malicious ads, avoid falling for scams, and avoid torrenting infected files that could bring malware to your device.

About Zooqle.com:

Threat type Adware,



Risks of using Zooqle.com to pirate content It might show malicious and dishonest ads that lead to scam websites,

the files listed on it may contain malware.

Dangers of malware and malicious ads Lost time and money,

personal information exposed to scammers,

infected computer,

lost personal files.

How to avoid being infected on Zooqle.com Use a good antivirus program (such as Spyhunter for PC, Combo Cleaner for Mac, others) and scan the files that you download,

block ads and malicious websites.

Is Zooqle.com safe to use?

Torrenting and pirating

While there’s nothing wrong with sharing files in principle, pirating copyrighted content can be illegal. The details vary between countries and depend on the exact procedure, so people can have legal arguments about that. For instance, torrenting is more legally wrong than watching movies on a streaming site. But, in spirit, pirating is stealing content. And Zooqle.com is one of many websites that help with that.

Because torrenting is peer-to-peer, Zooqle.com doesn’t actually host any copyrighted content. It claims to obey all the laws that apply to it.

And even though it might be illegal to download some of the content that is shared on Zooqle.com, individual users are unlikely to get in legal trouble for doing this. Your internet service provider might care, but a VPN can help you deal with that.

So, pirate at your own risk in terms of legal issues. However, there’s another problem with Zooqle.com: ads and malware.

Infected files

The biggest problem with pirating (including through torrents) is that of downloading an infected file. File-encrypting ransomware, crypto miners, clicker trojans, botnet malware, and other dangerous programs can spread through stolen files. They can do a lot of real harm. For example, file-locking ransomware infections can destroy the data on your computer.

Luckily, Zooqle.com does have some helpful information: comment sections, tracker info sorted by date, popularity. Still, it’s important to stay vigilant.

Zooqle.com's front page offers torrents for tv shows, movies, and game.

Ads and redirects

Zooqle.com is a torrenting site that’s free and supported by ads. Like many pirating sites, Zooqle.com attracts some high-risk ads.

Not all advertisers want to be associated with an illegal website. Those who don’t mind tend to be either malicious themselves, or just unscrupulous. For example, Zooqle.com used to use Adexchangegate.com to show ads – lots of adult content, gambling sites, notification hijackers, that sort of thing.

Zooqle.com displays pop-up ads when you click on links and buttons on the site. It opens the advertisements in new browser tabs. So, it’s hard or even impossible to avoid the ads yourself.

Here are the types of ads that are harmful and that could show up on Zooqle.com:

  • Gift card, phone, cash giveaways (Annual Visitor Survey). These ads promise various prizes in order to collect people’s personal information and payment data ad abuse it. Obviously, the prizes are not real.
  • Fake articles, get-rich-quick schemes, cryptocurrency trading and investment platforms, magic amulet ads. These schemes will trick you into giving your money to scammers.
  • Security warnings and virus alerts (WIN.DLL0151930). These sites lead to tech support scams and spyware infections.
  • Fake download buttons. If you see a suspicious-looking download pop-up on Zooqle.com, it could be a cleverly crafted ad that leads to a malware infection or to a potentially unwanted program.

Sites like Zooqle.com survive on advertising revenue, so it’s very normal for them to have a lot of ads. Even though Zooqle.com claims to be a non-profit, it still requires money to function.

If you don’t want to deal with aggressive ads, ad blockers could help. Sometimes, ads get past ad blockers with the help of a new trick. In that case, the ad blockers need to be updated with new features to block the new advertisements.

How to stay safe on Zooqle.com

Avoid malware and suspicious ads

When you encounter a suspicious pop-up ad on Zooqle.com, do not interact with it. No matter if it promises to help you get rich, get a free phone, or meet singles in your area, don’t listen. If Zooqle.com shows an ad that ominously declares that your computer is being hacked and blocked, you should also ignore that.

Scan the files that you download from Zooqle.com. Use a good antivirus program to protect your computer, such as Spyhunter for Windows, Combo Cleaner for macOS, and others. If you want to take your security a step further, you can use a sandbox or a virtual machine to test out the pirated files. Though, remember that the nastiest threats do check whether you’re using a sandbox or a VM.

Find a torrenting community. You could ask for advice, be warned about issues, get help when you need it.

Best of all, avoid pirating when possible. Nowadays, getting free entertainment is easier than ever, especially if you live in the United States, like most of Zooqle.com’s users. There’s no need to put yourself at risk by pirating content on Zooqle.com and other sites.

Prepare for an infection

Have a good antivirus program, keep it up-to-date, and install all the latest operating system updates. This will make your computer less vulnerable.

However, if you’re an enthusiast pirate, you’ll probably get malware sooner or later. If not from Zooqle.com, then from somewhere else. So, make a backup of all of your files and regularly update it. That will help you recover from malware attacks like file-encrypting ransomware.

Automatic Malware removal tools

Download Spyhunter for Malware detection

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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