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Active infections

Ukash Virus

13 July , 2012 15:37

Ukash Virus is an aggressive group of ransomware scams that tries to swindle your money from you. It is a very convincing virus because it uses alerts presented as given by an official institution, e.g. local or country’s police. It locks your computer completely therefore the only thing you can do is to see the…

FBI Moneypak Virus

14 September , 2012 11:16

FBI Moneypak Virus is one more dangerous ransomware that blocks targeted computer systems and tries to get money from their users. It uses the name of FBI and blames you for breaking the law by watching and distributing pornographic content files. According to the message of FBI Virus, you have to pay a fine of…

5 July , 2013 08:07
delta-homes-com (can be named as WSE_Delta as well) is a search hijacker that is distributed through shareware programs starting August 2013. It is part of Delta Search network – a separate domain running the same software and using the same scams for distribution. Delta Homes is used to get advertisement money by forcing you seeing…

Latest infections pop-up

26 September , 2016 00:01 is not your usual website and it will engage in controversial hustles. Its main goal is to promote third-party content which is going to be displayed in a form of a pop-up. This objectionable piece of advertising will be brought to computer screens during fragments of browsing. pop-up can appear completely out of…

MotoxLocker Ransomware

23 September , 2016 08:21

MotoxLocker ransomware, a new variant of DetoxCrypto, has just recently been reported abusing the unsuspecting users. This new ransomware threat pretends to be CryptoLocker, a ransomware as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. But MotoxLocker crypto virus, as a matter of fact, is as weak as a kitten. It is decryptable, it has been decrypted… virus

23 September , 2016 06:36
statliru-ru-2-viruses virus is heavy burden and we are urging users to never utilize search engines randomly like there is no difference which network generates results to search queries. Always make sure that your selected home pages, default search providers and new tab pages remain the same and do not get unexpectedly rearranged. If such phenomenon…

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Latest news


Millions of users has had their data exposed as a result of ClixSense data breach

16 September , 2016 07:11

Earlier this months cyber criminals have attacked ClixSense, a website that offers users to make money by completing surveys and watching various ads online, causing security issues for a lot of their users. The company admitted that this lead to breaching data of 6.6 million users. The data includes usernames, names, email addresses, dates of birth,…

Dropbox hack has lead to 68 million user data online

1 September , 2016 06:51

Last weekend, online storage service Dropbox has started to notify users that they should update their passwords if they haven’t done it since mid- 2012. Although the company claimed that this was only a preventative measure and they denied that it is related to security issues, apparently an estimated 68 million Dropbox user credentials have…

Ransomware families keep growing in 2016

26 August , 2016 07:14

Ransomware seem to dominate among all threats in 2016. According to TrendMicro, the number of new ransomware that were released in the first 6 months of this year is larger that the total amount of the ransomware released in 2015 by 172%. They claim to identify 79 new ransomware families by this time. The fact…

900 million sitting ducks: major flaws found in the chips for Android devices

9 August , 2016 08:40

Security researchers from Check Point have revealed a shocking discovery: about 900 million released Android phones were brought into this world with a significant error. If hackers would attempt to take advantage of such deviations from proper security measures, they would gain control over Android devices. Speaking more specifically, the mistake was made in the…

Microsoft Officially Releases New Anti-bloatware Tool for Windows 10

20 June , 2016 23:18

Microsoft officially releases new anti-bloatware testing tool for Windows 10. This tool is specifically designed to clean your PC from unnecessary space-consuming apps which accompany any software packages, even the ones downloaded and installed directly from their manufacturers. It is rather complicated to remove the pre-installed bloatware from one’s computer system. So this new utility…