FlyTrap – Android Apps That Steal Facebook Accounts

FlyTrap is a trojan that affects Android users. It is used by cybercriminals to hijack people’s Facebook accounts. It’s has been around since March 2021. , the company that described FlyTrap, at least 10 thousand Android users across 144 countries were affected by this stealer. Trojans were disguised as giveaway apps The FlyTrap trojan spread … Continued

Patch Vulnerable HP, Samsung, Xerox Printer Drivers

SentinelOne, a cybersecurity company,. Luckily, the vulnerable drivers have already been patched. Are you in danger? If you have or had a vulnerable printer, if you have a Windows PC, then this security bug may be relevant to you. Those who have a vulnerable driver on their computer should download and install a new, updated … Continued

Scammers Send Emails With Fake, Malicious Kaseya Patches

The Kaseya malware attack impacted around a thousand businesses. Naturally, many people are worried about their own cybersecurity. Scammers take advantage of this anxiety by spreading fake emails with a bogus “update” to “fix a vulnerability in Kaseya”. Guys please install the update from microsoft to protect against ransomware as soon as possible. This is fixing a … Continued

PuzzleMaker Exploited Google and Windows 10 Vulnerabilities

Kaspersky () recently revealed new malicious attacks that exploited vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and Windows 10. This attack chain was called PuzzleMaker. The PuzzleMaker malware used Google Chrome to infect Windows PCs, where it achieved Administrator privileges and downloaded and installed a backdoor. According to Kaspersky, the attacks were seen on April 14-15 and were targeted … Continued

Mac M1-native Malware

Why M1-native malware is interesting Soon after Apple released M1 Macs, M1-native malware was discovered. This caused M1 users to wonder if their devices were vulnerable to cyber threats. The answer – no more vulnerable than always. There’s nothing special about M1 malware. M1 is a new architecture for Macs. It’s very energy-efficient while still … Continued

Search Results Hijacked by Adrozek Malware

An active threat If you get nonsense links in the search results of Google and other search engines, your browser may just be infected with a dangerous trojan called Adrozek. Earlier this month, Adrozek was described by the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team: . It described how this trojan infects computers and breaks web browsers … Continued

MacOS Backdoor Trojan in Email Spam

Malware in fake Word files MacOS backdoor malware is being distributed in malicious emails. Backdoors are ways for malware (or other unauthorized users) to get access to a computer or a network. They are difficult to detect for a normal user. This particular backdoor may arrive as an archive file (Zip) disguised as a Word … Continued

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