iMac Cleaner - How to remove

iMac Cleaner is a Mac optimizer and a potentially unwanted program. Quite a few antivirus programs detect iMac Cleaner (VirusTotal link). While iMac Cleaner is not quite dangerous, neither is it helpful. It’s best to be careful of it and to remove it.

About iMac Cleaner:

Classification PUP (potentially unwanted program).
Issues with iMac Cleaner Lack of useful features,

paid despite the lack of useful features,

dishonest presentation could cause unnecessary stress for the user.

Avoiding junkware Be careful when installing apps,

look up the app and the developer,

scan the installer with an anti-malware app.

Remove iMac Cleaner Uninstall it manually,

use an antivirus app (Combo Cleaner, Malwarebytes, others).

Problems with iMac Cleaner

iMac Cleaner is a malicious app that disguises as a Mac cleaner. iMac Cleaner is not associated in any way with Apple, despite its name. Because iMac is trademarked by Apple for computer hardware, people might get confused by this “iMac Cleaner” software using such a trusted name. They might believe that iMac Cleaner is a trustworthy, Apple-affiliated application that they can trust. Not so.

iMac Cleaner is just another Mac optimizer. It promises to give a performance boost for your Mac and to improve security. However, its functions are all very basic:

  • startup manager for managing login items (already available on macOS in System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items),
  • process manager (that’s Activity Monitor),
  • scanner for unnecessary files (Reduce Clutter is an option available in the About this Mac -> Storage-> Manage),
  • performance boost by deleting files from your drives (be careful with this – it is not quite so straightforward).

iMac Cleaner embodies other optimizer tropes, such as deleting language files and logs that barely take up any space. It finds hundreds or thousands of items – little harmless files that your Mac uses or used. Then, iMac Cleaner declares that to be a serious problem in need of fixing.

Fixing, of course, requires you to buy the full, paid version of iMac Cleaner for around $40.

Another bizarre issue is that, iMac Cleaner’s home site, keeps mentioning Ccleaner. It appears as though whoever wrote the descriptions and features for iMac Cleaner straight up copied some of CCleaner’s text. Confusingly, iMac Cleaner also says it’s the number one tool for cleaning your pc. Seeing as “PC” usually means “Windows PC”, it’s confusing why iMac Cleaner uses this term.

iMac Cleaner is not popular anymore. Antivirus apps have caught up with it and a good number of them warn users about iMac Cleaner being potentially unwanted. However, it is still possible to download and install iMac Cleaner today, so it could still cause problems.

iMac Cleaner's installer is detected by 17 programs on VirusTotal.

How to avoid Mac junkware

iMac Cleaner is just generic Mac junkware. It is one of dozens of similar apps, along with Advanced Mac Cleaner, Mac Master, Qbit Mac Cleaner, and others. The cleaner and optimizer niche is saturated with adware and potentially unwanted apps. Finding a good one requires you to be careful:

  • check the app and the developer’s reputation and look for other people’s experiences,
  • make sure you’re on the official page and not a fake,
  • scan the installer with an antivirus app.

Not just with iMac Cleaner, but with safe optimizers, too, you should be skeptical of scan results. Everyone’s needs are different. iMac Cleaner is presented as a panacea, but even at its best, it should be viewed critically.

For example, some people want to remove browser cookies and cache because they’re fiercely protective of their privacy. Others prefer to keep them because they value convenience. iMac Cleaner recommends deleting them and even pressures users to do it by using the words “issues” and “critical” with bright red color as if it was warning you about danger. Be wary of apps that try to scare you into buying them.

Malware, adware infections can cause your Mac to become sluggish, so installing yet another cleaner might not be a good idea. For advice on how to make your Mac run better, you can just rely on Apple’s support site. It has a lot of helpful articles with detailed instructions, such as If your Mac runs slowly.

How to remove iMac Cleaner

The fastest way to get rid of iMac Cleaner is to use a real anti-malware program, like Combo Cleaner, Malwarebytes, and others. However, not all anti-malware apps recognize iMac Cleaner, so you might try removing it yourself, manually.

Open your Applications folder in Finder, locate iMac Cleaner, and drag it to Trash. If that doesn’t work, try starting your Mac in safe mode by rebooting it and holding the Shift key until “Safe Boot” appears on the screen. Then delete iMac Cleaner.

If you bought iMac Cleaner, you can ask for a refund. You can also complain to your bank or payment processor to get the money back if your case is eligible. When communicating with iMac Cleaner’s support, ignore any offers for other software.

Automatic Malware removal tools

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Download Combo Cleaner for Malware detection

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