Go.paradiskus.com virus - How to remove

Go.paradiskus.com can suddenly appear as a homepage or new tab page on your web browser. It is a consequence of malicious browser extension that is operating on your computer. This extension is categorised as browser hijacker and you will definitely deal with some problems if your web browser is infected.

First of all, you have to identify if your browser is infected. That is relatively easy to do – open your web browser, navigate to new tab page or homepage. If one of those pages automatically opens www.Go.paradiskus.com website, but you haven’t set it yourself, it is a clear sign that your system is affected.

Do not panic – we have examined this infection and discovered effective methods to deal with it. We have a great history of helping our readers to deal with browser hijackers and other types of malware, so just continue reading the article and learn how to do that yourself.

We will also provide you with basic information about Go.paradiskus.com, where it came from and why it is unwanted.

Typical browser hijacker redirecting users to Go.paradiskus.com website

Viruses like searchfortplus.com or Search.pitchofcase.com are very similar to this one – they are distributed the same way. If you are wondering how this virus managed to enter your computer, there are basically two most common ways:

  • It came as a bundle to other free software;
  • You clicked on misleading online ad and installed it yourself.

Either way, installation off this virus is deceptive and will give you unpleasant surprise. Then again, it can be easily avoided – if you have anti-malware software with real time protection feature on your computer, it will indicate that malicious files are trying to enter your system and warn you on the go.

Considering the fact that your computer was infected with Go.paradiskus.com browser hijacker, we assume that security of your computer is insufficient. We highly recommend to take a look at our reviews category and learn more about tools that can help you to protect your privacy and files.

Once inside of your computer, Go.paradiskus.com will automatically change homepage or new tab page settings to www.Go.paradiskus.com. From this moment, you will be visiting this website quite a lot. At the moment this website gets around 180,000 total visits a month – that’s a high volume, considering that this website is useless and has malicious traits.

Due to the fact that it is designed as a typical search provider, a lot of users just ignore the fact that their browser was hijacked and just continue to use this website instead of Google or Bing. The truth is that you can get into a lot of trouble just by using it for your daily searches.

Obviously, your search quality will be much worse. Even though Go.paradiskus.com employs Yahoo search engine to deliver results, they might be customised, leaving the opportunity for cyber criminals to insert sponsored links that are totally not relevant to what you are searching for. Also, you will notice additional banner ads of questionable quality.

And that’s not it. All your search queries will be recorded. In case you reveal some of your private information, it can be leaked to third parties – that’s a major security threat.

It’s time to talk about removal of Go.paradiskus.com. Firstly, make sure to get rid of it from your web browser. Navigate to extensions section, detect add-on that is related to Go.paradiskus.com and remove it.

Then, download top level anti-malware application, such as Spyhunter, install it on your computer and run a scan. It will automatically detect all files related to Go.paradiskus.com and remove them in seconds. That’s it, Go.paradiskus.com is gone and it won’t bother you anymore. By the way, we recommend to keep anti-malware software installed – it will protect your computer from similar viruses in the future.

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