Go.zipcruncher.com virus - How to remove

Go.zipcruncher.com virus is a browser hijacker, identical to Go.paradiskus.com. Both of these rogue search engines occupy browsers’ preferences and can be very difficult to remove. The ZipCrunchr browser extension is indicated to belong to Meme Ltd. However, in case of Paradiskus add-on, we did not find any information about its owners.

In the official website, ZipCruncher is describes as a one-click file extractor and compressor that makes you forget that Zip and RAR even exists. Nevertheless, this seamless extraction should not tempt you as we have worried that once installed, the add-on will assign Go.zipcruncher.com hijacker as browsers’ home pages, default search providers and new tab pages. These modifications are standard for every browser hijacker, and it can also cause redirection to remote websites, deceptive advertising campaigns, display of phishing scams or can even steal your personally-identifiable information (The hijacker in your browser).

Go.zipcruncher.com malware parasite is not a reliable search engine

Go.zipcruncher.com virus

Our analysis revealed that currently, Go.zipcruncher.com virus is mostly affecting people from the United States. People from other regions might also be infected, but not as frequently. If you are being constantly redirected to suspicious websites like “Would like to use your computing power” or “Updates were released for your version of Chrome”, please take heed that these symptoms can signal a malware infection. If you also notice that your browsers’ preferences have been modified, then you are dealing with a browser hijacker.

Even though the infection with Go.zipcruncher.com hijacker is not considered highly dangerous, the browser extension can cause inconveniences, and could expose you to malware-laden content on the Internet. The latter search platform delivers results in page from Search.yahoo.com, which is a very common trick. Browser hijackers like Moviesearchcenter.com and Chrome-tab.com are also redirecting people to a Yahoo Search. However, this does not mean that the results to search queries won’t be hiding some sponsored link from the owners of Go.zipcruncher.com virus. It is very likely that by clicking on certain ads, you will be redirected to completely unrelated phishing websites or other inconvenient content.

Furthermore, the connection to the Go.zipcruncher.com search engine is not secure and your credentials and personally-identifiable information could be compromised. Since connection is not encrypted, this allows cyber criminals to steal information while it is in transit. Therefore, please select search platforms that offer encrypted connection (How to Identify and Protect Yourself from an Unsafe Website). Additionally, the Zipcruncher.com hijacker could be automatically collecting information about its users, gathering their bookmarked websites, search queries and other online activities. This info could be delivered to advertising companies which will exploit this data for the purpose of presenting more personalized advertisements. This section provides more information about the data-collecting activities:

“The tools used to collect information may consist of:
Information that you provide, including information you provide on the website and at the registration process or to the support staff.
Any information that is captured automatically by your computer, your browser, the operating system, hardware, including the detection of any other software on your system and your IP address.
The Product also collects information using common internet technology, such as web beacons, cookies, and other similar technologies.
The information collected allows customizing current and future services by Meme. If you are redirected from the website to a third party site or service, you will undertake and be bound by the third party’s own privacy policy. Meme will not be liable for any action or misconduct by the applicable third party”.

Zipcruncher.com hijacker can be installed without your permission

Even though the ZipCruncher toolbar is offered in its official website, we are more eager to think that its creators will be more interested in distributing it in other ways. For instance, during browsing, you might notice a pop-up, recommending you to install this add-on. However, you should never get software from unknown developers. More importantly, make sure that the program won’t be installed together with other freeware tools. Therefore, select advanced/custom modes for installations.

Lastly, it is crucial to include removal options for this Go.zipcruncher.com virus. As we have seen, the add-on is downloaded into users’ computers as a desktop application. Therefore, you should remove it from your Control Panel. Of course, you should also check the list of active browser plugins and delete ZipCruncher from the list. If you are unable to complete these operations yourself, we are offering you an automatic option. Download Spyhunter, run a scan and familiarize yourself with the results. If these programs are recommending you to get rid of a specific program, you should follow their directions.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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