“Would Like To Use Your Computing Power” scam - How to remove

Would Like To Use Your Computing Power scam presents a deceptive message, recommending you to allow an unknown third-party to use your processor for calculations. If you do not understand this proposition, users are being offered to incorporate a crypto-miner into their browsers. Users are offered to start using CoinHive Miner which we have discussed in one of our articles.

“Would Like To Use Your Computing Power” fake message distributed CoinHive crypto-miner

These mining scripts are legitimate, but cyber criminals have also started to use this miner for illegal mining activities. Therefore, if you allow unknown third-parties to use your computer resources, the mined cryptocurrencies will not belong to you, but to unidentified sources that are viciously exploiting your device for their own profit (Crypto mining: Latest frontier in campus network security). CoinHive scripts are used to mine the Monero cryptocurrency. In October of 2017, Coinhive DNS was hacked and cyber criminals mined cryptocurrencies via thousands of websites.

Would Like To Use Your Computing Power  scam

Security researchers are constantly warning people about the increased threat of crypto-miners. In fact, legitimate companies like Google have decided to ban all crypto-currency-related advertisements from their networks. In addition to that, Google has even reached a decision to block all crypto-miners from their Chrome Web Store. However, as much as this choice is appreciated, specialists doubt whether the creators of crypto-miners won’t find a ways to break the new rules. For instance, some browser add-ons might seem like harmless extensions, but in reality, they might contain obfuscated crypto-mining scripts. In addition to that, deceptive messages like Would Like To Use Your Computing Power are also posing as a threat.

By accepting the offer from Would Like To Use Your Computing Power scam, you are allowing your computer device to become a miner of the selected crypto-currency. This message is not legit, and is not supported by specialists or by the owners of CoinHive scripts. Cyber criminals are only using this message to trick people into activating a malicious crypto-miner. Of course, many website owners have decided to incorporate crypto-currency mining instead of annoying displays of advertisements, but it is required that users would be pre-informed of this condition (Salon is using adblocking readers’ CPU power to mine cryptocurrency). Users have to agree that certain services would be given permission to use their computer resources.

In some cases, this is a good option for people who have no desire of seeing online adverts during browsing. However, the mining becomes illegal if these scripts are injected into browsers without authorization from users. We are sure that this Would Like To Use Your Computing Power scam could insert mining scripts even without your agreement. Therefore, even if you do not click the button “Allow for this session”, the crypto-miner might become a part of your browser anyway.

What to do if you encounter “Would Like To Use Your Computing Power” scam?

If you happen to notice this Would Like To Use Your Computing Power message during browsing, it is important that you close your browser immediately. If you are unable to do so because your browsing application has been locked, you should open the Windows Task Manager and kills the browsers process. After that, you are recommend to check whether your OS is not silently mining cryptocurrencies for cyber criminals.

1. Users can spot crypto-miner due to a huge spike in CPU usage. You can check whether specific websites are not engaging in mining-activities by paying attention to the amount of CPU usage during your visit.
2. Do not use any crypto-currency-related browser extensions. Since most of them can be suspicious, it is no wonder that Google is no longer accepting such apps into its Chrome Web Store.
3. In addition to this, you can also block certain domains in AdBlocker. For instance, click on the Customize button in your AdBlocker and select “Block an ad by its URL”. In the case of Coinhive, you should type in this URL in the text box: https://coin-hive.com/lib/coinhive.min.js.

In addition to these suggestions, you are also recommended to run a scan with either Spyhunter. Both of these tools will help you find malicious software in your computer and will also offer their quick and efficient removal.

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