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Active infections

Ukash Virus

13 July , 2012 15:37

Ukash Virus is an aggressive group of ransomware scams that tries to swindle your money from you. It is a very convincing virus because it uses alerts presented as given by an official institution, e.g. local or country’s police. It locks your computer completely therefore the only thing you can do is to see the…

FBI Moneypak Virus

14 September , 2012 11:16

FBI Moneypak Virus is one more dangerous ransomware that blocks targeted computer systems and tries to get money from their users. It uses the name of FBI and blames you for breaking the law by watching and distributing pornographic content files. According to the message of FBI Virus, you have to pay a fine of…

5 July , 2013 08:07
delta-homes-com (can be named as WSE_Delta as well) is a search hijacker that is distributed through shareware programs starting August 2013. It is part of Delta Search network – a separate domain running the same software and using the same scams for distribution. Delta Homes is used to get advertisement money by forcing you seeing…

Latest infections virus

25 November , 2015 08:13 virus is a browser hijacker that can be installed to your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or even Safari browser without your consent. The program uses various free programs and comes as a bundle among them. If you have noticed set as your search page and default search provider, your browser has… virus

24 November , 2015 09:14
search-yourradionow-com-virus virus is a browser hijacker that can take over your browser when you least expect that. It affects Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and even Safari browsers. The program usually replaces your homepage while you are installing some free application from the Internet. It doesn’t ask for user’s confirmation and once it is…

Ads by Golden Dock

24 November , 2015 08:14

Golden Dock is an adware program, that displays various ads each time you visit various websites. Usually the ads include various commercial offers, coupons, discount codes, etc. The purpose of Ads by Golden Dock is to redirect users to various commercial pages, just to improve their traffic. This is how adware creators earn money. Bear…

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Anti-Malware software can be disabled by Vonteera Adware

24 November , 2015 07:02

Vonteera – the name of big adware applications family. It’s not new – adware viruses from this family are well known for cyber security experts. However, this malware is not like all other ones, because of hefty changes made on the systems infected with adware from Vonteera family. That’s why some of well-known anti-malware programs classify…

How to Remove Advertisements from iPad/iPhone Device

17 August , 2015 04:14

Annoying advertisements a.k.a. adware applications work slightly different on your iPad or iPhone device compared to a regular computer. Since all applications installed on your device is strictly checked by Apple (you can only get applications from the App Store and the App Story only allows valid applications), disturbing advertisements displayed on your web browser…

How To Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode

7 August , 2015 08:34

It’s very simple to boot Windows 10 in safe mode. Yet, you need to know exactly how to do it. To assist you through this process, we have developed a special step-by-step guide and it goes like this: 1. Press Windows + R keys. This way you will open the Run window. 2. Type ‘msconfig’.…

Windows 10 Recovery Drive

7 August , 2015 05:07

It is wise to protect your computer from various cyber security threats not only by installing trustworthy anti-malware and anti-virus applications, but by creating a recovery drive as well. In case your Windows 10 system experience fatal error and you are not able to boot it anymore, external recovery drive will come extremely handy. To…

New Ransomware Scam For Windows 10

5 August , 2015 00:09

Windows 10 is finally out and this means that hackers can target their attention to the new huge market of Windows 10 users. It didn’t take long before they worked out a way to gain some profit from gullible Windows 10 users. Recent research by Cisco cyber security experts revealed, that this ransomware is traveling…

Moose - dangerous router worm

27 May , 2015 03:18

As latest cyber security reports reveal, router warm called ‘Moose’ is targeted to hijack social network accounts of users all other the world and secretly likes various posts, follows pages or generates views on videos. It is often called ‘Linux/Moose’ because it infects routers that are Linux-based. In case you think that Moose can infect…